Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII


Listen closely. Hear those sounds of silence screaming in the void. That’s my naysayers saying nay in a big way.

Because, well, because the kid is back on his game, just the way the great god Pigskinicus meant for it to be.

Alabama 25, Mississippi 20. Seedy K’s pick: Roll Tide. ✔︎

Texas 28, Okie State 7. Seedy K’s pick: Longhorn Strong, ✔︎

Memphis State 38, Tulane 7. Seedy K’s pick: Elvis. ✔︎

Georgia Tech 28, Clemson 6. Seedy K’s pick: Ramblin’ Wreck. ✔︎

Tennessee 50, Kentucky 16. Seedy K’s pick: Rocky Top. ✔︎

The perfect 5/5 weekend jumps me to 36-24 on the season.

This week’s winners:

Maryland @ Michigan. Well, you can say this for Brady Hoke. He outlasted Will Muschamp. Of course, they’re more determined to do things the right way, the Michigan way, in Ann Arbor. Whereas, Jeremy Foley and Florida, imbued and infused the SEC Way, fish and cut bait with the best of the Bass Masters. Despite all the caterwauling, the Wolverines have won 3 of their last 4, including a W over Northwestern. Which is more than they can say in South Bend. Plus a Hail to the Victors this weekend and, voila, Blue go bowling. With 6 wins of their own, the Terps are already Taxslayer bound. Which means this one’s bigger for the team in the Big House. With a journey down the Olentangy over the horizon, Hoke’s Hordes best git ‘er done this time out. Which they will. Which shall put even more pressure on the Michigan decision makers. Should he stay or should he go?

Southern Cal @ UCLA. The Bruins are back on their feed after that two game early October slide against Utah and the Quack. Four Ws in a row, though it took them 2 OTs to escape Boulder. Southern Cal has won 4 of its last 5, with a W at Arizona, also falling to the Utes. When I was a kid, there was always something enchanting about this game. Which used to be played on rivalry weekend, but now is early for some odd reason. Must be the TV. It would be cold here in the heartland and out in Cali, the coeds would be blonde and in shorts and the teams’ unis would be iconic and the sun would be out, the sky azure and Lindsay Nelson would be poetic . . . Anyway, so, who wins this prime time matchup? The Bruins have won the last two, but USC was 12-1 in the previous 13. Are the Trojans ready to payback the payback. Uh, no. The winners reside in Westwood.

Mississippi @ Arkansas. Whooooooo Pig Sooey finally won a league game last Saturday. Shutting out the Bayou Bengals no less. Which gives them three shots to become eligible to journey to Memphis for an extra post-season game. Beating Top 10 Ole Miss at home might be easier than winning its finale in Columbia. The Johnny Rebs got the week off against Presbyterian after two Ls in a row to Auburn and LSU. Not so long ago, Ole Miss was the nation’s darling. Are the Oxfordites worthy? Maybe. Maybe not. But I just have a hard time seeing Brent Bielema’s Bunch beat two good teams in a row. Give this one to the The Guys from The Grove.

Miami @ Virginia. Al Golden’s Canes have improved moderately but steadily after the season opening L at Papa J’s. They gave Florida State all it could handle. Which is nice. Then again, the Seminoles play Beat the Reaper each and every outing. Except when they played the Cavaliers, UVa is on a serious downtick, having lost four in a row. Their lone quality W was over, ahem, Louisville. A . . . long . . . time . . . ago. This is the time of year when many teams spit out the bit. Methinks the home team has done just that. It’s cold in Ol’ Virginny and the fan base is thinking hoops. Rightfully so. Miami.

Louisville @ Notre Dame. Here’s what I’ve heard quite often from U of L fans in the last few days. “I’d love to go 1-1 in the last two.” So, what’s your preference? A W under the gaze of TD Jesus? Beating the Cats in the new traditional season ending rivalry battle? Interesting conundrum, that. Well, I want both, so I’m taking ’em one at a time. The Irish are looking mighty mediocre and eminently beatable, having succumbed in 3 of their last 4, including last week’s out and out choke job against Northwestern. U of L has yet to play to its full capability. And the Cards need real frosh Reggie Bonnafon to step it up in South Bend. The Cardinals have had extra time to prepare. That the Louisville Cardinals are only a 4 1/2 point dog to Notre Dame in South Bend is a testament to just how far the program has progressed. A W would be a blessing. A W it shall be.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

  1. I can’t stop laughing…..

    Are you actually bragging after going 5-0 against that slate of puppies you put in the microwave last weekend? Really?

    Now if you would have picked against the number then kudo’s to you, but…..

    ….I guess the fact that you slaughtered the women and children led you to at least pick some challenging games this weekend. As for your picks, for once I at least hope you have the last one correct. I fear the hankie tho. ND seldom loses 3 in a row, esp’ly with 2 at home. (Whose reffing this anyway?) Just don’t let any late flags come down as we are 20 yards past the LOS or ridiculous Pass Int calls on clearly well defended balls.

    Our speed on both O and D should prevail but untimely, stinking, tarnished laundry has sunk more than one deserving ship in South Bend. Beware of stripped shirts. beware…….

    1. As a “Catholic girl” who “learned much too late,” but who has excellent grammar, I agree we will take down the Irish. Go CARDS!

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