MMPG: Back on the Scene with a Gangsta Lean

allsportsSo, you remember me, right?

Your resident point guard, Seedy K. Well, I’m back after the usual early spring hiatus.

Why the disappearance, you might wonder?

Well, first there was my annual bout of PMMSD (Post March Madness Stress Disorder). Then Jordan Spieth’s meltdown in Augusta, which had me wondering if anything meant anything anymore in the world of sports.

Then eight days in New Orleans for JazzFest, and too much great music and equally delicious eats.

Then the announcement that Dylan, the Stones, McCartney, Neil Young, the half the Who that’s left and whatisname from Pink Floyd will be gigging together in Cali come October for the Mother of All Oldies Shows. They’ll be more than glad to relieve you of the entirety of your IRA as a down payment on tickets, which can be purchased over time at low interest rates.

Then Derby, which is always everywhere in this burg, even when the Julep glasses are inferior, even if one tries to hide out in unusual nooks and crannies of Derbyplace USA. (Though, in honor of the namesake of the winner, I did wear my stylin’ Red Wings sweater to a blissfully laid back post race get together.)

But, the Cavs are on the cusp of dominating the NBA, while the Spurs are showing their age. Little Richie Farmer, who had the governorship by the short and curlies had he any sense and moxie at all, has filed bankruptcy post-prison term, and is getting by with help from his parents. Gulp.

Which is to say, it’s time for my triumphant return. I’m back, with the usually skewed perspective, droppin’ dimes for deuces.

 * * * * *

If the category is Person Not a Coach or Player With Most Influence in History of Hoops, the name that usually pops up first is Sonny Vaccaro.

For good and legit reasons. Because, as Mars Blackmon advised, “It’s the shoes.”

But there’s another guy, equally as important, equally as relevant, equally legendary for the sea change he fomented in basketball.

Howard Garfinkel.


He started scouting. Summer camps. Launched the careers of many iconic ballers and coaches.  He was, by all accounts, arguably the most astute judge of future talent and potential as anybody ever involved with the game.

He’s been lauded by everyone from Hubie Brown to Coach K. And, for those here in Hoopsylvania, there should be appreciation. He helped launch the careers of both Rick Pitino and John Calipari.

Howard Garfinkel.

Long may he dunk.

 * * * * *

It’s looking more and more like this might be the year that that Bartman fellow might be able to show his face in the Windy City.

The Cubs just finished sweeping their two National League rivals, Washington and Pittsburgh. They’ve started the season 24-6, their best thirty game record since 1907, when they won the Series.

And the best record in the bigs since my Bless You Boys Detroit Tigers opened the ’84 campaign, 26-4, on their way to a WS win over San Diego.

That was a year when the Cubs should have made the Series. They won the first two games of the Best of 5 NL title showdown in the Friendly Confines, 13 zed and 4-2. Then, spit out the bit, dropping three straight in Jack Murphy Stadium to a Padres team that should have been banned from post season play because their unis were so ugly.

 * * * * *

Leicester City won the English Premier League.

It’s the biggest upset in the history of professional races in the Western World. The Foxes were 5000-1.

 * * * * *

It’s great to be back.

Stay tuned. My basket’s full of brickbats.

— Seedy K

One thought on “MMPG: Back on the Scene with a Gangsta Lean

  1. Welcome back…for some reason I missed your high-brow, incredibly inaccurate prognostication(s) and unworldly pedestal upon which you have placed Coach Cal and the entire University of Kentucky sports program. Speaking of which, wtf is going on with the Uk women’s basketball team? They might actually have to play students next year?

    Watched the Derby from Fla. with my kids. Their country club in Orlando had a Derby party and all the women were decked out like they were at CD’s—hats and all. Interesting that peeps that far away would get into the Derb like that…

    As for Garfunkel, I always thought he was the real talent and Paul Simon just hung on his coattails…

    I hate to say it, but the Cubs are legit. They hammered my Bucs. It looks like Pitt bought into some bad timing to get good—the end of the Cardinals dominance and the beginning of the Cubs world-wind squad. Theo Epstein should run for President after what he did for Boston and now the Cubs.

    Hope coach Mac can get this years Cardinal 9 to focus–they have a real shot to go far in Omaha—if they can get there. We need to host a super regional. Great team at home; but lacking on the road for some reason. It would be nice to see you at the ball park, as I have gone to a number of games, but the weather so far has not been great for most of the home games. Let me know if you want to go out this weekend.

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