Dance Hall Reopens: S16 ➜ E8 ➜ F4

bballFYI: For those domiciled in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, please remember there are seven other Round of 16 tilts. Beside the one, you know, between a #4 seed and an #8 seed, two kinda bitter rivals, a battle pending royale that seems to be monopolizing all the attention.

Just sayin’.

And it ain’t Tar Heels vs. Blue Devils either, that one I’m talking about. This one’s way more serious than any of that Tobacco Road foolishness.

Just sayin’.

More about the Cats and Cards tomorrow, game day, I suppose.

For now, suffice it to say, it’s neat that the rivalry is now being called the best in the land. As well it should. That due is being given our dark and bloody ground, the epicenter of college hoops. And that props have been forthcoming in droves for the last two national champs and participants in the last three Final Fours, who meet yet again on the Dance Floor.

* * * * *

How crazed and dazed has the nation become over March Madness?1

There are evaluations and reevaluations and reseedings, and hierarchies of title possibilities examined, using the most spurious of premises. Among the most entertaining however is the one linked here that ranks the Sweet Sixteen by the bands and music from the the town.

The story indicates that R & B legend Wilson Pickett is from Louisville.2 I noted in the Comment section, that, really, he’s just buried here, it was never his home town. But I also mentioned this way cool Tim Krekel tune about Wicked Mr. Pickett, which includes references to Louisville Cardinal basketball.

* * * * *

Since the NCAA realized hoopaholics could be better served, and the organization could make more moolah, by getting several networks involved in televising games, it’s now possible for the average cable or dish subscriber to see every one of the 63 contests.

Which is a good thing.

But which is in need of a tweak.3

When the tourney reaches the Regionals, obsessed fans should be able to watch the entirety of every game, not have to pick and choose. Tonight’s and tomorrow night’s games overlap.

I’d love to watch UVa vs. Michigan State. It’s a fascinating matchup. But, I daresay I shan’t be clicking away, even during the timeouts, from you know which game.4

So, the tourney schedule needs to be tweaked.5

I saw a suggestion somewhere online that sounded plausible. Play the Round of 16 games on Saturday and Sunday. That way they can be spaced out. Then the Regional Finals on Monday and Tuesday nights. Which would allow significant recovery and prep time for the semi-finals the following Saturday.

It’s past due time to get something done about this.

* * * * *

Stevie Mas, whadafahzuck were you thinking?

The former Wildcat player/ Cardinal assistant had his George O’Leary/ Cissy Musselman moment. His resume indicated he was a college grad. He isn’t.

Which wouldn’t have been an impediment to his formerly ascending career . . . if he had just told the truth.

Sigh. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Brothers in charge at Manhattan will show some mercy on Masiello, a fellow who came with hours of following his bliss to South Florida for $1M/ year.

* * * * *

Meanwhile on the hardwood.

Stanford or Dayton one shall play for a chance to visit the JerryDome next weekend.

Were that matchup featured on the World Wide Leader on a Thursday night in December, most of us would choose to finish our holiday shopping, click over to “Holmes on Homes,” or pull off the shelf, that frayed and dusty copy of “Huckleberry Finn” we’ve been meaning to reread for awhile.

But tonight, tonight’s a different story. The Flyers of the Cardinal shall advance to a spot but one W from the Final Four.6 Which makes tonight opener seriously compelling.

The over/ under on how many times Dayton coach Archie Miller will smile, should the Flyers prevail is 0. I’m taking the under. Meanwhile Stanford mentor Johnny Dawkins is looking for a Silicon Valley success story, more than the same result he suffered in the ’86 title game as a Blue Devil.

Wisconsin vs. Baylor is a boffo matchup. Both have been chronic underachievers. Scott Drew with the best team Texas fat cats can buy. Bo Ryan with players, slightly slower than your average successful team. Both the Bears and Badgers are playing well. I like the Cheeseheads.

Florida’s Gators are looking to win their way to a fourth consecutive Elite 8 appearance. Steve Alford’s Bruins are a trendy pick, but I just don’t think they’re tough enough.

Steve Fischer, the only coach ever to win his first six NCAA games and a title with ’em, has the Aztecs playing great D. But not so much O. Other than Xavier Thames, that is. Arizona plays D and O. Very well, most of the time. The Wildcats should prevail. Which should bring a smile to Sean Miller’s face, because, unlike his stoic bro, Sean has actually been know to break into a grin on occasion.

* * * * *

Louisville assistant Kevin Keatts is off the UNC Wilmington.

I want to thank KK for Luke Hancock and Montrezl Harrell, neither of which would be wearing red and black, had it not been for the departing assistant.

* * * * *

Sayonara Joel Embiid.

* * * * *

Mitch McConnell, whadafahzuck were you thinkin’?

Using footage of Duke in an ad.

Alison Lundegan Grimesm whadafahzuck were you thinkin’?

Picking Wichita State to beat UK in your bracket.

You guys running for the Senate or what?

— Seedy K

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  1. …and how closely did our Athletic Director’s office look at Stevie Mas’ academic credentials when he was hired here, or we just take his word for it with Rick’s blessing. There have been ex-U of L players who were not able to be hired because of lack of degree….hmmm

  2. Will you take my cuffs off if I only talk about spring football? What do you think? Phillips, Barker or Towles? BBN wants to know, and I am sure you have the answer….

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