Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

foot1In the aftermath more U.G.L.Y. than the gruesome performance Kentucky’s Wildcats put on display against Georgia, beleaguered cornerback J.D. Harmon is not the only one feeling fandom’s fickle wrath.

Harmon’s the villain Coach Mark Stoops chose to throw under the team bus by name, in the wake of UK’s dismal L. Then, just to make sure his point was made, he advised the driver to back up and lay further rubber on the DB.

I feel Harmon’s pain.

As more of you than I would like to believe remember, yours truly picked the Cats to make a season defining statement and prevail in the battle with the Bulldogs. I thought the previous week’s blunder at Mizzou was not a Show Me State moment, but, what horse players call, a throw away performance.

Uh, I got that wrong.

The response from a small but seriously vocal segment of my readership was swift and to the point. Virulent is one way to describe it. Noxious is another. My attorney advises it may even constitute felonious Terroristic Threatening. Legal action is being considered.

I even got shit from one reader, who goes by the moniker Wildcat. What’s up wit dat?

Gimme a break, dudes. It’s not like I emptied a beaker of Ebola bacteria in the water supply at the Crescent Hill reservoir.

Yes, I picked the Cats. I believed a corner had been turned, Instead, they rediscovered their inner Wildcats. The joke(r) was on me.

Mea culpa maxima.

And, It wasn’t the only game I missed. I’ll spare the details of the other two. I remain +7 on the season at 31 right, 24 not right.

I forge ahead.

Mississippi State @ Alabama. Just when we thought we might get a premier college football playoff, devoid of the eternally frowning Nick Saban, the Tide upped and survived Death Valley Saturday night and are back in the photo. Much of it due to the emergence of QB Blake Sims, who has turned Florida State transfer Jake Coker Jr. into the Swen Nater of college pigskin.1 Meanwhile, the undefeated Cowbells were working up but a little sweat against some directional school from the Volunteer State. And now journey to Tuscaloosa without a blemish on their slate, but as a 7 point dog. The Bulldogs have proven themselves worthy. But are they transcendent enough to beat Houndstooth U. on their own turf? I’d like to believe so, but, learning my lesson about wishful thinking last weekend, I must go with the Crimson Tide.

Texas @ Oklahoma State. Just when Longhorn fatcat Red McCombs was ordering a funeral pyre for first year coach Charlie Strong, the defector from Louisville has starting doing what Strong does. Which is to slowly but inexorably turn his football team around. The Burnt Orange has won 2 in a row, 3 of its last 4, including last weekend’s stunner against the Top 25 Mountaineers. After which Strong took to body surfing the members of his squad, who haven’t been suspended or dismissed. Meanwhile, Okie State has not only lost three in a row, but been bashed and battered. Which has McCombs counterpart T. Boone Pickens, both a generous and frugal sort, wondering if the duo can get a twofer at Cowpoke Charlie’s Casket Carnival? While the Longhorns have not morphed into a wonder team just yet, I’ve seen this movie before. Strong knows how to get a team, no matter how mediocre, bowl eligible. With TCU ahead in the finale, this is the weekend to make it happen. Hook ’em Horns.

Memphis State @ Tulane. At this juncture, you are surely asking yourself who gives a damn about this “battle?” And you would be correct in your assessment. Nobody cares. Not the denizens of Graceland, or visitors at 706 Union Ave (Sun Studios), or those partaking in ribs at the Rendezvous. Not the Mardi Gras Indians or revelers along Frenchmen Street in the Crescent City. And certainly not me. However, since U of L’s Cardinals get the week off, after having completed its inaugural campaign in the ACC, it seems appropriate to take a look back at life in that league where the Cards used to toil, one known as the American Athletic Conference. The Tigers have won four of five, and top the league standings. obviously learning something from Ls to UCLA and Ole Miss. The Green Wave are their usual ripple, as school administrators on the St. Charles campus continue to wonder, why the hell they left the SEC? Visitors prevail in front of a throng of 687 fans in the spanking new Yulman Stadium.

Clemson @ Georgia Tech. And, again, since U of L battles Bye this Saturday, I thought I’d take a look at a key tussle in the Cards’ new conference. The Tigers and Ramblin’ Wreck each stand 2d in its (their) division. The Dabo Swinney’s behind Florida State in the Atlantic. The Atlantians behind surging Duke in the Coastal. It’s a Top 25 contest. With their triple option throwback O, Paul Johnson’s Yellow Jackets are always tough to prepare for. Standing 8-2, they’ve been one of the nation’s surprise successes this season. Clemson’s reeled off six in a row after falling to the Seminoles, including hanging on against Louisville. It won’t be 7. Bobby Dodd smiles down from on high. GT faithful head to the Varsity for victory burgers.

Kentucky @ Tennessee. I trust you are with me and wonder how J.D. Harmon’s teammates will react after their brother has been called out by name in front of the media? I wouldn’t surmise very well. It seems like a major coaching gaffe. It is at this late juncture in the season that many teams simply spit out the bit. While the possibility of bowl eligibility still exists in Lexington, the Not So Big Blue haven’t played the last two weeks like they want an extra game. Will that change with two rivalry tussles to end the campaign? The Vols are kind of similarly situated. Bottom of SEC standings. Only league W against South Carolina.2 And it was in its last game. While Kentucky stunk it up last Saturday, Rocky Top was resting. As a former POTUS once pontificated, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” I shall abide by that edification today. Vols.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

  1. So, this is your “wishful” ploy. Since you couldn’t pull your Blew Bellies thru by predicting a win, you pick ém to lose. Smart move. You picking against them is probably the only chance UKan’t has since they gave up the ship as soon as the clock struck midnight on Oct 15, or there about.

    When will you learn that things never change in the Bluegrass? Cheatin’ in hoops—and never giving a crap in foots after the Ruppsters get set to tip it off! Even the obvious recruiting “”advantages” now being employed by the gridders aren’t enough to stave off the apathy of the Wildcat nation once the short pants wearers hit the hardwood.

    Some great football last weekend.

    Proud of MY Cards who could have folded like your Cayuts after leaving 18 points on the board beantown. Instead, and after losing our fragile kneed QB for the umpteenth time this year, they showed firm resolve and played perhaps their best 3 quarters of ball all year against a well coached squad that had already beaten the fabled Trojans of USC earlier. All this while throwing only 4 second half passes—if you don’t count young Reggie’s hurl at the flag as he attempted to play dodge ball in the red zone.

    Contrast Coach Stoops loyalty to his confused and inept Special Teams Co-ordinator with our own Bobby P. Stups throws one JD Harmon directly under the Big Blew Bus in attempt to salvage his buddies job. Now, unless JD merely runs onto the field against all orders and UK is forced to run off another player to avoid a penalty, whose fault is it that he is on the special team’s squad any way?

    As usual, whenever there is a new regime, some seniors get “displaced” by younger, more usable players considering the new coaches style. Earlier, we witnessed Kai D’s tweets claiming confusion over the way he was being used. Now, long time RB and fan fav Dom Brown claims that he is being dissed and not told why.

    Well, Dom, watch some film. Both Mike D and Bad Rad are seriously out performing you. Would you prefer this to be announced on the ACC network or ESPN? You still have your place; the best pass blocker and receiver out of the back field. Work harder in practice and you will play, I guarantee it. We may well need you against the Irish, although by the time we play your cayuts the flag girls may be enough to win.

    At any rate, I much prefer Bobby’s way to handle players than coach Mark’s incredible and uncalled for calling out of a poorly coached athlete who obviously is trying his butt off, but who is lost.

    Funny how LSU had it won and then lost somehow in OT. Les’ magic pills may be wearing off. But I suspect that Miss St will need more than magic pills to prevail in Bama this week.

    As for Utah vs.your Ducks, the biggest play of the season regarding the playoffs may well have been the Utah receiver going all Leon Lett at the end of his run. If I have ever seen a single play in the first half turn a game around, that was it.

    ASU looked like world beaters against the Pope’s legions–until they tried to run the clock out in the second quarter. I sure hope we get the chance to do the same in 2 weeks, and learn from it. I also wonder if #8 will have 20 picks at the end of that game the way things are going. Too bad he didn’t hang on to the last pass last week or he would already have 14. Move over Chuck Bednarick—looks like the Cards should and will have at least one winner of a national award this year, even if GH doesn’t get an invite to NYC for a cup of coffee…..

  2. One must admit. Seedy is more than a little contrite and anyone who is his contemporary knows that is not easy for the old boy. The reason, however, that certain members of his loyal following come after him regarding his weekly picks is quite simple. He arrogantly refuses to pick against the spread. Show me a book that will take my wager straight up and I will bet the farm every week. It is not who wins or loses but whether the spread is covered or is not. Seedy boasts of a winning record but neither Joey the Vig or the lovelies in Vegas will give that record a modicum of notice since the spread is not built into the equation. In other words, it is not who wins or loses but rather if the favorite or dog covered. Big diff.

  3. There are many, myself included, who care about the game and the outcome and could care less about point spreads. That said, feel free to contact Joey the Vig, and ask him about the results of last season’s bowl pool, games which had to be predicted against the spread.

  4. Blimy! I must be dreaming. According to my calculations it appears that Señor Seedy was perfect this week! Experience has apparently taught the lad a lesson. Well done,Swami, well done.

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