Tidying Up My Desk: College Hoops Roundup

b-ballMy big question of the weekend is this. How did Northwestern’s Aaron Liberman get back to Evanston after the Wilcats’ W Saturday afternoon in Assembly Hall over Tom Crean’s inconsistent Hoosiers?

Liberman was the kid on the bench in the purple and white yarmulke. A freshman walk on, he is of the Orthodox Jewish persuasion, prepping at Valley Torah School in L A. It is said his faith is so stringent, he walks miles to practice on the Sabbath, which runs from sundown on Fridays to sundown on Saturdays.

So, just curious, did he take the team bus? Or hike the several hundred miles to the campus north of Chicago?

By the by, big win for Northwestern, a team which won’t make to the NCAA this season, but is sure to get off that schneid sometime very soon under Chris Collins’ tutelage.

* * * * *

You can have your Randle and Young and Parker and Wiggins et al.

If there one freshman in the country, I’m choosing as my first pick in a game of shirts and skins, it’s ‘Cuse point guard Tyler Ennis.

Heck Wiggins isn’t even the best first year player on the Jayhawks. That’s Joel Embiid, my dark horse pick to top the draft. If not after this season, then surely after next.

In yesterday’s key win over Okie State, he scored 13, grabbed 11 rebounds and blocked 8 shots.

* * * * *

Texas had a big W over reeling Iowa State.

At coffee yesterday morning, a pal asked how Rick Barnes has kept his job so long?

“Look at all the talent he’s had. Kevin Durant for heavens’ sake. Only one Final Four?”

My answer was swift and to the point. “It’s Texas. They could care less about basketball.”

* * * * *

Given how many references are made nationally to his computerized rating system, it’s clear Ken Pomeroy is considered the doyen of college hoops analysts.

After yesterday’s games, Louisville had jumped back into his Top Ten at #7. Kentucky is ranked 16th.

* * * * *

By the by, Mike Stuart’s officiating gaffe, after which UConn coach Kevin Ollie was tossed last night, was not used as a reason for the loss by either the coach or the Connecticut media.

Check it out here.

For an object observer’s take on Louisville’s W last night, you might check out Eamonn Brennan’s take here at ESPN.com.

* * * * *

Lots of teams are losing now. Some contendas, two or more games in a row.

Lest they need to be reminded. Louisville lost three in a row last January.

Lots of fans panicked. I was prominently among them.

Seemed to work out in the end.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Tidying Up My Desk: College Hoops Roundup

  1. The I.U. – Northwestern game was at 2:30. Sundown in Bloomington was at 4:58. While you asked a good question there’s no way the bus left before sundown. Answer provided, case closed.

    But here’s my question. He can’t catch a ride but he can practice and play on the Sabbath?
    Sounds to me like splitting hairs of the peyos.

  2. as you describe it, Northwestern is violating NCAA rules, and has the longest practices in the country, even more arduous than Rick’s, if it runs from Friday sundown through Saturday sundown. I hope they get water breaks.

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