ABCDs of Baseball, Playoffs, That Futbol Thing & Mo’ (Music Video Included)

b-ballLeBron and DeWayne showed what they were made of Tuesday night. It was superstar time in Indy and the superstars showed up. The Pacers had no answer.

Miami’s W on the road evened the Eastern finals at 1-1.

If the Pacers don’t fold like tent in the wind, t could be, it might be, it can be, but will it be a good series?

But, a Heat sweep at home would be the death knell for Indiana.


* * * * *

My baseball team is the Detroit Tigers.

When my team is playing well, I pay attention to MLB. Even watch on TV, when I ought to be outside recreating.

My team is playing well. At least, uh, more or less.

Not in alphabetical order, a few observations.

D is obviously for Detroit. Next.

B is for Boston. And for Baltimore. On its most recent nine game road trip, the Tigers started with a sweep over the Orioles at Camden Yards. Then repeated, with another broom job over the BoSox at Fenway. Sweet.

Excellent. Even in a less than stellar division like the AL Central, a 7 game lead before Memorial Day is a good thing.

C is for Cleveland, the last stop on the road swing.1 Where Detroit has dominated for the last little while. Until this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday . . .

. . . when the Tribe brought my team back to earth. Verlander was rocked. Scherzer, too. Three Ls to a woeful team by the lake. A 6-3 road trip doesn’t look so good, except when it starts 6-0. Flaws were revealed. It’s not a pretty sight.

A is for Al Alburquerque. Who gave up a walk off tater in extra innings to lose the first game of the series.

Then, yesterday, in the getaway game, gave up a walk off balk. in the bottom of the 13th.

A walk off balk. Gimme a break. Whoever heard of that?

That revolting development after Detroit closer Joe Nathan blew a save, giving up 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th.

My team is very good. My team has no chance in the post season, if it doesn’t shore up the bullpen.

* * * * *

So complete, and, frankly, boring was San Antonio’s smackdown of OKC last night, I started surfing about for something more scintillating to watch.2

I came across The World Wide Leader’s latest update on the evolution of the US’s soccer team, now being vetted in Palo Alto, in advance of next month’s World Cup in Brazil.

I’ve said it before, and shall again now, though most of you could care less, soccer is indeed a beautiful game. And I’m looking forward to what is clearly the world’s biggest sporting event.3

So, I’ll be reporting in as it unfolds. I hope you’ll pay some attention.

Given that the United States drew into a killer group, which includes Germany, Portugal and recent nemesis Ghana, chances for advancement beyond are slim.

But, you know, that’s why they play the games.

* * * * *

Russ Smith’s championship jersey?

Still missing.

Lawyers involved. Not a good thing.

* * * * *

Summer’s here, and the time is right . . . for dancin’ in the street.

— Seedy K

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  1. Soon time to post Gary US Bonds “School Is Out” but now way will I root for the Yankees from the bleachers, and jumpin’ and shoutin’ has gotten more difficult !

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