Hoopaholic’s Gazette: The Best Two are Left

bballHopefully we are in for a treat tonight, what with the indisputably best two teams in the land vying for its One Shining Moment, whoever might be warbling that iconic tuneage when the confetti’s flying.

We should finally be able to make some sense of this cockamamie season — Remember when we were worried about the legacy of SMU, should the Mustangs have finished undefeated? And this weird tourney. You know Northern Iowa’s choke job against the Texas Aggies was as bad as it could get . . . we were so very sure . . . until Oklahoma laid down in the semis.

Through all the ups and downs since November, while filtering through wannabe flavors of the week, Villanova and North Carolina have been the most consistent. It’s far from every year that the top two are left standing to compete on the final Monday.

Didn’t happen last season, even though a couple of #1 seeds tangled for the title. Nor, certainly the year before, when a #7 beat an #8 for the crown. Perhaps the last such tussle, the two best tilting toward title town, was UK over Kansas.

No matter.

So it shall be this final Monday of the 2016 season.

North Carolina, pre-season #1, winners of the ACC, the ACC tourney, ranked 2d in esteemed Ken Pomeroy’s algorhythms with the country’s most efficient offense.

Villanova, winners of the Big East, perpetrators of a 44 point semi smackdown of a legit Oklahoma team that was the biggest one season turnaround (67) in the history of seasons, Pomeroy’s numero uno with the nation’s second most efficient O and 6th best defense.

With interesting storylines.

I mean, should Carolina prevail, how brittle will Mark Emmert’s smile be, knowing that the NCAA is about to lower the boom on the Tar Heels for year’s of academic fraud, the worst in history?

Nice guy and ultrabespoke Jay Wright nabbing his first title, on the back of Ryan Arcidiacano, the kid from Philly, raised on cheesesteaks, with the Philly name.

The Tar Heels are -2  1/2. They’re bigger in the middle, deeper everywhere and have a coach, Roy Williams dadgummit, who knows how to manipulate those Xs and Os.

‘Nova’s gritty, and the Wildcats have trampled their way through their five tournament foes by margins never seen before.

It should be a good one.

Then again, it’s been the wackiest season in memory.

You never know.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Hoopaholic’s Gazette: The Best Two are Left

  1. gotta see if ‘Nova makes ball security as challenging to the “Heels” as they’ve been able to do through this tournament. From the millesecond an opponenet touches the ball it seems one of these wildcats is there assuming the ball should be in their possession.
    ‘Nova plays hungry, UNC plays confident… Hunger doesn’t go away, confidence can

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