Football Practice Begins: Louisville Cardinal Coaches “Excited”

CardHelmetForget that it’s hard to savor the taste of tailgate brats in this heat and humidity, U of L’s pigskin Cardinals take the field for their first “fall” practice tomorrow.

Head coach Bobby Petrino did a meet & greet with the press this Wednesday afternoon. He was joined by his coordinators, Todd Grantham from the defensive side, and Garrick McGee his offensive second-in-command.

Petrino: “We’re really excited to get started.”

Grantham: “I’m excited to get going.”

McGee also expressed his delight, but failed to use the code word.

Another opening. Another show.

The TV talking heads are looking for footage to fill air time. Reporters are looking for any angle that will produce 600 words. We bloggers are looking for fodder to lure you back to our web sites.

Since it’s part of the deal, though college football coaches for the most part consider press conference a nuisance, they show up for these dog and pony affairs and use as few words as possible to reveal as little as possible, so they can get take their leave and head to the locker room.

* * * * *

So, did we learn anything?

Louisville’s got five QBs, each with somewhat differing skill sets, each with a greater or lesser chance of becoming the starter in the opener against Auburn in Atlanta.

Asked what it was like to have so many fighting for that starting signal caller spot, McGee deadpanned, “Pretty cool.”

There was no mention — today anyway — of whom the current leader might be.

McGee did indicate though that the team and that quintet will have some sense of the pecking order sooner rather than later, saying “We’re looking to see who focuses best, who focuses longest.

“As soon as one takes off, one takes charge . . .

“. . . if nobody does, we’ll just have to make a decision.”

Petrino indicated he’s excited1 about the competition at the position.

“A year ago we had zero experiences. Now there’s more comfort. Three guys have shown they can win big games.” That would be Reggie Bonnafon, Will Gardner and Kyle Bolin. The other two are Penn State transfer, Tyler Ferguson, and precocious incoming freshman Lamar Jackson.

The competitors will be graded daily on “One, decision making. And, two, execution. Then there’s the leadership factor.”

* * * * *

The head coach also addressed the offensive line situation. After he was asked, of course. though he didn’t provide much new insight.

“We lost experience.” Three Cardinal starters from last season are in NFL camps now.

“I really like our young talent.

“We need to find five guys as soon as possible.”

* * * * *

Highly touted but controversial transfer, Devonte Fields, former Big 12 Defensive POY, arrived in town yesterday.

He “looks good,” according to Grantham. His presence will “increase competition.”

* * * * *

McGee expressed — Yes, here comes that “e” word again — excitement over his receivers, especially the younger ones. He specifically mentioned Emonee Spence, Devante Peete, Traveon Samuel and Jalen Smith.

He shared that Samuel as a HS freshman attended his camp while he was coach at UAB. “I offered him a scholarship right then.”

* * * * *

Of course, I do have a U of L basketball note.

Former Cardinals Samardo Samuels, David Padgett, Earl Clark, Stephen Van Treese and Alhaji Mohammed were suited up at the Yum! practice facility to scrimmage the Puerto Rican national team that Rick Pitino is coaching.

— Seedy K

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  1. I am assuming, counselor, though you are always football uber alles, you are asking about the hoops scrimmage? I believe somebody said that PRMNT pulled away near the end for a close W. Though I could be wrong about that.

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