First Thoughts on that Darned NCAA Bracket

b-ballFor all of those Cardinal fans beside themselves at U of L’s #4 seed, and wondering why, indulge me please.

Here is a cut and paste from my blog this morning about the UConn game.

You only play who you play.

It is one of the two immutable truths of the post-season. As you know, because I harp on it ad nauseum every year at this time of year.

I mention it again, because it shall affect Louisville’s seeding in the NCAA. Adversely, more than likely.

The Cards have been on a marvelous run of late. Though, frankly, due to the quality of the competition, it is difficult to truly assess if they are, as many pundits contend, “playing better than any team in the country.”

Ws in the AAC tourney over SMU and Cincy might have provided the selection committee more evidence necessary to bump U of L up a line.Or two.

Twas not to be. And U of L had to play those cards it was dealt. Rutgers and Houston were lambs to slaughter. UConn, tired and not quite ready, for its third spanking of the season.

That Louisville is in a situation where it’s playing top line basketball, but will probably land on line three or four is a circumstance of its own choosing.

Whether Rick Pitino makes up the regular season schedule, or Tom Jurich, or a combination of the two, they made their own messy bed. With a consensus Top 5 defending national championship squad coming back, a decision was made to go for the money.

The pre-conference slate was loaded with schleppers willing to come to the Yum! for another L and pennies on the dollar, feeding the U of L athletic department coffers and the bottom line.

Well, bottom line this. Ws over Hofstra, Hartford, Mizzou KC, Fairfield and Cornell mean mo’ money, but less stature on this particular day — Selection Sunday.

The piper will probably be paid tonight. One can only hope the committee considers the eye test, which verifies the Cards are smokin’ hot, and computer rankings, more than the RPI, where Louisville thankfully has jumped to 18th. They were #24 before the run to the tourney crown.

The committee did not consider the eye test, relying instead on the reality of Louisville’s cupcake non-conference schedule to drop them in on the four line.

* * * * *

That slight notwithstanding, there’s more good news than bad, at least through the first weekend.1

The Cards should easily dispatch Manhattan. Isn’t The Rick something like undefeated against former assistants in the NCAA? Besides, it’s Stevie Mass, for heaven’s sake.

Which would mean a game against St. Louis, or perhaps . . .

. . . you know, I’m not going to do it.

You only play who you play.

The Cards will tip off against the Jaspers on Thursday.

I will say this. There are three teams that really scare me. Florida. Michigan State and Kentucky. Only one is a possibility for the Cards before the Final Four.

* * * * *

Which brings me to Kentucky.

The Cats remain an iffy proposition.

But they did play tough in Atlanta. But, the SEC, other than Florida, was as underwhelming as the AAC, perhaps more so.

Can UK sustain its effort on the big stage?

I. Haven’t. The. Slightest. Idea.

* * * * *

Subject to changing my mind daily, looking ahead, I like Florida to meet Syracuse for a Final Four trip from the South.

Michigan State to meet Iowa State in the East.

Wisconsin to meet Oklahoma State in the West.

Wichita State to meet Michigan in the Midwest.

Other random “upsets,” include Colorado over Pitt, Providence over Carolina, St. Joe’s over UConn, Nebraska over Baylor and Iowa or Tennessee over UMass.

Caveat emptor. I’ve never come close to winning an office pool.

— Seedy K

3 thoughts on “First Thoughts on that Darned NCAA Bracket

  1. St Joe’s maybe. Beyond that… Colorado lost their best player, Dixon is a better coach. Providence? All on Bryce Cotton. Nebraska? Could be. SEC so soft. UK intrigues now that “The Twins” decided to put some effort out.

    Louisville got screwed. Period.

    And I had to LOL when there was a graphic saying Georgetown was a “last four out.” We SUCKED this year.

  2. Should all the higher seeded teams win the first weekend in the the Midwest, Louisville will be facing Wichita St. the next weekend, and possibly Michigan for the regional championship. What other teams have to put up with shenanigans like this from the selection committee???

  3. Your blew hue keeps on shining. They are an 8 seed, and deservedly so. Yes, they won in Dec. at home, playing their best game. If we hit our seasons average of 3 pointers in this next potential game, we win easily. But, then again, I guess you believe in the tweak, huh?

    Only a 27% chance they win 2 games anyway. If they are lucky enough to do so, we got ’em.

    Besides your Mickey-D AA’s can already smell that check cashing…why wait 2 weeks when one will do?

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