Blame It On Brigham Young: Tonight’s Tsuris

ukuoflA reminder for those of you who didn’t choose Yiddish as your language requirement, and have forgotten previous definitions provided in this space.

Tsuris: trouble or woe; aggravation; heartache.

Like many folks, who, during their last trip to NYC, couldn’t score ducats to what is supposed to be the funniest, cleverest, most boffo ever musical/ comedy in the history of theater — That would be “Book of Mormon” — my significant other and I have been looking forward to its arrival here in town this week since, oh, since well before the Cards most recent NCAA title.

Thus, tsuris ensued when the U of L nine made the NCAA baseball tournament. And the Cards were granted home field advantage during an opening regional. And it was announced that arch-enemy Kentucky would also be arriving at Third & Central in hopes of advancing in the championship competition.

Because, our tickets to the aforementioned “Book of Mormon” are for this coming Sunday evening. When, as anybody who bleeds red or blue knows, the Cats and Cards could very well be going feathers vs. fur, with a trip to the Super Regional in the balance.

But, I eventually found a serene place within, accepting that I might miss that diamond encounter. That I can only be in one place at a time. That there are other things in life besides U of L Cardinal sports. Sigh.

baseballThen, I just got a call from She Who Is Known As The Film Babe a/k/a My Significant Other, asking whether I was available Friday evening — Which will be during U of L’s opening game with Kent State — instead of Sunday to attend the show.1

Which is to say, the Cardinals shall be opening their quest for a second consecutive CWS, and I shan’t be in the house.

So, after first thinking I’d blame it all on Cartman, since “Book of Mormon” is the creation of the South Park guys, I decided it was all Brigham Young’s fault. Before there was a school named after him, he founded Mormonism, you know. Which you might not, if you haven’t fallen prey to one of those earnest bicycle-riding lads in short sleeved shirts and dark ties, knocking on your door.

All of which is to advise that, while I intended to provide full coverage of the Regional for you, due to matters beyond my control — way beyond my control — it won’t include eye witness accounts of the Cards’ tourney opener with Kent State.

— Seedy K


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