Hump Day Harkles: Sports Scene with a Gangsta Lean

sportsnewsGearing up for the fall/ winter sports seasons, and comin’ at ya straight outta Clifton.

Opening Tease. Coming soon, like in the next few days, within a week at the latest, the info you’ve been salivating for as college football kickoff approaches: Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications Preseason Preview.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. It’ll be pithy, pitch perfect, pleasant to read. And devoid of any silly alliterative prose, since I just bled it all from my system.

QB Race, Part Uno. Louisville Cardinal coach Bobby P is resolutely coy about whom his starting signal caller will be. But we know one thing for sure.

The Tyler Ferguson Era at U of L, such as it was, is over. So we bid adieu to the Penn State transfer, who is now taking his talents to the third institution of higher learning in his career.

My sense — and that of most other observers — is that Reggie Bonnafon will take the field first against Auburn.

What I also hear is that Petrino is smitten with freshman Lamar Jackson, a raw talent. Don’t be surprised if he’s brought in for some special sets in special situations before the other wannabe QBs, Gardner and Bolin.

* * * * *

QB Race, Part Deux. Patrick Towles, come on down.

Drew Barker’s gotten all the pub in the Bluegrass, a lot of it not so good.1

But PT’s gonna get the PT, when the “This. Is. The. Year. Really.” UK Wildcats take to the turf in renovated Commonwealth Stadium.

Yo, BBN, beware the Ragin’ Cajuns.

* * * * *

Puerto Rico Post Mortem. I don’t really have a lot to add to the extensive — and exemplary — coverage by other local media outlets. They had scribes on the scene covering the U of L Cards summer holiday.2

What I have to offer is . . .

. . . I’m glad it’s over.

Apparently the team, despite its setbacks in the Tropics, has maintained the best attitude since Attila’s Huns crossed the Danube but couldn’t take Constantinople a/k/a Istanbul.

And, that’s what I was really worried about. Staggering confidence. Simmering resentment over playing time. Etc, etc.

Reports are that all remains well.

Love the improved FT shooting.

Questions remain as to whether transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis will adapt to The Rick’s system, so they might lead as Pitino apparently believes they need to?

Questions remain as to whether there will be enough of an inside offensive presence — unlike last season — so the court will open up naturally?

But, as several vexed readers have advised, it’s football season, so let’s place the hoops considerations on the shelf until appropriate.

* * * * *

Serena Williams.

* * * * *

Links. I’m not really sure exactly what they’re talking about when I read of a golf playoff???

But, it must be some sort of big deal, because He Who Was Once Tiger is playing in a lesser tournament this weekend, for the sole purpose of attempting to score low enough to get in.

Apparently Woods needs to win or finish alone in 2d place, to make that cut.

Sorry, dude, it ain’t gonna happen.

The Eldrick & Phil Era is kaput.

I’m not the first to have noticed that the top threesome in the world — Day, Spieth, McElroy — consists of a trio of twentysomethings. Then there are the Johnsons, Zach and Justin. Along with a spate of others who drive it long and straight, get up and down and into the cup, despite their tender years.

Jim Furyk, say buh bye.

* * * * *

Tom Brady.

* * * * *

Draft Daffiness. I see where Philly 76er Joel Embiid, the next big thing in the pivot in the land of cheesesteaks, had a second surgery on his right foot, a bone graft it’s reported, and shall miss another season.

You’d think these NBA teams would learn. The above news comes on the heels of a report that onetime Trailblazer, the ever injured Greg Oden,3 has taken his talents, and blown wheels, off to China. Where, when he fails on the hardwood, he can get a job managing a chemical facility where there are positions immediately available.

— Seedy K


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  1. Speaking on behalf of all other vexed readers, I am glad the PR tour is over so ALL of us can concentrate on what is really important in August.

    I also must begrudgingly say that the beleaguered CJ has done a better than ever job in covering the habs….as well as the evil “empire” down the road, who are all bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. Why, no less of an expert than the present Big Blue Beat Writer and Stoops jock sniffer announced just such a thing in this mornings diatribe.

    Will they ever learn?

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