Last Thoughts on Opening Thursday: Greatest Tourney Day Ever???

b-ballOkay, let’s see.

Before dinner we had “mid-major” Dayton giving the O*H*I*Uh Oh! to its not so crafty big dog neighbor up the road. Then the Crimson put down their texts on “The Phenomenology of Algorhythmic Sociology,” giving the ACT to Cincy, the most offensively-challenged pretty good team in memory.

Nice. But, oh my, after dinner, it really kicked up a notch.

Four OT thrillas. Comebacks. Slugfests. Last second takedowns.

Two sessions of hoops, the first, boffo; the second, mo’ betta. Oh my.

How good was it exactly?

Well I’m reminded of the story I’ve heard about former Wildcat Mike Casey. Apparently, after a Wildcat W on the road, he went double his pleasure, double his fun at the hotel with Cyb and Trish, the Doublemint Twins. Sweet.

Here’s how good yesterday was. Say, you’re a kid and your folks finally scrape up the money for a trip to Disneyland. When you walk in the gate, Mickey personally greets you and says, “Come here, somebody wants to meet you and hang out.”

It’s Annette. Then, as you’re strolling through Fantasyland, you come across Darlene, the one you really want, and she says, “Step aside, Annette, Chuck’s mine.”

Then, a decade or so later, you find yourself on Gilligan’s Island, and both Mary Ann and Ginger, the redhead you really desire, both jump your bones.

That’s how good yesterday’s hoops were. Or, you know, almost.

* * * * *

Some quick memories:1

bembryDeAndre Bembry’s way stylin’ sculpted afro. (Speaking of doos. Jordair Jett, cut your dreads.)

When St. Joe’s Halil Kanacevic fashioned a feign with his back to the basket, Bill Raftery said, “Head and Shoulder, No Dandruff, Knocks it Down.”

While I found myself rooting against Cincy, even though the Bearcats have been a conference mate, I did want UConn to win. One, because they play tough and overachieve. Two, Kevin Ollie, is, by all accounts, a really neat person. Three, I haven’t liked Phil Martelli, since a player wanted to transfer a year or two back and he wouldn’t release the kid from his scholarship.

Doug Gottleib explaining why there were so many empty seats in Spokane, for the opener of the evening session. “They only opened the doors eight minutes before tip off.”

Gottleib, after New Mexico State scored the last five points in the waning seconds to send its tilt with the Aztecs to OT, “Somebody, somewhere, pressed the Buffalo Wild Wings button for overtime.”

North Carolina State’s meltdown and missed free throws. ACC POY T.J. Warren’s meltdown. He missed a key FT that would have tied the game at 81, then committed his fifth foul on the next inbound.

Longhorn Cameron Ridley, who is as beefy as Basehart of Boseman Canyon, the prize bull in “Rancho Deluxe,” with his look what I found put back game winner over Arizona State.

New Mexico State’s Kevin Aronis missing one three, then getting a second chance after an offensive board, nailing the follow up to send the last game of the day to OT.

Coach Steve Masiello totally dictating the flow of the U of L/ Manhattan game, while his mentor, Rick Pitino had nary an answer.2 For which coaching performance, Masiello is receiving significant props today among hoops cognoscenti.

Amida Brimah’s three-point play to give UConn life in OT.

The Bison and Boomer Sooner trading haymakers until the kids from Fargo won it in OT.

Adreian Payne’s 41 for Sparty.

Now that North Dakota’s off the schneid, can you name the five states without any Ws ever in the tourney? You would if you’d been as jacked as me and couldn’t go to sleep, even though it was almost 2:00 in the a.m. Answer: Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, Delaware and South Dakota.

And, kids, guess what? It’s starts all over again in 45 minutes.

The headline of the this morning’s Dayton Daily News read: “THE University of Dayton.”

Was it College Basketball’s Greatest Day Ever?

— Seedy K


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