Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

endimagesGiven what happened last weekend, when the bottom dropped out of my predictionary prowess yet again, the Legal Department here at has advised that I provide this warning at the beginning of another round of pigskin picks.

These predictions are for entertainment purposes only. Caveat emptor.

I deny any liability, potential or otherwise, for any misfortune any reader might suffer due to believing the information contained below, or in subsequent weeks, and relying in any manner thereupon.

The reasons for said disclaimer? You need to ask?

Tennessee, which has blown as many big leads this season as every other FBS school combined, came back from what, 17 down, to best Georgia and finally garner what might be considered a turn around W. Okie State, which was escaping in the final moments more oft than not, slipped out of Morgantown with another nailbiter over the Mountaineers. Indiana fans are now ready to focus all attention on hoops, the Hoosiers’ bubble having burst in State College, Pa, 7-29. And, Jimmy Wolverine’s Michigan Harbaughs didn’t surrender a point for the third week in a row, with a 38 nil W over former upstart Northwestern.

Geesh, talk about your correctus interruptus.

Thanks to the pigskin deities for Utah’s less than stellar W. It was my lone correct selection of the day. Though it was handed six Cal Golden Bear turnovers, the Utes only won by 6, 30-24. But a win is a win, etc, etc, leaving me 1-4 for the weekend, 17-13 on the season.

My apologies for any inconvenience and/ or heartache and/ or pecuniary drainage those awful predictions may have caused.

This week I atone. Here are five winners . . . fer sure.

UCLA @ Stanford. What a difference a few weeks make. Just a bit ago, the Bruins, led by rookie Hebrew Hurler Josh Rosen, were firmly entrenched in the Final Four conversation. Myles Jack was leading the race as Best All Around Pigskinner in the land, and all was well in Westwood. Then Jack got hurt. Then Jack said “Sayonara, I’m going pro when I get heal, anybody want to buy some never opened textbooks?” Meanwhile The Cardinal stumbled in their opener, playing like they were still asleep, which they probably were with a 9:00 AM PDT kickoff in Evanston. But, since the Tree have/ has reeled off four straight, three in the league, including Ws at Southern Cal and Oregon State. Which is why the school with the funkiest band in the land is a slight favorite at home in Silicon Valley. I hate to jump off the Bruin bandwagon, but Stanford appears the team more on the make.

Alabama @ Texas A&M. There are more than a few tight sphincters around College Station these days. Seems as if coach Kevin Sumlin’s name is being prominently mentioned, yet again, to fill the suddenly open position in Troy. My guess is he doesn’t have much on his mind this week, other than staying unblemished after the Tide rolls away Saturday evening. The Aggies stand 5-0, but haven’t breached the boundaries of the Lone Star State. Plus they’ve had an extra week to prepare for the Sabans. The Nickster likes to get revenge, and he’s got a long memory. Bama’s won two straight in this series since that Manziel coming out party in Tuscaloosa a few years back, including a 59 zed shellacking last season, which had them dancing in the aisles at Dreamland BBQ. The Tide rarely go undefeated, but haven’t lost more than two per campaign in six seasons. They’ve slipped once already, at home no less. The Houndstooth Clan might lose another this season, but it won’t be Saturday.

Michigan State @ Michigan. My guess is Sparty is thinking a bit differently about this one than it was before the season. A trendy preseason pick for the Final Four, Dantonio’s gang figured it would take Jim Harbaugh at least a year to right the ship in Ann Arbor. Thus expected a third straight victory over the Wolverines before the intrastate series got competitive again. Buuuuuut, all of a sudden Go Blue is the surprise team in the land. Three straight shutouts over major competition is an eye opener. The not so spectacular Spartans have taken care of biz so far, but have been doing their best ’14 Florida State imitation. Can Green ratchet up its quality of play in the Big House? My guess is State will play better. Better enough to hang an L on the Harbaughs? Well, methinks Sparty will score, but not as many as Michigan.

Auburn @ Kentucky. Though the few friends I have in the BBN claim it not to be so, I distinctly recall as they guffawed in seasons past when schools in leagues lesser than the vaunted SEC “had to play during the week to grab attention.” But here are there beloved Wildcats — a team truly on the uptick — featured on the The World Wide Leader Thursday night prime time. Actually I’m bummed a bit about it, because I’ve got tickets to see the incredible Parsons Dance Troupe at the Brown. So I’ll miss seeing this intriguing matchup in real time. Auburn’s been a disappointment. The War Eagles’ next great QB is now 2d team. Other stars have been dismissed from the squad. And they’ve lost their first two league games. Make it three.

Louisville @ Florida State.  During his first stint on the Belknap Campus, there were moments when it seemed obvious to many inhabitants of the Pigskin Planet — including the president and AD at Auburn, and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons — that Bobby P was The Next Great Football Coach. A few missteps later, he’s back in the ‘Ville, looking to kickstart that rep. This season’s ofer 3 start slowed the mo on that just a might. But some of the old signs returned in the recent W over NC State. Now if he can just find some O linemen who can protect young Lamar and open some holes for Reggie and Brandon. The Seminoles are in a familiar place. Undefeated. Unimpressive. Dalvin Cook is the bomb. QB Everett Golson bombed out when he last faced the Cards in a Notre Dame jersey. Louisville, a TD underdog, continues its surge. The flight home from Tallahassee will be a fun one.

— Seedy K

6 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

  1. Hope you will amend last weeks score card to show 1-5; you were a definite loser by insinuating that the Rick should hang em up, OBC style….

    As for this week….I’ll take the hapless AU Tigers over your lucky-ass cayuts by double digits; and as much as I would hope you are correct about the happy flight home, will the ACC refs really permit the Cards to escape Free Shoes U with a win—a win which may cause the League a chance to have a seat at the Final Four? I fear some unwarranted hankies may turn the fray, although the game is perfectly set up for our youngin’s coming off a bye week….

    I haven’t seen young Josh Koufax pitch any pigskins yet, but I too will agree with the Trees prevailing….

    The other 2 games could go either way—thus, take the home teams….

    There you have it, from a voice of reason this time……

  2. Counselor, you need to get your glasses cleaned, and ears dewaxed. At no time, neither in my blogs, nor during our lunch conversation, did I ever indicate or even intimate that The Rick should resign, or that I thought felt it would be a good idea. Hang on to your delusions that I’m a UK fan more than U of L, though I don’t wish the Wildcat pigskinners ill, but do not misrepresent my feelings about the Herricane Katina imbroglio.

  3. Alas, redemption does not find its way to Seedy, the would be Swami”s, door. After a week so disastrous that he had one of Louisville’s finer law firms draft a release of liability clause so strong that Clarence Darrow would have trouble piercing the shield, he goes out and improves his picks by exactly one game. Flirting with .500 when not using the spread is not going to get you on Grantland or ESPN Insider but it does give wonderful fodder to many of Seedy’s longtime readers and fans.

  4. Yeah, well, I’d a busted the .500 mark if the Wolverines don’t cough one up in a lowlight for the ages. You think I’m down, check out the local chapter of the University of Michigan alumni association.

    1. I am sure that you are correct about Wolverine Nation but Joey the Vig is happier today than a frat boy locked inside of the Tri-Delt house after midnight.

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