Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Hurricane Steph Strikes Again

b-ballFirst, a tip for all my fellow, similarly addled hoopaholics, who, like me, hit the hay early, but still want to savor these incredible late night playoff games from the Left Coast.

Use your DVR. Watch the tilts in the a.m. with your morning joe. (As opposed to “Morning Joe,” which cable “news” show is giving the terminology a bad name.)

Buuuuuuut, remember, don’t be a doofus like me. Set the recording for long enough, so that you can watch the whole game, even when it goes to OT.

So, I saw the boffo highlights as soon as I awakened. Knew that the Warriors beat Portland in overtime. Knew that Steph Curry, after a slow slow start, went for 23 points in the last 9+ minutes of the battle, including 17 in the extra 5.

I made my coffee. Fixed my usual repast of natural crunchy PB on Ambrosia apple, and turned on my recording to the 4th Q.

What a game, even though both Curry and Rip City’s scintillating PG Damion Lillard, both of whom were otherwise transcendent at crunch time, missed shots at the end of regulation that would have ended it.

Then, five seconds into OT, the recording stopped. Because, yeah, truth be told, like a dumb schmuck, I only set the recording time for 2 1/2 hours.

Fortunately, there are enough highlight reels on the dub dub dub, so I have a sense of the whole Curry flurry that felled the T-Blazers . . . but still . . . it was like pulling up short. Fortunately my temporary case of b-ball blue balls has abated.

I shan’t make the same mistake again.

And, realizing that I’m an old fart and go to bed on Tony Kornheiser time, I shall tape the late games henceforth. The prospect of magnificence to come this NBA post season is simply too tantalizing.

GS vs. The Last Stand of Tim Duncan.

Or, GS vs. the surging Thunder.

Then the pièce de résistence — if Naismithius, the Great God of Hoops is really there and watching and in a beneficent mood — the Cleveland LeBrons vs. Golden State.

I mean, we’re talking Magic vs. Bird territory here. Given how the guys from the City on the Lake are playing, it could be a Championship Best of 7 for the ages.

 * * * * *

Steph airballed his first trey last night after a several week layoff. Which, to the credit of the astute Portlandian crowd, didn’t foster the collegiately obligatory sophomoric “Air Ball” chant. Then he missed his next 8 attempts from beyond the arc.

In fact, Curry’s first long ball didn’t tickle twine until 4:35 was left in regulation. It was just one of those run of the mill, seriously contested, dribble up, dribble back, wiggle wiggle, step back bombs from the deep corner.

But it wasn’t like Steph wasn’t highlighting the reasons he’s MVP again along the way. Like on his reverse spin, back door, up and over lay up from the Brooklyn side for his first points in the 4th. Or, the fast break, bounce pass ahead to Mo “Buckets” Speights on a fast break, that reminded me in its accuracy and creativity of Pistol Pete.

Or, his one handed swing pass off a left handed dribble to Draymond Green for an uncontested slam.

 * * * * *

Curry wasn’t the only Warrior on the floor. (Though starting PG Shaun Livingston was not, having been tossed for his petulant rant to one of the zebras in the 2d. Thereby requiring more PT from Curry than planned.)

Green hit for 21, grabbed 9 boards, and blocked 7 Blazer attempts. Klay Thompson tallied 23.

For the 132-125 defeated, Lillard hit 36, and C.J. McCollum, 24.

 * * * * *

Golden State still needs to close out feisty Portland. It’s not a done deal, but certainly probable.

Then OKC or the Spurs in a Must See Western Conference final.

Then, oh my, oh my, please Naismithius make it happen, Warriors vs. Cavs for the title.

I’m salivating already. And making a note to be sure to set the recording long enough for the late night affairs.

 * * * * *

My favorite non basketball moment of the evening: When TNT returned to the venue from commercials during a timeout, they were playing Mickey & Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange” over the arena PA.

 * * * * *

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. That 17 points Steph Curry scored in OT. It’s the most ever by a player in NBA history.

He’s baaaaaaaack.

— Seedy K

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  1. Woe to all DVRers. The game began on TBS, stealing the last 15 minutes from Samantha Bee’s wonderful “Full Frontal” because the earlier game ran over and then jumped to TNT where it was supposed to be for its overtime run. Fix it, Turner!

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