Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’

reporterI am as enamored with a charismatic personality as anyone.

So, despite my oft recurring remonstrative reaction to all matters Tiger, I do pay attention to the comings and goings of He Who Would Change The World (At least according to his father.).

So, when I turned on the British Open this morning for a little sports with my morning joe, I took note when the guys at Royal Liverpool indicated they were about to show a Tiger shot.

He’s 3 back of leader Rory McElroy after the opening round.

Which means golf fans like The Professor are all twitter and shall tune in. Can he, will he, is it really possible . . . for Tiger to win another major this summer?

Which means the World Wide Leader, already with an app that just follows every step of not so young anymore Eldrick around the links, is salivating over some boffo ratings for the weekend.1

Unless, of course, Woods fades and some German runs away from the field.

The only thing that could make it better would be for Tiger to DQ.

* * * * *

Of course, few of you could give a rat’s ass what’s going in the Tour de France.

With full understanding of that, I will say there’s a most interesting phenomenon occurring in this year’s marathon event. Which I have to say I’ve not observed in any other sporting competition of such magnitude.

The race is about at the halfway mark, and several of the favorites have already dropped out.

Chris Froome, the defending champ for heaven’s sake, suffered a broken wrist in a fall.

Alberto Contador, a two-time champ, crashed on a mountain stage, and dropped out.

American Andrew Talansky is the latest. Suffering from hip injuries and a respiratory situation, he called it quits.

Plus there was early crashout, Mark Cavendish, sprinter extraordinaire, who didn’t even get to finish a stage run near his home in Britain.2

Currently wearing the yellow jersey, signifying the race leader, is Italian Vincenzo Nibali, who, given the attrition, appears the favorite to stay on top. At least until he’s injured.

* * * * *

I actually watched the first few innings of the All Star game.

Because of Jeter, you betcha, and my man Miggy Cabrera was hitting clean up. He went yard, don’t you know?

Another Tiger, at least for this season, Max Scherzer, got the W.

And my team starts the run to the playoffs 6 1/2 up in the Al Central. The pitching staff is sweet.3

The bullpen is tightening up. Though it is a little disconcerting that former Detroiter Fernando Rodney leads the majors in saves, while aging Joe Nathan, the current Bengal from the bullpen, remains wobbly.

Which is to say, I’m locked into this year’s MLB season. And have my dandy new bright orange ’35 World Series Champs Tiger cap to wear as a sign of allegiance.

* * * * *

While I attempt to feed my sports jones with the likes of MLB, World Cup and the Tour, I understand there are many many more of you inveterate sports fans, who are awaiting the beginning of football, American style.

I had three different people tell me last week how much they’re looking forward to the beginning of the sports season. Meaning football, followed by hoops.

* * * * *

For the 82d consecutive year, I was able to avoid watching one second of the ESPYs.

It’s a good thing.

Between that and my all raw vegetable lunch, I’m feeling fine today.

— Seedy K