Sunday’s Snippets: Triple Crown Edition (Plenty of Hoops Included)

joeyLet’s get the Triple Crown possibility, about which the C-J shall be foisting a dozen articles a day for the next three weeks until the running of the Belmont, so then I can move on.

As I’ve mentioned early and often, I’m not big into the horses. But I am a Kentuckian and would love for California Chrome to close the final mile and a half of the deal.

And I say that, even though lovey dovey feel good story about Dumb Ass Partners lost more than a bit of its luster yesterday. Co-owner Steve Coburn, who was probably in his cups — He seemed to have a libation in hand throughout the pre-race period — chose the Preakness trophy presentation ceremony on national TV to diss Churchill Downs for a lack of hospitality during Derby time.

His post-race “explanation” seemed a bit diffused, and, frankly, overblown.

Trust me, I’m the last guy who is going to apologize for Churchill Downs, which has gone corporata maxima in recent years, in an attempt to suck every last ha’penny from any soul, who would dare venture within a half mile of 4th and Central Derby Week.

But Coburn’s comments, as generalized and pissy as they were, seemed certainly out of place, and mighty ungracious.

Which aspersions of mine should not reflect on the winning steed, his jockey Victor Espinoza or trainer Art Sherman. As for Coburn, well, he needs to learn some manners.

That said, go Cali Chrome!!!!

* * * * *

The yang to Coburn’s yin is Yale Eli, Brandon Sherrod.

He’s eschewing a year, competing on Ivy League hardwood for his school, to travel the world, singing for the school’s noted a cappella male chorus, the Whiffenpoofs.

I’m stunned at the reaction in the world of sports, as if this was some dumbfounding decision. A questionable one, to boot.

Let’s see.

Hang in New Haven, travel to Rhode Island to play Brown’s hoopsters on a Friday night?

Or, travel to Paris, Bangkok and other global points hither and yon to sing?1

Door #2, s’il vous plait.

Which, bless him, is the one Sherrod has chosen.

* * * * *

The Angel & Shoni Dream Show is 2-0.

The former Cardinal hoop stars — the two best females ever to play for U of L re now on the same pro team — led Atlanta last night to a 90-88 W in Indy.

McCoughtry drained the game winner, a threeball with seconds to play in the second OT. She tallied 27 for the game.

Meanwhile, rookie Schimmel, in her second pro game, scored 17, while dishing out 11 assists.

* * * * *

Somewhere on the internet the other day, I saw the list of the top 20 paid coaches in college hoops.

For the year they used, Mike Krzyzewski took home north of $9 million.2

U of L’s Rick Pitino was second. John Calipari was 3d or 4th, making $5 mill+ like The Rick.

All of the names on the list were familiar.

I was surprised that Carolina’s Roy Williams didn’t make the top 20. He was 22d, and earns a measly $1.8 mill a season.

* * * * *

To me, one of the more fascinating aspects of the NBA vs. Donald Sterling smackdown is how the player’s association reacts in the upcoming months?

There are rumors. A league-wide boycott, if new San Diego owners aren’t in place by next season’s tip off. Or, a Clippers work stoppage, if new owners aren’t in place by next season’s tip off.

I hope the players don’t box themselves in a corner. Given Sterling’s intransigence and his propensity to litigate, resolution of the ownership situation could be year’s away. Even if the final outcome appears certain.

The players best understand that, before taking some hard stand which they will come to regret. Sterling’s going to be gone. They and the league are in the driver’s seat. It’s simply going to take awhile to play out.

The court system moves at a glacial pace. Resolution shall be later rather than sooner.

* * * * *

Meanwhile on the hardwood, the Western Conference Finals were shaping up as a dandy between the veteran Spurs and rising Thunder.

OKC’s loss of Serge Ibaka certainly changes the dynamic. To San Antonio’s significant benefit.

I love both teams. But shall be rooting for the Spurs, who sooner rather than later shall be old and in the way. OKC, should Durant and Westbrook stay the course, will be back.

Besides, given that Miami is a deadbolt lock to win the East, a rematch of last year’s Finals is what we want, right?

The Spurs somehow lost their poise when the deal seemed sealed in Game 6 last year. Only to do what they rarely do, which was, frankly, choke. Losing that game and the series a game later.

Go Spurs. Go Heat. Let’s have a redux.

* * * * *

I ran into three pals yesterday afternoon, all of whom are inveterate denizens of the Big Blue Nation.3 We talked some minor trash, nothing vitriolic.

I was stunned a bit though, when one mentioned how he still believes that U of L’s entry into the ACC is not a done deal . . . yet. That it depends on a resolution of the Maryland buyout situation.

The Terps are balking at the $50 million payoff, owed, the league claims, because the Terps split for the Big Ten.

Here me now, my friend, and other members of BBN, wallowing in schadenfreude, then believe me later.

The Maryland situation has nothing to do with U of L’s entry into the ACC, which shall take place officially n July 1. It is not an impediment at all.

* * * * *

Before I get outta here, a quick shout out to my Detroit Tigers, winners of five in a row, and ten in a row on the road.

They’ve got the best record in all of MLB, and go for a sweep tonight in Beantown, after sweeping the Orioles in Baltimore this past week.

— Seedy K

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Snippets: Triple Crown Edition (Plenty of Hoops Included)

  1. So glad Dookieville is getting such a great return on their investment these days

  2. The Calli Chrome story is morphing from a “feel good” piece to a sequel of Grumpy Old Men. All they had to do was petition the NY Racing Assoc privately for permission instead of throwing their weight around in the press which is also what they did with the hospitality debacle and the Downs. As for the owner’s mother, what did they ask for, when and how did they ask.The backside is not exactly handicap accessible. Not everyplace is. Plus, at that point they were one of 20 horses contending. At Pimlico, they were the freaking Derby winner. That’s easy. These guys are starting to get annoying. But I like the horse.

  3. Smart Guy, my thoughts exactly. Well stated. Just reported that NY has approved the horse running with the nasal strip.

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