Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

endimagesAs is their wont, Georgia’s Bulldogs were washed away by the Crimson Tide between the hedges.

I shoulda known better. The Nickmeister doesn’t oft drop two in a row. While Richt, a good coach, doesn’t seem capable of taking his team to the next level. So much for my hunch.

Sooooooooo, yeah, I missed that one last week. Buuuuuuuuuuut, Baylor, Clemson, the Cats and Cards all came through, for my second 4-1 week in a row. I now stand 16-9 for the season. Righteous.

Guess the decimation of Herricane Katina though hoops related affected both U of L, and it’s arch rival Kentucky,  whose BBN is swimming in schadenfreude. The Cardinals have the week off before heading to Tallahassee Saturday after this one. The Wildcats are resting after their survival test against Eastern Ky, before hosting beatable Auburn in Week VII.

Which means I have the opportunity to spread my wings, and observe a larger landscape of Planet Pigskin.

This week’s five winners:

Indiana @ Penn State. In honor of the Hoosiers’ surprising, 4-1 start, and way more than impressive nailbiter L to The Ohio State University, I shall discontinue the it’s time for Crimson & Crean jokes. At least for the while. The Hoosiers venture to State College this weekend, to take on the far less fearsome than they used to be Nittany Lions. Who also are 4-1 on the season, though the L was a headscratcher to upstart Temple. Each team’s wins have come against similarly less than challenging foes. IU however survived the Hilltoppers and Wake Forest, which masquerades as a Power 5 school. Meanwhile brash James Franklin’s charges were nip and tuck to beat West Point, and Army hasn’t been relevant since Mr. Inside & Mr. Outside, or maybe The Lonesome End. Should you not get those references, my point is made. As of this writing (Wednesday morning), there is no line on the game. Tell me, Mr. Wizard, what’s that mean? Well, Seedy, it means you’re driving blind here. I don’t believe IU is quite back to the Punt, John, Punt Era, but I believe they can fell Penn State. Hoosiers.

Georgia @ Tennessee. Do I go back for more? Do I put my faith in UGA, even though that pug let me down big time last weekend? Can Nick Chubb and his mates put aside the disappointment of getting smothered at home by Roll Tide, and get back to the groove that’s already garnered two SEC Ws, albeit Vandy and the Gamecocks? Lots of questions, and I’m not sure I’ve got the answers. I believe Rocky Top to be a team on the verge. Then again, they’ve twice blown two TD 4th Q leads. Sooner or later, Butch Jones Orange are going to make the turn. The $64 question is whether this week’s the week? An L last week in Knoxville to Bigmouth Bret Bielema’s Razorbacks doesn’t bode well. This one’s a coin flip. Unfortunately I’ve no change in my pocket, so my predictionary acumen, or lack thereof, is what I’ll have to rely on. Eenie meenie minee mo, my mother told me to choose this very one. Georgia.

Oklahoma State @ West Virginia. Well, my oh my, looky there. Okie State is right up there atop the Big 12 standings with the usual suspects, TCU, Baylor and Boomer Sooner. It’s better to be lucky than good FG escape in Austin isn’t quite as glossy a resumé filler, as the W over always a tough out K State. But to use an almost hockey term — The NHL season starts this evening — the Cowboys have been skating on thin ice. But are undefeated nonetheless. The Mountaineers, frankly, haven’t been very impressive. The only real team they played beat them by 20. In Morgantown. The Mountaineers have conquered the Cowboys twice in a row, winning by 24 last year in Stillwater. Speaking of skating on thin ice, WVa mentor Dana Holgorsen seat is warming up. After going 10-3 his rookie year, he’s gone 7-6, 4-8 and 7-6. That don’t play so well up the hollers, where there’s not much to do, but sit around and talk about State U’s football team. But this week’s win over the orange interlopers will soften the talk talk.

Northwestern @ Michigan. Everyone who truly thought before the season this one would make a difference in the B1G standings, raise your hand. Liars, liars, pants on fire. The Wolverines have fallen only to Utah, America’s surprise success. Northwestern’s record is unblemished, and includes that W over Stanford, one of the favorites out west. So when the October sun starts setting in that autumnal Midwestern sky Saturday, who’ll be the contender, who the pretender? #13 Wildcats or @18 Wolverines? Yes, both these upstarts are in the Top 20. If Harbaugh wins this one, the Blue faithful will genuflect before their Altar of Bo, then tear up his contract and double his salary for life. If the visitors prevail, they’ll head back to Evanston, with big smiles on their faces, while picking khaki from between their teeth and under their nails. I’m going with feisty and Fitz. Have your toothpicks handy.

California @ Utah. The Not So Golden Bears haven’t played in a bowl game since ’11, and finished last season, Sonny Dykes 2d, at 5-7. Which was not satisfactory, but a significant improvement over his rookie 1-11 campaign. Two league Ws, and three others in hand, some of those geeky undergrads in Berserkeley are actually thinking about pigskin. Well, they can stay in the library this weekend, the game is in Salt Lake City. Against THE surprise team so far this year. With Ws over Michigan, rival Utah State and that evisceration of the Quack in Eugene, #5 Utah is Flav o Flav of the Month. Some say #1 so far. Heady damn stuff. The party continues this weekend in the Bee State. #23 goes down.

— Seedy K

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