Hoopaholics Gazette: Talking Meltdowns on Monday

b-ballSeedy K, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Well, uh, yes, I suppose I do.

So, I’m Seedy K, and I’m a hoopaholic.

 * * * * *

Just the other week, I recanted some dismissals from last year, in which I’d railed against Andy Enfield, who’d leapfrogged from a no-name school in Florida to Southern Cal, based on two games in the Dance. And I chronicled how he was something like 5-31 in his first two PAC12 campaigns. But acknowledged recently how he had turned it around this season, and, as of that writing, had his team perched atop the league standings.

So, I sheepishly mentioned my knee jerk reaction to his early setbacks, and heraleded the uptick.

So, now I want to recant my recantation, even though the Trojans are still seemingly in the hunt at 15-5 (4-3).  Enfield’s team went ofer Oregon over the weekend, regurgitating a 16 point second half advantage in the L to the Beavers. Which was a repeat meltdown. Just weeks ago, the coughed up a 22 point 2d half lead, losing to UDub.

 * * * * *

Aaaaannnnnnd . . . it was about the same time I was lovin’ on the Trojans that I lauded Bobby Huggs’ West Virginia as the Team Nobody Wants To Play In The Dance. And that may well be so . . . eventually. But a home L last week to Texas seems to have moistened the gunpowder in the Mountaineer’s musket. Though they did hold on against Texas Tech on the road.

 * * * * *

Then there’s formerly surprising South Carolina. Frank Martin’s squad had fattened up its resumé against a schedule even more full of pastries than U of L’s in December. Now they’ve lost a couple in the SEC, and still have UK, Texas A&M, LSU and Florida to play.

 * * * * *

Speaking of the SEC, let’s mention the Crimson Tide, who had what looked like a full house the other afternoon, when the Bayou Bengals came a callin’. Then I realized attendance was aided by the pre-game celebration of the national championship in that other sport, and had zero to do with a surging interest in hoops.

Avery Johnson hasn’t really turned things around yet in Tuscaloosa. Bama stands 1-5 in the league. When AJ called a timeout, he tapped his shoulders, NBA style, wanting just a 30 second one. Coach, this is college.

It was heartening to watch two African American coaches on the benches for the state universities of Alabama and Louisiana, and realize it wasn’t that big a deal. For all the racial weltschertz that still exists in America, there has been some progress.

It’s always sweet to hear this phrase: “String Music. Tuscaloosa, Alabama.”

Joe Dean Jr. is indeed his father’s son.

 * * * * *

Just Say No!

I’m talking about some of the ridiculous unis, the apparel companies force their contracted schools to wear.

Like those truly reprehensible lime green uglies that Sparty donned for its W over Maryland. And the student body, like lemmings to the sea, bought in.

Was it a LimeOut? Or LimeAid?

Notre Dame was forced to wear the same color in ’12, the season U of L sneaked into the Final Four, wearing orange.


 * * * * *

Oklahoma keeps impressing.

But, one guy’s opinion: The Sooners rely too much on triples. (As does Villanova, which got smacked by Providence yesterday at home.)

I like Hield & Company. They’re fun to watch. And are really good. And Lon Kruger can coach. But can they maintain that bombing accuracy for six games in a row come March?

We’ find out.

 * * * * *

There are so so many games being televised these days — Can I get a hallelujah? — that there are any number of “expert” announcers doing color, who are just plain awful.

Like Dicky Simkins, who joined the truly competent Steve Physioc, for the call of the Seton Hall/ Xavier game.

 * * * * *

Richard Pitino’s Not So Golden Gophers are 6-14, and sitting in the Big10 basement at 0-8.

 * * * * *

Meanwhile, the surging less-is-more-since-Blackman-went-down Indiana Hoosiers are perched at the top of those standings at 7-0.

Other schools without a blemish so far in their leagues are Stony Brook (6-0, American East), VCU (7-0, Atlantic 10), North Carolina (7-0, ACC), North Florida (6-0, Atlantic 10), Hawaii and UC Irvine (Both 5-0, Big West), UAB (7-0, C-USA), Yale, Columbia and Princeton (2-0, 2-0, 1-0, Ivy League), Hampton (7-0, MEAC), Wichita State (8-0, MoValley), San Diego State (7-0, Mountain West), Texas A&M (7-0, SEC) — Isn’t that supposed to be UK? — Houston Baptist (7-0, Southland), Texas Southern (6-0, SWAC), and Grand Canyon (5-0, WAC).

So, yeah, two teams U of L pummeled in December are undefeated in conference play. The schedule still sucked.

 * * * * *

Mark Wise and Ted Emrich called SMU’s first L of the season to Temple.

They couldn’t stop with the hyperbole.

“This story doesn’t go away with the loss.” Hogwash.

“SMU’s season will still be something special.”

The probation-serving, post-season-ineligible Mustangs are now irrelevant.

Meanwhile, Larry Brown showed less than zero class at the end of the game, continually calling timeouts and having his players foul for FTs, when it was impossible in the final seconds for the Mustangs to catch up.

But props to Owl Devin Coleman, who was en fuego. As in 7/7 from beyond the arc.

 * * * * *

Here’s a phrase/”expert commentary” I’ve heard enough of in end of game situations.

“XXXXXX doesn’t need a three, score a quick two and _________.”

Yes, yes, we know.

Enough of that.

And, enough of this basketball blather for now.

Mo’ later.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Hoopaholics Gazette: Talking Meltdowns on Monday

  1. I “watched” the Georgia Tech game on the radio, driving between Louisville and Evansville late Saturday afternoon. We finally lost the 790 signal about an hour outside of the city, but picked up the broadcast on a FM Owensboro station. It was delightful to hear the game and to imagine the action on the court as the sun was setting on a brilliant winter evening. I rarely listen to TV calls of Cardinal games anymore when I’m at home. It’s just noise. I turn down the television and simply watch them play.
    I loved the “quality” of Louisville’s win against Georgia Tech. Down by 7 at half, this one had “loss” written all over it. I’ve seen enough U of L b-ball over the years to know that this kind of road win in Atlanta bodes well for the Cards in Blacksburg this week.
    The consistent, elevated play of Onuaku and the slow (yet undeniable) emergence of the elegant Mahmoud have been a joy to watch.
    Next week’s UNC game should be a classic!

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