Hoopaholic’s Gazette: OTs in the AM; KOs in the PM

sportsOh my, I love the aroma of basketball for breakfast.

What more could a hoopaholic ask for?

Wofford instead of waffles. Less calories than a Nancy’s bagel mit schmear, but just as tasty and nutritious.

Fortunately, we didn’t get Walton, Bill until later in the day when fully awake. Bloviation for breakfast = a little too much too early. Ah, but we did get the pithy, dulcet and deadpan commentary of Stan “The Man” Van Gundy to start our day with a smile.

Stevie Mas B.A. with your morning paper is more invigorating than a triple espresso served by the Energizer Bunny®.

So, yeah, the obvious answer to the above posed query is: Nothing more could be asked for.

Except for mo’ betta’ b-ball for brunch, lunch, din din and late night snack.

Thus the season has begun.

The Stephen F. Austin Jackrabbits lost at home for the first time in over 1000 days. To Northern Iowa. In a back and forth, seriously compelling tilt. That went, thank you very much, to oooooooooooovertime.

Then our graduate Stevie’s Jaspers followed instructions, using some of their coach’s recently matriculated educational degree to fashion a stunning out of bounds slam to tie their game with UMass at the buzzer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, OT, how much I love ya.

All of this excitement, while still savoring the glow of Stanford’s upset Monday night at the onset of this marathon over Geno Auriemma’s Huskies, ending UConn’s 47 game winning skein . . . in, that’s right, my fellow hoopaholics, overtime.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there, U of L’s ACC brother Miami upended the Gators in Gatorville.

* * * * *

Somehow I find it disconcerting to watch former Cardinal Angel Nunez, playing for the Zags.

Mighty steady in his minutes of action off the bench, he sure seems to me like a guy who would have contributed at the Yum!, had The Rick not gone Rodrick Rhodes on him.

He and UK ex-pat Kyle Wiltjer contributed 15 between them in Gonzaga’s W over over-hyped SMU.

* * * * *

A guy’s gotta ask: Why were Wichita State and Memphis State playing in South Dakota?

Nonetheless, the Shockers gobsmacked Pastner’s patsies.

* * * * *

Then there were those two fascinating, but less than compelling heavyweight bouts at the top of the Card.

Both ended in knockouts.

The Dookies have three splendid freshman, and bopped Sparty, who, as usual, is still a work in progress in the pre-Thanksgiving warmup period. Jahlil Okafor is as advertised, the next Tim Duncan. Fellow frosh Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow are also the deal.

So, the Blue Devils made a legit case for the highest accolade attainable this season, 2d best team in the land.

Kentucky’s Clowder #1 and Clowder #21 drew, quartered, pummeled and generally discombobulated Rock Chalk Jayhawk. With extreme prejudice.

Kansas hit 11/56 from the field. That’s 19.6%. It’s the most woeful shooting performance in a tilt between two good squads on a big stage, since last night’s victors went 3/33 against Georgetown in the NCAA tourney some years back.

Kansas wuz more than a little intimidated. As will be many of UK’s foes this season.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Hoopaholic’s Gazette: OTs in the AM; KOs in the PM

  1. I trust they were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from so many shot rejections, and figured those FTs would get blocked also.

  2. I bet you were giddy last night. Too bad KU tried to work on its game instead of doing what it took to win–or be competitive—last night.

    CAlexander looked like a JV high schooler compared to the long and lanky Felines of your dreams. It seems that BHurley figured out the key to beating the blew—pack in the zone and make 3’s—but Bill Self(ish) decided early on that the fray was lost and went forward with what he thinks his team needs to do to win in the Big 12 and onward, poor schmuck. Maybe he won’t go out the first weekend this year, but I doubt it with those sharp shooters.

    Why would any team press-up and guard WCS, MLee or DJ 15-18 feet from the basket if they were trying to win? Make the cayuts shoot 3’s or 18 footers and rebound. If Cayuts don’t board they are very pedestrian in the half court. So, lets see what they do against a team that can pack it in, rebound, and hit trey’s before we send the title to the D league team to our east.

    But I guess you’ve already ordered your “40-0 #9” tee shirt, haven’t you Cawood?

  3. As The Professor said on the phone just a few minutes ago, “It’s going to be a long season for Mr. Joyner.”

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