The Herricane Katina Scandal: Eric Crawford Digs Deep

cardsAs I said before, in my only public comments about the scandal that currently enshrouds my beloved U of L basketball program, I shall do no investigating on my own.

Too sad about the whole deal, I haven’t the desire.

I haven’t the wherewithal.

I have trusted that there others in the community — real journalists — who would take up the task.

And, so it has been done.’s Eric Crawford is the doyen of local sportswriters.

And, as one would expect, he is attempting to get the real story.

So, as a public service, and to acknowledge Eric’s exemplary explorations, you can read his exhaustive examination of the evidence here.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “The Herricane Katina Scandal: Eric Crawford Digs Deep

  1. Key players are not talking for fear of civil prosecution. Could that mean the NCAA will not be able to get enough solid info to make a case against us and have to drop it ?

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