Shaqquan Aaron Transferring from U of L

cardsThe official announcement:

Louisville’s Shaqquan Aaron Will Transfer
               LOUISVILLE, Ky. — University of Louisville freshman guard/forward Shaqquan Aaron will leave the Cardinals’ program at the conclusion of the spring semester.
               “We are in total agreement with Shaqquan transferring and we wish him the best,” said UofL Coach Rick Pitino.
               Aaron averaged 1.3 points and 0.7 rebounds in 23 games as a freshman.  He totaled a season-best 11 points and five rebounds at Wake Forest on Jan. 4, but scored 15 points for the remainder of the season.  He had to sit out the Cardinals’ first nine games of the season due to an NCAA eligibility issue.
               The 6-7 wing from Seattle, Wash., led Rainier Beach High School to the 2014 Washington Class 3A state championship.  A two-time first-team AP Class 3A all-state selection and the state player of the year as a senior, he was ranked among the nation’s top 35 high school prospects by most media outlets.

15 thoughts on “Shaqquan Aaron Transferring from U of L

  1. Uh, is that a trick question? Of course, he chased him. The Rick’s in full Rodrick Rhodes/ Chauncey Billups mode on this one.

    “We are in total agreement with Shaqquan transferring and we wish him the best.”

  2. When he played hardly at all in the 1st round in his hometown of Seattle that said it all ! Wonder how many times Rick actually saw him practice or play or did he rely strictly on one of his assistants in Aaron’s recruitment.

    1. Exactly what I have been wondering. It doesn’t seem that Pitino was ever happy with his effort here.

  3. Actually a year off whether as red-shirt or transfer year is in the kid’s best interest to grow into his body and devote special time to training for strength as Wiltjer successfully did during his sit out year, The strength training staff at Gonzaga designed a specific program to improve strength without altering his shooting mechanics.

  4. How do you screw up a top thirty five recruit?
    I think there’s a rebuttable presumption that Pitino is responsible. If he wasn’t a Louisville man why was he recruited? Don’t these coaches vet their recruits? Is the recruiting process so lax, that substantive vetting doesn’t occur? I could tell the kid has talent. Couldn’t practice hard? Well that doesn’t happen over night. There, I’ve said it.

  5. As I read how the Cats are going to fill all the empty slots in the C-J this this morning, I wonder why the Cards are not ever listed as competitors for any of the UK potential signees. Is there a hierarchy like with cars?

    One friend of mine shops BMWs and Audis, and I shop Toyotas and Subarus, My other friend is only into used Volvos. I don’t bother to look at BMWs and Audis, they’re great but they cost too much and nobody buys one, just gets a short term lease. Nothings better than a Subaru during basketball season when the weather is bad, plus the price is right and they can get you through the month of March a winner, just like the players you’d prefer to have . God help the used Volvo owner.

    Rick’s not shopping like my first friend; he’d like a team filled with Subarus, but he keeps thinking that maybe a used Volvo will do for a while. And then there’s those cute Fiat 500’s that you’d like to drive, but are sorry if you bought one. Is QQ an Italian name?

    So why can’t Rick compete for some Beemers? Can anybody tell me?

  6. Good answer. I had forgotten to take that into consideration. Ironic that Adidas is German but the Audi, Beemer, and Benz go Nike. Now enough of my metaphors!

  7. What I don’t get is if Pitino’s system is so complex that it takes half a season or more for new players to understand what is expected of them, what are they doing with short timers and running off current Cards?

    With Aaron it seemed to be a personality clash with Pitino, and he’s probably better off elsewhere. Just hope he doesn’t go to a program where he can burn us in the NCAAs when he thrives there. Does he have to sit out a year if the coach blesses his leaving?

  8. Yes, players who transfer must sit out a year, former coach’s blessing or not. Coaches who transfer don’t have to sit out a year.

  9. Just came from the Derby Festival Classic. Very ipressed with Donovan Mitchell. He can help us next year iand into the future. The fans will love this kid.! Initially I thought he was another Akou, but Adel came on strong in the fourth quarter. McMahon and Spaulding long term projects and doubt ieither are here three years from now.

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