College Football Playoffs, Here We Come

foot1“Welcome to Bedlam.”

That was Fox announcer Joe Davis’s great call, when Okie State punt returner Tyreek Hill zipped, scampered, slithered and scatbacked 92 yards with :45 on the clock for the tying TD against its perennially underperforming rival Oooooooooooklahoma yesterday.

Davis might as well have been talking about the dialog in the CFP selection committee’s war room, and the firestorm that’s surely to follow this Sunday afternoon, when the final rankings are released, along with the semi-final pairings and those of the other extra special bowl games.

Bedlam. How apt.

Thus, I feel it necessary to grab a long time tool of those of us who review films, and handicap the Oscars.

Who will get in? Who should get in?

* * * * *

As for the former, I’m thinking Ohio State, after its utter decimation of the entire state of Wisconsin, gets the fourth spot. Along with, of course, Florida State, Alabama and Oregon.

I believe the matchups will be: Crimson Tide vs. Buckeyes. Ducks vs. Seminoles.

Were I ranking, I’d have Florida State #1, because . . . well, because undefeated is, like, well, you know . . . undefeated. Oregon #2, because I love me some Quack, Bama #3 and Ohio State #4.

There shall be abundant consternation and considerable caterwauling among the upper echelon of the ten schools in the Land o’ the numerically challenged Big 12.1

* * * * * *

Allow me to reiterate my plan, were I in charge.

An immediate scrapping of the four team format, doubling the number of contendas.2

My first round matchups would be:

#1 Florida State, because undefeated is, oh you know, versus #8 Georgia Tech. The latter Ramblin’ Wreck because, it’s the best nickname in the sport and, well, I’m now an ACC homer.

#2 Oregon versus #7 Mississippi State. Quack. Cowbells.

#3 Alabama versus #6 Baylor. Houndstooth scarfs.. Braying Art Briles’ Bears.

#4 Ohio State versus #5 TCU. Surging Buckeyes, with the country’s second longest win streak. Horned Frogs in purple.

* * * * *

Before we move on to Army vs. Navy and the post-season, I divulge the final tally of Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications.

I was 4-1 over this weekend. Yes, the one I missed, I really really missed. Wisconsin’s Badgers didn’t show up last night. Badgers nil. Buckeyes, way, way, way more than that.

For the season, 45 correct, 30 incorrect. 60%. I’ll take it.

— Seedy K


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  1. Just thinking that an eight team play-off uses 7 bowl games to serve 8 teams. That means that there are three fewer bowls for the 9th place and over teams. I like the 8 team playoff. Another benefit is that three cities may get to create new games. Louisville could have the Papa bowl, leaving available the Mama Bowl and the Baby Bowl for other cities Or we could have the KFC Famous Bowl, played on a surface of mashed potatoes with grated cheese and corn on top. But imagine the Bourbon Bowl and what an amazing party that would turn into. So let’s go for the eight teams, the three new bowls, and spread the cheer.

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