Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIV

foot1It is true that I only got two of five games correct last weekend.

But, frankly, Scarlett, I could give a damn.

Because one of the spot on predictions was U of L over Notre Dame in South Bend.

So, I’ll take those three Ls and UCLA’s W over Southern Cal, smile and move on.

Coming into the most intriguing rivalry week in centuries, I’m 38-27 for the year.

This week’s winners:

Auburn @ Alabama. Of all the “big” games this weekend, this is the easiest one to pick. Because why, you might ask? Because Coach Curmudgeon — that would be Nick Saban — does not lose these kinds of pay back games. Had I a dollar bill for every moment the Bama coach has been plotting his revenge since that 148 yard missed FG runback last season, I wouldn’t need to worry about the stability of the state pension fund or Social Security. The only thing Gus Malzahn has going for him in this game is that he looks marginally more sporty in his Auburn vest than Jim Tressel did in his at Ohio State before he was fired for cheating. Besides the Crimson Tide is a much better team than the Plainsmen. That 14-13 squeaker against the Razorbacks isn’t looking so bad in retrospect, though the L to Ole Miss is appearing a bit blemishier. No matter. There shall be no TP at Toomer this weekend. Roll Tide.

TCU @ Texas. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, Charlie Strong is now doing at Texas what he does. What he did at Louisville. Which is to stay the course. Head down. Keep moving forward. Believing in his process, and getting his players to buy in. After a 2-4 start that had burnt orange fans looking to burn their garb, the Longhorns have won four of their last five. Which obviously isn’t as successful as the Horned Frogs, whose only L was that 58-61 defensive struggle against Baylor. Was that narrow escape in Lawrence last time out foretelling of woes on the purple horizon? Or, shall the Ft. Worthians win out and await some slippage above and slink into the CFP? Against my better judgement, methinks Texas shall show up Longhorn Strong on Turkey Day.

Purdue @ Indiana. Who cares about this football game really? Other than the players, coaches, their families and perhaps Rick Bozich. I’ve got a bunch of friends who are IU graduates, and, I swear, I’ve never heard one of them talk about Hoosier football. As for Purdue pigskin fans, there was one guy I used to know in the courthouse, but he’s passed on now, leaving none. But I mention this game to give some props and PR to IU running back, Tevin Coleman. He’s rushed for 1906 yards on the year, averaging 7.9 yards/ carry. He’s also caught 23 passes. On the same day the short lived single game rushing record was set at Wisconsin, Coleman scurried for 307 against Rutgers and nobody noticed. When that national record was trumped last weekend at Oklahoma, Coleman ran through the Buckeyes for 228 yards and nobody noticed. Just thought you should notice. As for the teams, well, uh . . . IU is ofer the Big Ten and the Boilermakers have but a single league W over the Illini. Old Oaken Bucket stays in Bloomington.

South Carolina @ Clemson. Of the three SEC vs. ACC rivalry battles this weekend, this one — other than U of L vs. UK of course — probably has the most impact on the Rube Goldbergian machinations that must all fall in place for the Cardinals to maybe, possibly, conceivably get an Orange Bowl bid. There’s another reason I’m taking a peak at this one. Based on no inside information whatsoever, not having heard a single rumor nor a scintilla of innuendo to this effect, I believe this could very well be Steve Spurrier’s last regular season game as a college football coach. He’s going to be 70 in the spring, just a couple of months after I flip into that next decade of existence. I know how creaky I feel in the morning. I imagine he does too. He’s never been one of these 24/7, sleep on a couch in his office kind of guys. My hunch is, around his birthday next April, when he would, as in year’s past, be coaching spring practice, he’ll be saying to himself, “Man, am I glad I’m playing here in Augusta, in the Masters Pro Am.” It’s all hypothetical, but remember where you read it first, should it somehow come to pass. As for the game, Dabo’s defeated.

Kentucky @ Louisville. Let me say from the get go that, as much as I love this battle as the season opener, I love it even more on the last weekend of the regular season. And I love that it’s a noon kickoff. No waiting around all day. Get up. Go for a jog. Eat a little breakfast. Have a cup o’ joe. Head to Papa J’s. More of the day to celebrate when victory is secure. Sweet. We’ve considered all the angles, haven’t we? UK’s got an extra week to heal and prepare. U of L’s still riding too high from its W in South Bend. UK’s got more to gain, since it becomes bowl eligible with a W. Bobby P’s never lost to the Cats. Kentucky is due, having lost to the Cards three times in a row. U of L’s team wants to be eating oranges on New Year’s. Only some of which hoo hah matters a whit. The Cards are trending upward, while the Cats have been in free fall. Yet, strange stuff happens in these rivalry games. Sometime. Not this time. Louisville scores more points than Kentucky. Cards win, finish the regular season 9-3.

— Seedy K

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  1. As for last week, your pitiful performance was balanced to some degree by your successful pick of the Fighting Cards over the Begonias.

    As for this week….Ala 4 sure…..UofL 4 sure…TCU almost 4 sure…Purdue over your Hooters and depending on who plays QB…if Watson plays 1/2 the game or more go with Clemson if not…………Oranges anyone???????

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