Tuesday’s Tattle: Pharoah, Rousey Rule; Tiger’s Meow

rondaWelcome to a Deflategate Free Zone.

Besides all that Tom vs. Roger way way way too much ado about zilch has been bumped from the sports pages like a Hanson Brothers hipcheck by the big question of the week.

Who’d win a smackdown between this week’s premier badasses?

In one corner, there’s Dez Bryant, who, in his most recent scuffle, drew a no discernable winner practice field push and shove with wannabe Dallas DB Tyler Patmon. Who happens to be a fellow former Okie State Cowboy.

In the other corner, we are smitten with the baddest dudette — perhaps ever — on the 3d Rock from the Sun, Ms. Ronda Rousey.

Not that I’m a betting man, but my money’s on Ms. R. Dez would have about as much chance with Rousey as Entourage’s Turtle did. She’d prevail in the ring. Probably in a minute or less, or so her past performances would indicate. And she’d win the post bout press conference. And on the runway before the awards show.

Funny how in this summer of Female Sports Dominance,{ref]US Women’s Soccer. Serena Williams. Elena Delle Donne. Among others.[/ref] Ronda Rousey, with her overpowering prowess (and pulchritude), has singlehandedly forced mixed martial arts into the national sports conversation.

If I were Dez, I’d stick to football.

If I were Turtle, I’d stick to Johnny Drama’s castoffs.

* * * * *

Which brings us to the other Flave o’ Flavor of the Month.

American Pharoah, the horse/ athlete, which, thanks to his turf dominance, has actually caused some renewed interest in horse racing outside the Courier-Journal’s area of circulation. It’s almost like the Summer of Seabiscuit.

The folks at Keeneland are jumping for joy. Jennie Rees is smilin’. NBC is happy. Really happy. Giving the otherwise inconsequential Haskell a prime Sunday afternoon network slot, and looking for a serious ratings bump come Halloween.

On which date, it shall be trick or treat for the first Triple Crown champ in decades.

American Pharoah can become the first Triple Crown Winner to also capture the BC Classic.

While attempting to become the first Derby winner to capture the Classic in the same year it wore the garland of roses, since Sunday Silence and Unbridled did it back to back in ’89 and ’90.

There shall be an interesting curiosity in the Bluegrass that day. While the ponies will be competing on the east side of town at Keeneland, Mark Stoops Big Blue Wildcats will take the Commonwealth Stadium gridiron a few miles away. Against former long time end of season rival Tennessee.1

* * * * *

It’s obvious I’m conflicted about one Eldrick Woods.

I hate how the media continues to dote over the former golf tour dominator.

Yet, here I am, falling into the trap, and writing about him . . . yet again. It’s fascinating how we tend to become obsessed when the mighty slide into irrelevance. We (and I include me) have to let go. But it’s oh so hard to.

Anyway . . . because Tiger had three good rounds in a schlepper tourney last week, pundits again are pondering whether he’ll make it back to the top. This is based on a -8 performance on a pitch and putt course, when the winner was something like 48 under for the 72.

“Whistling Straits is his kind of course,” mentioned one TV guy, Bob Ryan, I think. Referencing the site of the upcoming PGA.

Though I rail against schadenfreude at every turn, I’d be pleased as punch were Woods to be two rounds and out at that links course in Cheese Country.

* * * * *

Speaking as we were about Oklahoma State football, — See the first section above — the Cowboys do have something goin’ for them.

Of all the new cockamamie uniforms in college pigskin, Okie State’s Pistol Pete helmets may be the coolest.

* * * * *

And, speaking of college pigskin, practice starts this week.

Bobby Petrino is hosting his pre-practice press conference tomorrow (Wednesday 8/05). Media Day is Saturday.

Which means that kickoff and Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications are just over the horizon.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tattle: Pharoah, Rousey Rule; Tiger’s Meow

  1. You might want to look this up, but I believe that it is ACC/SEC policy that teams that reside in the same state from the respective conferences are mandated to play each other in the regular season finale. Thus, you have Georgia/Geogia Tech, Florida/Florida State, South Carolina/Clemson, as well ans UK/Louisville playing each other the last week. So, in the foreseeable future, UK and Tennessee will no longer finish up their respective seasons against each other. At least not until after the next round of conference mergers/desertions/consolidations occurs. Ot, the TV money starts speaking too loudly.

  2. You are essentially correct, my Nashville friend. The ACC and SEC made a pact to play these rivalries at the end of the year, as a marketing ploy. I knew that, but, you know, any chance to gig the BBN . . .

    One guy’s opinion is that the conference realignment has pretty much stabilized. Unless the Big 12 decides to actually become a Big 12, instead of Big 12 – 2.

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