Hump Day Harkles: Hoops, Pigskin, Tennis, Etc.

cardsU of L released its men’s basketball schedule today.

As expected, the non-conference home slate is overrun with schleppers. Samford, Hartford, North Florida . . . oh, it’s too painful to give you the full list.

Western Ky’s Hilltoppers come to town on December 19. In a runaway, it’s the zestiest of the Yum! tilts.

Here’s how The Rick prevaricated, “We realize that with almost a new team that we have our work cut out for us, but that’s the excitement of this type of schedule.”


On the other hand, if you’re willing to travel before league play starts, and can score tickets, the Cards play St. Louis in Brooklyn, and journey to Michigan State, and battle UK in Lexington, the day after Christmas.

Of course, it all changes come ACC time. Duke, Carolina and Virginia all come calling. Along with Wake, Pitt, Florida State, BC, Syracuse and Georgia Tech. The Cards return the favor in Durham and Charlottesville, along with the Ramblin’ Wreck. There’s also a journey to South Bend.

I remember the days . . . oh don’t get me started. You’ve heard it all before anyway.

* * * * *

I’ve posted my first week’s college pigskin predictions already. You can read ’em here.

Other games of interest besides those I’ll be watching include: Carolina, North visits Carolina, South @ 6:00 Thursday in the first action of the season. TCU plays at Big Ten darkhorse Minnesota, Thursday at 9:00. Chris Petersen’s UDub Huskies visit his old school Boise State at 10:15 Friday.

Stanford vs. feisty Northwestern in an academic matchup, noon Saturday.

Arizona State and Texas A&M have both been listed in one pundit or another’s projected Final Four. They battle in Houston at 7:00 Saturday in what figures to be the donnybrook of the day. Wisconsin and Bama go at it in JerryWorld, Saturday evening. Vernon Adams will direct things for the Quack against his alma mater Eastern Washington, also Saturday night.

And, the weekend’s capper comes Monday, when prohibitive national title pick
Ohio State visits Virginia Tech. Hokey Pokey.

* * * * *

I watched most of the Andy Murray vs Nick Kyrgios match last night in the U.S. Open.1

Kyrgios is an Aussie with a lot of talent, a funky two-tone Mohawk, but nary a scintilla of maturity. Antics. Stupid shots between his legs. Racket throwing. Giving games away on purpose.

But the youngster’s got a wicked hot forehand. I mean, it sizzles.

If he ever grows up, he could be at least one of the next big things.

Then again, announcers Chris Fowler and John McEnroe spent the better part of the whole second set, discussing Kyrgios’ comments that he really didn’t like playing tennis very much.

 * * * * *

RIP Chocolate Thunder.2

Darryl Dawkins was as funkadelic as ballers come. The George Clinton of Hoops.

 * * * * *

Yet again, U of L, along with Adidas, made a big deal announcement of yet another set black unis the Cards will wear in the Thursday night affair against Clemson in a couple of weeks.

Are we supposed to get really excited about this?

Coming soon, I can just feel it: The school’s going to announce what color apparel we’re to wear that night at Papa J’s. Lemme see if I can guess?

The color worn by Hopalong Cassidy and Lash Larue and Lou Reed and Black Bart?

 * * * * *

One final question, and a burning one among the pigskin punditocracy as the season approaches.

How many TDs will be scored this season by Baylor’s TE, 6’17”, 472 lb LaQuan McGowan?

Seedy K’s over/ under is 3.

— Seedy K


9 thoughts on “Hump Day Harkles: Hoops, Pigskin, Tennis, Etc.

  1. 6 foot and 17 inches? Man, that is tall—what? about 7’5″? At that size and weight, I suspect he will score every time Baylor is in the Red Zone. So, I say maybe 40 TD’s…

  2. All black uniforms? Not a great idea. The Schnell never allowed them because he believed and rightly so that it is harder for a QB to see a black shirt on a receiver than it is to see a red or white one. To beat Clemson the Cardinals will need every advantage possible. They just gave up one, albeit for some large financial incentive I am certain. The King of the Dean’s milk race does nothing without selling it.

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