Monday Morning Breakaway: Soccer, Cycling and, Of Course, College Basketball & LeBron

cardsNow that the silly ol’ World Cup foolishness is over, you know the fütbol tournament without Jim Nantz calling play by play, the one to which only 800 million people watched the final. Now that it’s out of our minds for another four years, we can get back to what really matters.

Which is what 12 year old future superduperubersuperstar baller is dazzling the recruiting gurus at the Sebastian Telfair Humpty Dumpty Jamboree? And which 47 middle schools are still on his narrowed list for possible attendance?

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I was going to talk about various topics in a different order, but, trying to serve my public, I’ll get to what you want to read about most, first.

College hoops.

In this post the other day, I opined that Terry Rozier will be team leader next season for U of L. Yesterday I read this article that contains similar observations.

Here’s a quote there from the rising sophomore guard:

“I just want to be a leader, I just want to play that leadership role, because I think that’s probably what we don’t have right now. I think if someone leads the pack, everything else will come together.

“We’re going to be darn good. I’ll leave it at that.”

* * * * *

As you know, I was joking about the World Cup above, because I was enthralled.

There’s no need to address the naysaying Americans who diss the sport without taking the time to develop an understanding and appreciation for the athleticism, technical ability and nuances of the game.

Okay, I’ll say this. I’ve heard people who extol the virtues of a 0-0 pitching duel in an Oakland/ Detroit playoff game talk about how boring soccer is because there’s no scoring. Duplicitous? I’d say so.

Anyway, the best team won. As best I can tell. I’m far from an expert.

Germany was best on the pitch yesterday though Argentina played some righteous defense except for that one fatal slip up in Extra Time. Germany was the best the whole tournament.

The winning goal was scored by a sub — the first time I believe that’s ever happened in extra time in a World Cup final — whose first name is Mario and his last name is spelled either Gotze, Götze or Goetze?1

Anyway, Super Mario entered the contest as a replacement with youth and fresh legs for Miroslav Klose, who only happens to hold the record for most goals scored total in the World Cup. Nifty strategic move by Joachim Löw, the German coach with hair as perfect as a Warren Zevon lyric, as in place as the umlaut over the O in his last name.

Even a neophyte fan like myself could tell Götze’s goal was one of the most magnificent of the whole World Cup. I’d say the only one better was that of Columbia’s James Rodriguez against Uruguay.2

I, frankly, don’t get the whole Argentinian Maradona vs. Messi dynamic. Then again, outsiders may take a look at our dark and bloody ground and wonder what’s the deal with this whole UK vs U of L thing?

* * * * *

It was a great day for German sports fans.

Countryman Tony Martin rode off from the field in yesterday’s stage of the Tour de France.

I’ve taken to the Tour the last couple of years. Though I understand it’s really an acquired taste and shan’t try to convince you to tune in.

Riding today — Bastille Day, which is a big thing in France — adorned in the yellow jersey which signifies the race leader is Tony Gallopin. Who happens to be French himself. Which means the country is beside itself.

The race heads to the hills today, which separates the real contendas from the pretendas.

* * * * *

My sportswriter’s license requires that I weigh in on the whole LeBron thing. Which I’ll make quick.

I’m happy that LBJ and Cav owner Dan Gilbert buried the hatchets. Reports are they met last week in Miami and both were contrite, admitted their mistakes in the wake of James’ departure years ago, shook hands and decided to move on.

I love that kind of stuff. Genuine, heart felt contrition is a strong elixir.

* * * * *

The British Open is this week . . . I think.

I’ll tune in, but certainly not to the app that’s going to follow Tiger’s every shot.

* * * * *

The MLB All Star game is tomorrow night.

I’ll tune in, but am certainly pissed that Tiger Rick Porcello with 12 Ws already didn’t make the team.

— Seedy K

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  1. The way things are going, do you think Kaymer will win the Open? It seems everything is coming up German these days……so much so, if I was Poland, I’d start to worry….

  2. I know as little about the nuances of soccer as you, maybe less, but Rodriguez seemed far and away the best player in the Cup. Far more grace and style and skill than Argentina Boy

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