Sunday’s Sports Shorts: DeVante; Davis, Mo’ne, Detroit & More

cardsU of L Cardinal football fans are in a depressed state today, anxiously awaiting the word on the extent of star DeVante Parker’s foot injury.

The wideout is on his way to Charlotte to be examined by the expert of expert on such injuries. Whatever that injury might be?[

Have x-rays shown a break? Is he wearing a cast of some sort?

We simply haven’t been provided any information of substance, beside the notification that he’s hurt. Parker tweeted that he’s “fine.” Whatever that means?

Fans can only hope it’s less serious, rather than more.

Given the Cards’ depth among the AFROS (America’s Finest Receivers on Saturdays), his absence, while significant, should not be fatal. Parker is assuredly U of L’s best player. But he is not the most valuable, an entirely different beast.1

The faithful’s fingers are crossed.

* * * * *

Given the contemporary media obsession with 140 character storylines, it is no surprise that Mo’ne Davis was last week’s Flavor of the Month.

The 13 year old was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, her name on the lips of every sports commentator who could pronounce the words, “Little League.”

Her Philly team was ousted from the LLWS. Which, while sad for the citizens of Cheesesteak City and the kids on the team, may have been in this young lady’s best interest. I don’t care how “mature” she may be, as has been breathlessly reported by an adoring press, she’s, you know, only 13.

I remember how nervous I used to become on game day. And that was to play in front of parents on Field #4 at the J.C.C.. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for those youngsters these days under the kleig light glare at Williamsport, in front of 40.000 fans.

Besides, Davis herself hasn’t been the real story at this LLWS.

Her team from the City of Brotherly Love is mostly comprised of African American kids. The Jackie Robinson nine from Chitown is 100% African American. Which team actually won the U.S. portion of the championship, and faces South Korea later this afternoon for all the global marbles.

In a sport where, at the professional level, Hispanics have inexorably squeezed out just about all other ethnic groups, the percentage of blacks is de minimis. That two of the best squads in Williamsport are made up of kids of color is the real, most encouraging storyline here.

* * * * *

tigersHere’s how the week went for my Detroit Tigers.

On Thursday, newly acquired ace David Price one-hit his former team, Tampa Bay.

But lost 1-0.

On Friday, the Tigers were bludgeoned by the Twins, 20-6. Saturday afternoon, Minnesota continued the air show, with a 12-4 bombardment against the reeling Motowners. Detroit managed to salvage the second game of yesterday’s twin bill, 8-6.

Up 7 1/2 games in the AL Central a day before the All-Star break, my team is now three games behind Kansas City. And sits at fourth spot for the two-team Wild Card matchup.

Woe is me.

* * * * *

soccerOn the other hand, I was able to savor this morning with my cup o’ joe, a 4 nil Premier League romp by my Tottenham Hotspur over the Queens Park Rangers.

It’s early — only two games have been contested in the long season — but the Hotspur are sitting atop the EPL table.2

Because I intend to mention the fortunes of Tottenham now and again during the season, especially should they stay in contention, you might be interested in knowing how the team’s unique nickname came about?

I know I was.

A knight from the 14th and 15th century, Sir Henry Percy, was known as “Harry Hotspur.” His family owned a lot of land in that section of London, and Sir Henry himself resided there a bit. He was reputed to be fearless, and was referred to as hotspur, because of “his dashing willingness to charge into the thickest part of the battle.”

* * * * *

Of course, I wasn’t going to leave you without some basketball news.

And it’s not the Love to Cleveland trade either.

Nor, darn it, is it news that U of L signee Jaylen Johnson has been cleared by the NCAA to matriculate.

But, I did watch a few minutes of last night’s Elite 24 UA showcase from the Brooklyn Pier.

U of L commit Donovan Mitchell can play the game. Very athletic. Savvy.

A great get.

* * * * *

Coming Soon: My pithy college football preview.

And Week I of Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications.

— Seedy K