Holding Court in March: Setback Saturday

b-ballFive Top 10 teams lost on the road yesterday. (According to ESPN, the last time this happened was January, 2003.)

Wilkommen to March Sadness, my fellow hoopaholics.

Syracuse, Kansas, Louisville, Creighton and St. Louis all found their travel not so bucolic.

Cincinnati, Iowa State, Texas, Top 25 all (before yesterday), also lost away from their friendly environs.

Then there’s that L that’s causing a major epidemic of panic in general stores and diners from the Pennyrile to Prestonsburg, Kentucky’s inexplicable setback — its second in a row — to 11-18 South Carolina.

They’re not so happy in Sparty either. Izzo’s Green Team, playing with all its parts for the first time in a long while, fell at home. To the 17-12 Illini, of all foes.

All of which means Joe Lunardi is working overtime.

This hoops season, despite Wichita State’s steady as they goe unbeaten campaign — so far — is getting curioser and curioser by the day. The word cockamamie comes to mind.

* * * * *

Respected Ken Pomeroy’s Top 16 after Saturday’s results are, in order: Arizona, Virginia, Duke, Florida, Wichita State, Louisville, Creighton, Kansas, Villanova, Wisconsin, Syracuse, iowa, Ohio State, Michigan, UCLA and Pittsburgh.1

It shall change.

* * * * *

Anybody watch the Black Hawks vs. Penguins last night?

Didn’t think so.

They pucked it up at Soldier Field in Chicago February cold during a snow storm. Fun to watch. Though I’m glad I wasn’t there. Home team won.

* * * * *

Of the way too many games I watched yesterday, I observed two coaches who did everything they could to get teed up.

It worked for one. Not for the other.

Mick Cronin, who is turning into perhaps the nation’s premier sideline hothead, did everything but mention the time he had relations with Ted Valentine’s mother.

Coach and zebra went face to face like Earl Weaver and Augie Donatelli. The Bearcat mentor wasn’t tossed, nor even teed up. Cincy lost at UConn.

Coach Cal, on the other hand, was sent packing for his loss of cool and loss of sartorial acceptability. Two tees then tossed, with shirt tails hanging out, was he.

It did not spur his overhyped, underwhelming Wildcats to victory.

Much is being made of his not showing up for his post game radio show. As it should. But, he’s not the only one who breaks contract after a frustrating loss. It happens here in Louisville. And elsewhere.

But he does appear to be fraying before our eyes. And not just around the edges.

He’s fed the beast. And the beast is eating him.

* * * * *

Anybody watch Liverpool’s 3 nil EPL W at Southhampton?

Didn’t think so.

* * * * *

I love Seth Greenburg doing hoops commentary on The World Wide Leader. He’s passionate. He’s insightful. Etc, etc.

I wonder what he thinks when he watches Dorian Finney-Smith tear it up at Florida, and Montrezl Harrell do the same at U of L.

If Greenburg hadn’t been fired, they’d be the lynchpins of his Hokie Squad. There are worse duos to build a team around.

* * * * *

What’s being lost in the underappreciation of the Wichita State Shockers is this. They played a similarly mediocre schedule last season, after which they made it to the national semis, where they contested the eventual champion Cardinals toe to toe.

This is a good, confidant squad.

I, for one, think it would be pretty nifty if they, undefeated, cut down the nets in April. The Shockers are capable.

* * * * *

Shabazz Napier leads UConn in all five major offensive statistical categories.

Now that’s impressive.

* * * * *

North Carolina has won 11 in a row.

The Tar Heels last loss was to UVa, which has won 13 in a row, and the ACC regular season title.

Yet, nobody seems to be taking these teams seriously, when chatting about national contendas.

Don’t go away, kids, hoops is just heating up.

— Seedy K


5 thoughts on “Holding Court in March: Setback Saturday

  1. John Clay’s piece in the Lex H-L looks like Cal might have lost some of the loveglow in BBN

  2. I wish I had the spirit to differ with you, but after yesterday’s last 4 minutes, my spunk is down. The title is there for the taking this year….just don’t know if we can suck it up for 40 minutes x 6 and get it.

    Poor Cal. The venom of the Wildcat faithful must be taking hold. But he did it to himself. 40-0 my ass. Give those dunder-heads something like that and you better get there—or something close—or be prepared to pay the consequences. It is obvious that both he and the players have performance anxiety. They would be better off if he got tossed before every game; now that might be the first smart thing he did all year…and entertaining too!

  3. How long has Cal been at UK-four, five years. My prediction is that next year will be his last. In all his years at UK, he has hit one home run–Anthony Davis, one triple–Kidd Gilchrist and a bunch of punch hitters to the opposite field.
    On our beloved Cards, I have watched them for over 60 years and Saturday was the biggest choke job, players and coach, that I can ever remember. But as Mr. Joyner pointed out about 500 teams could win the tourney and we are still one of them.

  4. Really appreciate the Earl Weaver v. Augie Donatelli mention. Good times.

    Louisville’s slip showed yesterday. This team is simply not that good, unless you lo,e to. Watch short guards dribble and dribble and dribble and dribble and dribble and dribbe. Then force a trey ball.

    Wahoo anyone? UVA is for real.

  5. Regarding the Shockers:
    2013 champs UofL which was in the 2012 Final Four.
    2012 champs UK which was in the 2011 Final Four.
    Two years doesn’t make a trend but it is food for thought.

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