Louisville Card File: Barry

joaniecardWell, that was certainly, uh, hmm, bracing!

If the 2014-15 Louisville Cardinals are indeed the Top 10 team that the consensus projects them to be, then the 2014-15 Louisville Cardinals have lots and lots and lots o’ work to do.

Against a DII Barry squad that was not a good but a great exhibition foe, the Cardinals abundant flaws were exposed like Miley Cyrus twerking in a Saran Wrap® mini-dress.

* * * * *

The numbers, which I go to too often, are only partially revealing more often than not.

But two stats from yesterday’s encounter don’t talk, they swear.

Rebounds: Barry grabbed 53, 29 at its offensive end. Louisville had 41. The visitors, against the tallest Louisville squad in years, had four more offensive boards than the Cards nabbed off the defensive glass.

Free Throw Shooting: Louisville was 10/20. Deee. Plor. A. Bull.

* * * * *

Part of the joy of these faux affairs before the real campaign begins is that the Cardinal faithful get to see the newcomers against an opponent for the first time.

Chinanu Onuaku was on full display. In 18 minutes of action, he grabbed 8 boards and blocked 5 shots, while revealing his understanding of the game and readiness for prime time.

Quentin Snider was tentative in 9 minutes of backcourt action.

Matz Stockman and Anas Mahmoud were zeros across in three and one minutes of play respectively.1.

Shaqquan Aaron and Jaylen Johnson????

Well, we saw more of Allison, the gal PA provocateur Sean Moth introduced as “the newest member of the Kroger Krewe,” than we did of either of those rookies. Neither Aaron nor Johnson took off his warm up.

* * * * *

A disturbing symptom of Bobby Turner Syndrome showed up in Mango and Silent L’s games. Each had to put the ball on the floor underneath a whole bunch of different times before elevating for a shot or a follow.

You can get away with that against Barry. Most of the time anyway. But not against the elite competition that fills this year’s ACC- and expectation-impacted schedule.

Those are takeaways in waiting.

* * * * *

Wayne Blackshear showed off his rediscovered aggressiveness.

Anton Gill was certainly more assertive. Though he needs to learn to keep his eyes up and all over the court when leading a fastbreak with the rock in his hand.

Terry Rozier was seriously steady. Eight rebounds. Seven assists. His default zero turnovers.

His running partner Chris Jones simply pressed too hard, trying to do too much, perhaps feeling some pressure to become the second coming of Russ. He had a quarter of the team’s turnovers himself, and launched several ill-advised shots.

So, bottom line, it was not the most heartening day in the gym. Yes, it’s early. Aaron, Johnson and Agau are way out of shape and behind, for legit reasons. The guys who are going to play the most are a mature lot, so one has to believe they’ll understand what needs to be worked on and it will be corrected.

So the Doomsday Device still sits on the shelf, in a box in a closet that’s locked. As disappointed as I was in yesterday’s performance, I am not going to panic.

Yet, the game was telling. The Rick’s reticence about team depth is now fully understandable.

* * * * *

The crowd picked its favorite McCartney tune to play during one of those you-must-dance-now timeout interludes.

It chose “Get Back.”

“Get back, get back/ Get back to where you once belonged.”

Get back, get back, get back to . . . weak side defense.

Get back, get back, get back to . . . the basics.

* * * * *

Even though Trez didn’t have the lottery pick kind of game we’re hoping he’ll have most every time out this season, he’s still a beast.

So, let me personally take this opportunity yet again to thank the powers that be at Virginia Tech for firing Seth Greenberg.

* * * * *

There was one truly goosebump yesterday.

I’m not a big fan of those player intro videos. They tend to be overblown, though I understand their purpose.

There was a new one before yesterday’s game. It included a shot of Denny Crum and Rick Pitino, sitting side by side in the film room, watching highlights, then turning to each other and fist bumping.

Love it.

* * * * *

Next up: Scotty Davenport’s Bellarmine Knights.

Then the real season begins.

Remember, fans, progress not perfection.

— Seedy K

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  1. Please, Blue Man Crew, recite for me again our stats in 3 games last year against UCONN?

    Why didn’t you write about Coach stoops raise or your Cayuts fine game plan vs. Mizzou…a team that some how lost at home to IU?

    Talk about a glass half empty…I think you dropped the glass this time and shattered it ….

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