Tax Day Titters: Drafts, Hoops, Pucks, Birdies & More (Music Video Included)

animated_sportsFor those of you who genuflect every a.m. before a giclée of Mel Kiper Jr., those of you who vitalis your hair into a coiffure that emulates the self-styled NFL draft “expert,” there’s now a movie about all you obsess over.

“Draft Day” stars Kevin Costner as the GM of the Cleveland Browns, who has choices to make on, you know, draft day. You can listen to my review here.

Now onto some real sports considerations.

* * * * *

Looks like things is gonna be just the same as they ever was next season in women’s college hoops.

Geno only lost a couple players in the WNBA draft. Stephanie Dolson was taken sixth, Bria Hartley with the next pick. Neither is Brianna Stewart, so you can ink in UConn as a #1 seed again next season.

The once-defeated Fighting Irish lost only two also. Kayla McBride was the third player chosen, Natalie Achonwa, the ninth.

The only school with three players taken was . . . trumpets please . . . the Louisville Cardinals. Shoni Schimmel, as expected, was among the early picks, by Atlanta at #8. ‘Nita Slaughter and Asia Taylor joined her as the final two selections in the third round.

How Schimmel does at the next level is going to be fascinating to watch.

She’s got Maravichian panache with the ball. She’s proven herself to be the best three-point shooter in the college ranks, regardless of gender.

Will she get in better shape to really excel in the play for pay league?

Stay tuned. Hopefully, future teammate Angel McCoughtry will mentor her to stardom.

* * * * *

What’s the takeaway from Montrezl Harrell’s decision to return for another year of matriculation on the Belknap Campus?

These kids, at least Harrell, listen to The Rick.

The reports as to why Silent L is eschewing the jump for at least another season all seem to mention reasoning as set forth by Pitino the Elder at his final press conference.

It’s a good thing for U of L fans.

Who can only hope that not only does Silent L’s game become better and more complete next season, but that his demeanor improves. Less mugging. Fewer scowls when teammates can’t get the ball to him, posting up.

With Silent L back on board, the Cardinals, all of a sudden, are a playah in ’14-’15.1

* * * * *

It’s not much of a push to say that those same fans have been more disappointed in the play of Wayne Blackshear than any other recent Cardinal.

I love that The Rick named him captain. It seems a brilliant move to me.

I’m on record as saying he’ll have a breakout season as a senior. He reminds me of Billy Thompson, another chronic underachiever . . . until that ’85-’86 campaign, when BT was money down the stretch as the Cards wended their way to Title #2.

Harrell, Blackshear, Mathiang, Jones, Rozier, Gill, Levitch. That’s a pretty darned solid nexus for legit national title contendership.

* * * * *

For different reasons, it’s nice to see Willie Cauley-Stein’s decision to return for another season at Kentucky.

He seems like a really decent, thoughtful kid, with significant interests away from the court. That he wants to savor the college experience for at least another year makes sense to me.

How major will UK’s exodus be?

I dunno.

But, use of that word is excuse enough for me to post this music video.

* * * * *

The Stanley Cup playoffs start this week.

I know, most of you could care less, but . . . just sayin’.

* * * * *

With a great sense of glee, my nemesis The Professor advised last evening that TV ratings for The Masters were down, way down over recent years.

It could have been, of course, due to a general lack of serious drama, as Bubba Watson had his neophyte pursuer measured the whole back nine. It could have been because the game’s second biggest “star,” Phil Mickelson, didn’t make the cut.

The Professor, a linkster of local note,2 won’t stop advising me how the absence of He Who Is Tiger has diminished golf’s popularity.

Apparently so.

It’s happening all over the sports world. The Cult of Stardom has overtaken the competition itself and team loyalty as the driving forces of popularity, or not.

What a shame.

* * * * *

FC Barcelona was ousted from the Champions League by Atlético Madrid.

I know, most of you could care less, but . . . just sayin’.

* * * * *

Which t-bred is going to win the Derby:?

I, an inveterate non-follower of the Sport of Kings, haven’t the slightest idea.

Perusing the list of contenders this morning, I didn’t even note a horse with a Derby-worthy moniker. Okay, Constitution, perhaps.

I love when there’s a funky named winner. Like Lil E. Tee. Or Mine That Bird.

And there’s a number of them this season. We Miss Artie. General a Rod. Uncle Sigh.

* * * * *

Back to hoops for a second.3 The NBA playoffs are about to begin. Most of you in these parts haven’t been paying attention. For legit reasons, I’d say. College Hoops is our game of choice.

But, basketball is basketball. The pro playoffs are pretty intense.

I’ll be tuned in.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Tax Day Titters: Drafts, Hoops, Pucks, Birdies & More (Music Video Included)

  1. I do hope for our sakes as well as for Blackshear’s that unlike Billy T who didn’t fullfill his potential until he was boo’ed at home after a miserable performance against La Salle( from just across the water from Camden), for Wayne to be the Big Mac he was projected to be.

  2. It’s a good thing for you Cayut fans that WCS announced that he was returning shortly after Trez made his announcement. The “I-can’t-believe-selfish-Rick-won’t-let-him-go” chorus had not yet reached the peak of its chrestomathy when the Lexington hipster made his proclamation, shutting down the anti-Rick crew in their tracks. Now, they are all hoping that the Big Daq, Young, JuliusR and the TexasTwinkies also decide to return. IMHO—no chance.

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