Sunday’s Sports Musings: Lots of U of L & More

reporterHoops that matters is back in the form of NBA playoffs.

It’s a good thing.

It’s also early, since the opening slate of first round games isn’t even complete as I write this, early Sunday evening.

I do have one observation.

I took note to check out Brad Stevens. He who is formerly of the Butler Hinkles, currently with the Boston Celtics, and forever topping the wish list of every college basketball fan, whose favorite team is ready for its next coach, the one that will surely lead them to One Shining Moment.

My observation. Stevens looks awfully comfy in front of the Celtics bench.

He does not appear to be a guy ready to jump back to college, so he can try to rah rah sis boom bah for some fat cats’ alma mammy.

* * * * *

Also in the category of Coaches Every Fan Wants Roaming His School’s Sideline, is, or actually, was, Shaka Smart.

In one of the spate of articles about the new Texas mentor, I read where Louisville is one of the schools  he would have left VCU for.

* * * * *

That the U of L nine has already notched 30 Ws, with but a single digit in the L column is way cool.

Especially since this was the year, given it’s the team’s rookie season in the ACC, that Dan McDonnell and his minions were going to be schooled in one of the nation’s toughest baseball conferences.

That this weekend, the Cards completed another sweep of a league foe — Wake Forest left town with +3 on the right hand side — is boffo. U of L’s conference record so far: Louisville 19, everybody else they’ve played 2.

And, oh yeah, the latest sweep included a couple of bottom of the 9th walk offs, wrapped around a 10-1 Saturday afternoon smackdown.

Yeah, all that’s swell, giving the Cards some national pub, raising hopes for a third straight trip to Omaha — hopefully one that will include some Ws — and a lofty Top 5 ranking.

But, good lord almighty, have you seen how the Cards won the getaway game against the Demon Deacons?

Corey Ray just doing his Jackie Robinson thang.

Check IT out:

Corey, Corey, Corey, you stealthy dog, you.

* * * * *

It’s been a long time since I vowed never to type the name Steve Kragthorpe in this space again.

I was obviously making a pledge I am not able to keep.

The former Louisville Cardinal football coach was, as we might euphemise, not quite ready for the task.

And, here, years after the fact, is yet another recently discovered reason why he was such an abysmal coach.

Garrett Grayson.

He is regarded as one of the top five QBs in the current NFL draft pool.

Grayson is a little older than most of this draft class, having knocked around a bit and been injured, delaying his career. He ended up playing for Jim McElwain at Colorado State, where he was conference offensive player of the year.

But, ended up as a Ram only after wanting to be a Cardinal. Steve Kragthorpe, whose ability to assess talent was no less  deficient than his abilities of organization and on the sideline, didn’t consider Grayson good enough to wear the red & black.1

Five seasons gone, and we’re still discovering reasons why Kragthorpe was a krappy koach.

* * * * *

Brief Tigers update.2

Shane Greene twirled another winner.

Yoenis Cespedes knocked a couple taters, one, a grand slam.

The Tigers took the weekend series from the Pale Hose, and stand 10-2, atop the AL Central. A division which also features the still surging KC Royals.

* * * * *

The rumor has been circulating for several days now that U of L basketball assistant Wyking Jones is headed to Cal, to aid Cuonzo Martin with the Golden Bears.

Nothing official has been announced by either school.

Will The Rick bring in an old hat trusted former assistant — Willard? Sendek? — to help him coach.? Or, some young hot shot, who knows his way through the intricacies of the AAU circuit?

Stay tuned.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sports Musings: Lots of U of L & More

  1. I feel a fool. I, who never leaves a Card game early, left the friendly confines in the 7th inning of game 2 Saturday with the Cards safely ahead, 4-0.

    By the time I walked to the car and turned on the radio, it was already 4-2. But, no problem with our bull pen.

    1 on and 2 outs, bottom of the ninth, simple ground ball to the shortstop as I pull in the driveway. E-6. Next hitter, a pinch hitter batting less than .200. HOME RUN. Cards down, 5-4. I sat in the car dazed and pissed, only to about sh*t myself listening to CRay steal home. Damn. Wish I would have stayed, but that”s baseball.

  2. Speaking of Tigers, while you’re in Louisiana, see what you can learn about how LSU has become a “blue chip” magnet. Cal must be pissed, not to mention Rick.

    Or maybe just enjoy the music.

  3. Brad Stevens waiting for Coach K to retire is the long held rumor. Note: rumor.

    Another “R Word,” is R. Willard. As you astutely pointed out, there is no official confirmation from either University about McWrap star Wyking Jones, leaving Louisville. But he is. And Willard The Elder THE choice. Otherwise, book is on Sendek or David Padgett.

  4. Oh, and speaking of movements, Anton Gill about to become a Hoya, along with Agau. I’m liking this…

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