Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

reporterThere’s going to be plenty of golf news this week, what with the PGA at Valhalla and all, and we got football — American style, the way Pudge Heffelfinger meant for it to be — every weekend from now until February.

So, as we’re wont to do, let’s start with hoops.

* * * * *

Just as his cataclysmic injury changed Kevin Ware’s career, there’s no doubt the same could happen with Paul George.

Obviously, one hopes the Indiana Pacer has a full recovery. (And that Ware finally gets it together at his current collegiate stop.)

Here’s what struck me about Friday night’s injury situation.

USA team players and coaches alike were shaken to the point that Mike Krzyzewski called off the remainder of the scrimmage. A legitimate move, one supposes.

Which got me to thinking of Ware’s injury in the regional final. Of how U of L’s players, splayed across the court, were rattled to the point of tears. After which bracing moment, they proved what a stalwart band of ballers they were that championship season.

Not only did the Cards hold their own for the rest of the first half against Duke, they increased their margin. Then, after the break, proceeded to eviscerate the Blue Devils . . . by 22 points.

* * * * *

golfSpeaking of injuries, I certainly don’t wish physical pain on Tiger Woods.

I’ve had back issues. They are not fun. Sciatica. It’s not a good thing. Not when you’re trying to walk. Or sit down. Especially not when you’re trying to swing a golf club.

So I wish Eldrick a speedy physical recovery.

Then we’ll be able to watch him and his career self destruct some more on the links. Though one must assume we won’t be provided that pleasure this week, that he’ll be taking a Pasadena on this week’s events at Valhalla.

By the by, should you be so enmeshed in the PGA Championship, that you find yourself tuning in the Golf Channel for peripheral coverage, check out the flowers on the set.

They’re arranged by the one and only Film Babe, the gal in my life, who is a wizard when it comes to fashioning flora.

* * * * *

QBWhile I’m not nearly as enamored with exhibition NFL games as my man, former Praying Colonel Bobby Mac,1 I did watch a few snaps of the HOF game last night.

During which interlude I saw former Cardinal LB Preston Brown grab a pick. Unfortunately it won’t count in the stats, since a teammate committed not one but two hands to the face penalties on the same down.

Actually I kept flipping back and forth to the U, where they were replaying the Auburn/ Alabama donnybrook from last season, the game The World Wide Leader voted best of the year.

As for the present Cardinals, Coach Bobby P is meeting the media this afternoon to discuss the Cardinal state of affairs as fall practice commences tomorrow.

* * * * *

One guy’s opinion. I’m glad Time Warner Cable came to an agreement with the SEC Network.

More game watching options. I like.

* * * * *

The latest addition to my Detroit Tigers, ace hurler David Price, won’t take the mound for his new team until Tuesday night in Yankee Stadium.

But, it’s obvious his acquisition has already motivated the pitching staff. Since Price’s signing, Justin Verlander pitched his best outing in months. Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer painted the corners with Vermeer-like precision. Even the bullpen, beleaguered as it remains, has done the tighten up.

Hope springs eternal for the post-season.

— Seedy K

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  1. ….and you left out the best part of the past week, local golf hero and long time Thursday night golf champion, Feckless Fred Stebbins, cans back to back holes in one on the treacherous, downhill 185 yards over water par 3 17th hole at the fabulous Audubon Golf and Fishing Club. Just in time for the PGA, a local steps up and knocks it right out of the park…lets see one of these PGA guys back to back Aces this week….that would be something.

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