Sunday’s Short Shots: Fútbol, Cycling, Tennis, Announcing, Baseball and, of course, Hoops

animated_sportsLost in all the current sports hoopla, America’s new love affair with fútbol, the culmination of Wimbledon, Joey Chestnut’s less than stellar W, Tiger’s return to the links, Kentuckianians, including Nerlens Noel,  competing in the NBA summer league and Fourth of July cornhole smackdowns is this red, white and blue reality.

In the national pastime, that would still be baseball, kids, LA Dodger Clayton Kershaw has pitched 38 consecutive scoreless innings.

Which is, like, four consecutive games worth of shutout hurling. Plus a couple frames.

Which is awfully impressive. Yet, still 21 innings short of the MLB record, held by another guy who took the mound at Chavez Ravine, Orel Hershiser.

By the by, Tiger Rick Porcello, who hurls tonight for Detroit against the A’s, has pitched two complete game shutouts in a row.

* * * * *

As I write, Roger Federer has just won a back and forth first set tiebreak against Novak Djokovic.

This Gentleman’s Final looks like it could be, might be a classic.

It seems like forever since the Swiss superstar, arguably the best player ever, has won a major. When, in fact, that’s my delusion. He beat Andy Murray at Wimbledon just two years back.

* * * * *

soccerThe Iron Tulip.

That’s my new favorite nickname.

It’s what the call the rarely smiling coach of the Netherlands national team. Louiis van Gaal, who will take over the reigns of reeling Manchester United next EPL season.

He showed some brass balls yesterday.

With the Orange’s quarterfinal against upstart Costa Rica certainly headed for a penalty shootout, van Gaal inserted a new goalie, Tim Krul, into his lineup at the very end of the 30 minute OT.

Krul proved as good as he was obnoxiously cocky, blocking two Ticos’ kicks in the shootout to secure advancement to the semis.

Which games Tuesday and Wednesday to determine the finalists are classic South America vs. Europe matchups.

Brazil vs. Germany.1

Argentina vs. The Netherlands.

Must see sports TV.

* * * * *

Were I Colombian Juan Zuniga, I wouldn’t be taking a holiday in Brazil anytime soon.

He’s the fútballer, whose knee in the back fractured Neymar’s vertebra during the quarterfinal match.

In Brazil, Zuniga’s the villain.

One objective observer’s opinion is that the real culprit is Carlos Velasco Carballo.

He was the referee, who was obviously not ready to call this most contentious game. He allowed play to get rough and out of control early, and never reigned it in.

He’s the guy, who should hang his head in shame.

* * * * *

bikeMeanwhile, meandering yesterday and today through the English countryside, the Tour de France.

Uh, I dunno how the race’s organizers choose the route, but I do know this.

If you are a sports fan, appreciate athletic endeavor at the highest level of talent and conditioning, this is also must see TV.

Plus, we make a lot of breakfast at Wimbledon, we get breakfast with the Tour . . . for three straight weeks.

And we get to listen to my favorite announcers, the guys I believe are the best announcers on TV in any sport, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. Engaging. Technically savvy. And somehow keep it interesting and informative for five, six hours of the telecast.2

* * * * *

Meanwhile back at Wimbledon . . . Djokovic has just won the second set, 6-4, tying the championship at a set apiece.

* * * * *

I would be remiss in the this college hoops-addled land where I reside, were I to not mention two current burning topics of discussion.

One. UK’s non-conference schedule.

There is but one word to describe it: Formidible

Two. ESPN’s rankings of the best college basketball coaches.

Billy Donovan topped the rankings. Coach Cal was 2d, The Rick fifth.

Any such hierarchy that isn’t topped by Mike Krzyzewski is inherently flawed.

Love him or hate him, he’s the best.

— Seedy K

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  1. Great article until you completely lost your mind by praising Lucifer’s protege in Durham. Massive brain fart Seedy.

  2. As I understand it, the ESPN poll was supposedly about the last 5 years. How Izzo could be in the top 20 is a wonder, much less the top 5, as his senior class was his first not to reach the FF he has ever had,I believe. Billy D would be fine over ten years, but not 5. And other than head to head, Rick has had a better last 5 than NIT Cal.

    Again, just another meaningless, contrived conversation piece by the Network to serve its own agenda. 2 top coaches from the SEC? Really?

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