Game Day Jitters: Can I Get A Witness?

ukuoflI’ve been on a diet for a few months now. Workin’ at it, and doing pretty damn well, I might add.

I get on the scale every morning. This a.m. when I checked the number of exactly how much avoirdupois I’ve shed, my immediate thought: “Grif’s number. It’s a good sign on game day.”

Similar crazed behavior is epidemic in Prestonsburg, the Pennyrile and out Preston Street.

Such is the nature of our obsession this holiest of Fridays.

You gettin’ much work done today? Didn’t think so.

I just went for a long jog, hoping to calm my spilkes.1 Did it work, you might ask? Of course, not. My leg’s churning as I write at redline RPM.

In this dark and bloody ground where basketball is religion, today is Christmas, Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashonah, Chanukah, Kwanza, Vesak, Ganesh Chathurti, Ramadan, Valentine’s Day, Boxing Day, Thanksgiving, and Earth Day all rolled into one.

It is also Groundhog Day, in that the outcome shall affect the serenity and well being — or lack thereof — of fans for the rest of the annum.

More winter? Spring is here? Talk to me after the final buzzer sounds.

From this point until tipoff, it’s really not about who is hitting treys, who is foul trouble, who is going to unexectedly step up, which coach has the better plan, which team has the better execution. What it’s about between now and tipoff is taking it a minute a a time, and hoping you don’t run into the back of the car in front of you at a stoplight.

But, other than all that, hey, I’m doin’ fine.


— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Game Day Jitters: Can I Get A Witness?

  1. Trez shows he can step out baseline and hit 17 footers drawing the Kat bigs out of the paint, and the Aliases drive score and also dish to the wings who actually drain 3’s.. and then do I have to wake up ? Will be watching on device on drive to spring break and Crow land Hoping for a happy drive and not Bobby Vinton “just a dream”

  2. I’ll be glad when it’s over. Beginning to understand those who record the game, go into a two hour seclusion, then ask, “Who won?” Depending on the answer, they watch or delete.
    But the thought struck me on the way home, that the NCAA didn’t do either team any favors by placing them in the same bracket. The team that wins is going to have to play on Sunday and after a game like this, who will have anything left.

  3. U of L and UK should no longer play a yearly basketball game. It is supposed to be a rivalry but that term implies that each team wins its share of the games played. That is not the case with this series. It will not be until Calipari is long gone that U of L will win another, not because Cal is a better coach but because of the difference in the two coaches philosophies. Cal’s one and done approach is turning men’s bball into what women’s is. We (MY wife and I)love the women’s game but no one has a chance but UConn and occasionally Notre Dame. Because of Cal’s one and done approach, few if any men’s teams, and certainly not U of L will have much of a chance. This year is just another example. Mr. Kaplan, an honest man, will tell you that the first time I watched Julius Randle play this year I called him and told him Kentucky is a lock like it was with Anthony Davis. I’m not at all surprised that it looks like I am going to be right.
    The only hope for college basketball is to go to college baseball’s approach. Go pro after high school or not until after your class has been in college for three years.

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