Standing Os & Curtain Calls for Dubs, Steph & Kobe

b-ballWell now, that certainly wasn’t your normal run of the mill, let’s get this last game and 82 game grind over, so we can get a couple of days rest before the playoffs kind of NBA regular season finale.

For the Lakers, who actually won, in You Know Who’s last game. And for Kobe, who reached deep and gave a top of his considerable game performance in his last.

For the Warriors, who set a regular season standard for Ws — 73 — that will likely go unchallenged for a good bit.

For the best player in b-ball, Steph Curry, who set a mark, that transcends the previous by an unfathomable amount.

I found it interesting that at, the headline featured Kobe, in his last but otherwise meaningless game. Though it shouldn’t be surprising given the au courant tendency to herald individual performances instead of ensemble ones, even in a team game like hoops.

Bryant did go for 60, including 23 in the 4th, all the while leading LA to a rare come from behind victory, and cementing a losing and playoff bereft campaign for Utah.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack and Shaq were beaming from their seats courtside.

While, the New York Times online gave its headline to Golden State’s monumental achievement, winning 73 of its 82 contests.

Yo, Kobe, all the real news that fits, dude.

So, yeah, it was nice and all that, Kobe showing his stuff in style one more once, but, really now, the Dubs and Steph were The Story.

There is nothing really more to be said about Golden States 73 wins, finishing it off with a smackdown of Memphis.

It’s never been done. It’s huge.

As for Steph Curry, well, he’s sure the best in the biz these days.

He made 402 threes this season.

That’s a lot. That’s 116 more threes than the old record, set by the very same Mr. Curry last season. That’s just short of an additional triple and a half per game.

Perspective: I would offer that the gold standard for breaking a record, smashing a previous all time best, remains still Bob Beamon’s long jump in the ’68 Olympics. He bested the old mark by almost two feet, 21 3/4 inches to be exact.

The sports world, not just those who follow track & field, or the Olympics, were stunned.

That was a 6% improvement over the previous record, and took decades to best.

Steph Curry’s 402 long balls this season is a 40.5% improvement over the old record. Think about that for a second. Let the gravity of the achievement sink in.

And they came within the confines of an offense that scored more points 73 of the 82 times it hit the hardwood this season.

This year’s college season was plenty cockamamie and finished with a great title tilt.

This year’s NBA regular season, thanks to the exploits of Golden State and star Steph Curry, was just about as compelling.

— Seedy K

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