Thursday Report: Hoops & Hockey

b-ballBreaking News: Just discovered in that sinkhole in Bowling Green, along with those classic Corvettes, hidden in a container, the soul of Indiana University basketball.

According to spokesperson Rascoe Diddle, grandson of the famous flag waving former Hilltopper coach, Uncle Ed Diddle, the box contained a bust of Branch McCracken, Jimmy Rayl’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Dick and Tom Van Arsdale’s student IDs, the chair Bobby Knight threw across the floor, Kent Benson’s jock strap, a photo of Calbert Chaney leaning over while Knight pretends to whip him.

Despite their dismay, many Hoosier fans are relieved, having wondered what happened to the soul of their beloved hoops program.

I didn’t watch IU’s game last night, until turning over after Tyler Ennis sank Pitt. The game in Bloomington was apparently just completed, since the teams were walking to their dressing rooms, the one in white with heads hung down. The 66-65 score was at the bottom of the screen.

What struck me was how eerily quiet the arena was. Way more subdued than one might expect, despite a loss to the dreg of the conference.

Then I checked the play by play and saw what happened.1

With 3:27 to play, IU led by a dozen.

With 2:09 on the clock, the Crimson & Crean still had a nine point advantage.

Four Indiana turnovers, 2 missed shots and a total and absolute meltdown later, the Hoosiers traipsed out of the gym on the short end of a devastating L.

Yes, the Hoosiers lost a lot off of last year’s Top Ten but eventually underperforming squad. Yes, the are young.

But, oh my, this one was B.A.D.

Where have you gone Uwe Blab, a state turns its lonely eyes to you?

* * * * *

As a died in the wool sports fan, one of the things I love are major sporting events which I can watch immediately upon awaking in the morning.

The obvious example is Breakfast at Wimbledon.2

Tour de France is especially tasty with my coffee.

English Premier League with 7:30 a.m kickoffs are prime.3

So this morning was a delight, getting to watch the U.S. of A. male hockey ensemble dismantle Slovakia, 7-1. Or, was it Slovenia, I always mix them up. No, Slovakia, I was right the first time. Russia beat Slovenia.

* * * * *

ennisWhat a classic Big East battle between Syracuse and Pitt last night.

Intense. Hard fought. Down to the wire.

Some long time ACC acolytes must have been asking themselves, “What have we gotten ourselves into here with this expansion thing?”

The Panthers had never lost to a Top 5 opponent in this arena. Which is a testament to the mettle of Jim Boeheim’s current squad. The Orange hung around and hung around.

Then, when it mattered, star C.J. Fair hit a trey. Then a deuce. Then the nation’s most valuable freshman Tyler Ennis canned  the game winner from just inside the mid court stripe.

So, absent an unlikely and seriously improbable run to repeat by my Cardinals, I’m hoping for a final, matching undefeated Syracuse vs. undefeated Wichita State.

How cool would that be?

Major major vs. mid major. East vs. Midwest.

Long time Hall of Fame coach vs. Up and Comer.

Unblemished vs. Unblemished.

You think there’d be some folks tuning in?

* * * * *

U of L’s game with Temple has been postponed until Friday night.

I wonder if it will even be contested then?

A foot of snow fell in Philly overnight, then came the sleet, with more white stuff expected this evening.

The Cardinals are in Philly, their flight having beaten the storm Wednesday evening.

So, one has to assume the powers that be will do their best to get the game in, so the Cards can return and prepare for a game on Sunday against Rutgers at the Yum!.

— Seedy K


One thought on “Thursday Report: Hoops & Hockey

  1. Delete the word “repeat” and add “by my Cayuts” to the above 2014 NCAA final game request and you might have said something truthful that reveals your true leanings for a change….

    Now I am not a big IU fan, but, just like all other UK fans rubbing it in the Hoosiers nose after yesterdays implosion, why would you report on the IU/Penn State game? I hardly have noticed any commentary by you concerning the youthful Crimson & Cream. Now this???. Just like all Cat fans, you are a hater, pure and simple…

    Instead, why not tell us how good your boys played against the ruff and tumble War Eagles last night…that ought to be good…maybe you should just rename your blog after the heroin your coach cal is admittedly supplying poor Jerry Tipton? How bout Cal’s Poppy Report? Or somethin’?????

    I think you can catch a Greyhound from Louisville any day of the week to your beloved Lexington, K.Y. and listen to some string music….think about and spare us the details..

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