Brutus Bashes Quack, The Vig is Vexed: College Pigskin Wrap Up

foot1Pope Urban Meyer confirmed last night what we have suspected.

He’s the equal of that Saban guy, the one who coaches the Crimson Tide.

So, the scary thing for the rest of the Pigskin Planet is that the two most storied and successful schools in the sport have the two best coaches currently in the sport — two of the best ever — roaming their sidelines.

It’s a bracing thought for the upstarts.

Like Phil Knight University, which has now climbed the mountain twice, but failed to plant the flag.

Whatever do the Ducks do now? Install more marble showers and burled wood lockers?

* * * * *

Ohio State won with its third string QB, a fellow so large, it looked like a Toy Bowl Game, the way he ran over Ducks for first downs.

What a testament to Meyer’s recruiting prowess that he had such a supply of signal callers.

But one must remember, the know how to get guys interested in matriculating to Eugene too. At one time, that fellow Johnny Manziel was committed to the Quack.

* * * * *

The knee jerk reaction, at least along the banks of the Olentangy as well as some other environs, is that the CFP selection committee got it right. Because, well, you know, the #4 seed grabbed the ring.

I’m not buying it.

TCU got screwed. Would the Horned Frogs have run the table too? Haven’t a clue. But they deserved the shot under the current four team setup.

What last night’s Buckeye beatdown proved is that every school with credentials deserves to be in the playoff. Eight might do it. Sixteen would be boffo.

* * * * *

My guess is Ohio State and TCU will be preseason #1 and #2 next campaign.

Should it make it interesting if they can maintain that, making it the last Monday of the season. Alabama as underdog? Harvey Updyke don’t like it.

* * * * *

Make no mistake, Ohio State proved itself better than Oregon. A couple more receivers wouldn’t have made the difference.

But, a different interpretation of NCAA rules might have.

Because The Ohio State University is on the quarter system, and school was not in session during the weeks leading up to last night’s championship encounter, the Buckeyes weren’t limited in their practice time. More drills. More films. More tweaking.

Because Oregon was in session, the Ducks were limited to, what, 20 hours/ week of practice. Mandatory days off. And those nettlesome classes to attend, papers to write, equations to calculate.

Not a level playing field.

Would it have made a difference? I dunno. Perhaps.

What I know is, it wasn’t fair.

* * * * *

Apparently I pissed off Joey the Vig yesterday.

As previously advised, I sat atop his Bowl Pool Standings with enough points that none of the other contendas could catch me, with, I might add with nary a hint of humility,  three games left to be played.

So I reminded the Vig of my address, so he’d know where to mail the Certificate of Merit that goes to the winner.

In response to which, he replied in a manner not conducive to sound sleep.

“Listen, Mr. Lucky from Louisville, Mr. Thinks He’s A Big Deal, you’ll get your parchment when I say you’re ready to get your parchment.

“You’ll get it when I send out the commendations to all the winners. No sooner. You ain’t nothin’ special.

“Ya know, Mr. Seedy Whatsyourface, perhaps I’ll have one of my new associates deliver it in person. I don’t believe you’ve met Fabrizio Tattaglia. Interesting fellow. Buff. Very persuasive.

“Howzat sound?”

Uh, anytime you’re ready, Joey, that’ll be fine.

— Seedy K

3 thoughts on “Brutus Bashes Quack, The Vig is Vexed: College Pigskin Wrap Up

  1. I am really starting to like Joey….

    I think the OSU had at least 2 QB’s (if not all three) before Pope Urban IIII was anointed by the last Vatican Counsel. The real question is how much is the OSU payroll if they can keep all of them happy? I have always thought of Urb as being at least a little dirty—Cal Jr. if you will.

    Q: How many of these Buckeyes will make a First 48 hours show in the future—esp’ly in light of your “Convicts lead to success in College Football” theory? Move over Aaron Hernandez……

    OSU QB was way more than 250 lbs. I would say a good 270-275 at least. He emasculated the Duck LB’s like they were thin air and was at least the equal in size of the alleged 6-7 290 lbs DEs for the Quacks. Speed wins—-except when countered by equal speed—and size.

    Your Ducks were doomed when they decided to play a soft zone and rush only 3-4. Cardelle has a gun and giving him 8-10 seconds to throw in the huge windows available was poor strategy. Only hope was to keep him guessing and to throw in some run blitzes to stop Zeke.

    Hey, why am I not making $5M a year to coach instead of these buffoons?

    Braxton Miller to the Cards? The beleaguered ND QB to the Cayuts? Stay tuned as Bobby P seeks to see if a team with 85 QB’s can win an NCAA title…..

  2. If the Cards have 85 QBs the size of Cardale Jones, he can move them around to any positions he wants.

  3. I think of the NCAA as a slow, lumbering beast with a pea-sized brain. The way this stupid beast handled the practice limitation issue for Oregon was predictably inept. A fair, reasonable solution was simple and should have been made on the fly: since Oregon’s football players were limited in their practice time leading up to the NC game, you place the same limits on their opponent. I don’t think, however, it would have made much [any?] difference in the outcome of last night’s game.

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