Petrino’s Pre-Auburn Presser

cardfootballIt is now a running joke among the media types that cover U of L sports.

Cardinal coach Bobby Petrino has not named the starting QB, and it appears likely that his identity might not be revealed until the Cards O runs onto the turf for the first time Saturday afternoon.

Caveat emptor, Verne Lundquist.

We of the press have taken to blaming Eric Crawford that it’s his fault we’re all in the dark as to the answer of Louisville’s burning preseason question.
Today Petrino revealed he “has a pretty good idea” who that starting signal caller is going to be. Yet he is as coy about who he’s going to the dance with as an cheerleading captain to her prom.

When he didn’t know, he was severely evasive. Then, apparently Crawford wondered in one of his bits of reportage why Petrino would want to reveal the ID of his QB, when the candidates have such contrasting character traits? Why give Gus Malzahn a clue?

Petrino has taken to pointing the finger at Eric himself with a sly grin on his face. And did so again today in his game week meet and greet with the media.

During his turn at the mic, RB L.J. Scott confirmed that the players don’t know as of now, though they have some idea.

Petrino did advise that a two deep roster will be released Tuesday. With a blank space in the QB line. As well as along the O line, where 11 players are still vying for five spots.

* * * * * *

Other than that non-news, little else was revealed.

The team is healthy, save for Alphonso Carter and his ongoing hamstring issue.

The Cardinals’ D strategy against Auburn will be to stop the run, pressure the War Eagles young signal caller.

With the ball, Petrino wants to “limit stupid penalties, to keep moving forward.”

Asked how to win third downs against the SEC power, Petrino emphasized, “The way to win 3d down is to win 1st down.”

And that, such as it is, is about all of any conceivable substance, that was revealed today.

— Seedy K