Louisville Card File: Florida International

cardsThere are times when statistics don’t talk, they swear.

Like this number from yesterday’s box score.


Yes, twelve.

As in a mere dozen. Not even a baker’s dozen.

In 35 attempts to rush the ball, U of L had 12 net rushing yards. That’s .03428571 yards per carry. Compared with 88 yards by the team it played, the one ranked 120 in the FBS in rushing yards per game. The Cards had 34 at halftime, meaning they were -22 after intermission.

Think about it for a moment.

Pitiful, nest pas?

Were it worth a chuckle and a shrug off, I’d cue up Otis Redding, singing “Mr. Pitiful.” I shall not. I don’t wish to sully the memory of the greatest soul singer ever.

I didn’t even use the usual clip art above, the one of a Cardinal rushing the ball. It would have been disrespectful to the image.

Cards QBs were sacked 4 times, for a loss of 40 yards.

Against a 1-3 team that lost to Bethune Cookman.

All of which is to point out the obvious. U of L’s offensive line needs work, a lot of work. A total readjustment.

Otherwise this season is going to be even more disappointing than the evidence so far indicates it is destined to be.

* * * * *

Lordy, if Gerod Hollimon doesn’t get in touch with in inner Prime Time late in the second quarter, picking off two FIU tosses on consecutive plays, one for a TD, this thing might have actually been close.

Yes, the defense did its job, one of the few — very few — bright spots in an otherwise forgettable effort.

They held the hapless home team to 12 first downs, 205 yards, forcing them to punt 10 times. The home team had the ball sixteen times, and only made it into U of L territory on five of those possessions, only once into the red zone. Which resulted in that FG at the first half horn.

Once again, CB Andrew Johnson proved he needs more bench time. On one play early, he missed his coverage assignment, then the tackle. Soon thereafter, he was called for holding on a punt return, costing U of L 25 yards of field position. His replacement, Trumaine Washington, had five tackles, tied for third most on the squad for the game.

Sheldon Rankins, on the plus side, tallied 8 tackles, which, I believe, is his career best performance.

Todd Grantham’s D totaled ten tackles for a loss, including five sacks.

* * * * *

Indeed James Quick, for the first time in red & black, met our considerable expectations.

Seven grabs for 174 yards and a couple TDs. Good for him.

He’s yet to learn he needs to go full out every play. At about the ten minute mark of the 2d Q, Gardner hit him down the left sideline on a play that gobbled up 39 yards of soggy south Florida turf. Well and good.

Except that, after the catch, Quick only kicked it into 3d gear instead of overdrive, getting knocked out of bounds at the seven for a first and goal. Should have been a TD, and would have been if the Trinity grad had gone balls out for the goal line.1 The drive ended without a tally, when Will Gardner lost another fumble while being sacked.

* * * * *

Despite his OK stats, which I believe are misleading given the quality of the opponent, I jotted this down in my game notes at one point during U of L’s now patented fallow stretch between its first possession and that Holliman-inspired flurry before haltime.

“Gardner — Not The Guy.”

Hope I’m wrong. Hope he’s still in his learning phase. Hope he improves into a quality QB, and a mature leader..

I. Just. Haven’t. Seen. A. Glimmer. Of. It. Yet.

* * * * *

There’s one thing that shall be borne out when Michael Dyer gets healthy.

He is far and away U of L’s best running back.

* * * * *

At this juncture, I need to fess up. I hardly paid attention during the second half, so boring was the game, so sure was the result.

Thus, there might have been some positives I missed.

My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause you when assessing my assessment of the victory.

* * * * *

Note to Lorenzo Mauldin: Your dyed red dreadlock tips faded on your jersey.

* * * * *

Note to Tom Jurich: There. Is. No. Reason. To. Ever. Schedule. Florida. International. Again.

Repeat: Never. Ever.

* * * * *

Because of the rain delay, the game ran past time for the first pitch of the Reds/ St. Louis MLB game, which was to follow on Fox Sports 1.

Thus, this titanic pigskin battle was relegated to Fox Sports 2.2

Usually, in such circumstances, the networks will stick with the game in progress until conclusion, relegating the second one to an alternate channel.

So lackluster was the play in this game, the muckety mucks at Fox made a reasonable choice, demoting Craig Bolderjack and the whole crew to second division.

* * * * *

Next week: Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Papa J’s.

Let’s hope the offensive line does the tighten up.

— Seedy K

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  1. tru dat ; it again showed how bare the cupboard was left both on the offensive side and the DB’s no Washington, no Sample big trouble; did Coach Strong always anticipate departure ?

  2. I have to agree Seedy. Gardner isn’t Teddy, Brohm, Redman or even Leflore or Cantwell. So far, I’d say the best comparison is Adam Froman, or the Burke kid who split time with Froman

  3. Phil….don’t insult Burke that way…..right now, Will G has a long way to go to match Burke or Froman……

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