Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week X

endimagesHold your barbs, the eagle-eyed among ya.

I know I’m a day late (but not a dollar short). This little diversionary exercise usually gets posted on Wednesday afternoons. But, ya know, sometimes other things get in the way.

Like that little event called the World Series. If you’re an alter cocker like me, who still remembers getting caught and punished for hiding my transistor radio under a book on my lap in the 6th grade, hoping Miss Osborne wouldn’t spy the ear plug, the National Pastime still means something.

Then there’s real life intrusions. Like getting a flat, and having your regular guy confirm it can’t be plugged because the puncture is too close to the sidewall. Then advising that the groovy tires on my groovy car are so special, he can’t even order them and I have to go see the big store guys. Who can get the tire, have it the next morning, but advise it’s going to cost, as my dad (the first commissioner of my Little League) used to say, “an arm and a leg.”

So these little pithy selections will probably be shorter than usual, since I’m typing with one hand.

As I didn’t prognosticate, UDub conquered the Utes, if not the CFP major domos who SECed the Huskies. But Michigan, Notre Dame despite itself, Kentucky and Louisville all won last weekend.

4-1 brings me to 32-13 on the year.

This week’s victors:

BYU @ Cincinnati. Here’s one that even the schools’ fan bases could care less about. So why am I venturing into territory where there is no interest whatsoever? No clue. Other than as a soap box to denigrate how big moolah and big TV has come to control the sport. These two might be new members of the BIg 12 were it not for the admonitions of Fox Sports and The World Wide Leader. Instead they are standing outside the Big 5 ice cream shoppe with their faces pressed to the window, playing inconsequential games like this, televised on the least of the least of the football showing networks. Flipping the proverbial coin, the mediocre home team Bearcats (4-4) are by mere chance deigned to be winners over the mediocre visiting Mormons (4-4). I daresay they won’t be storming the Nippert turf when Cincy prevails.

Nebraska @ Ohio State. It is games and names like these that are why Louisville, even if it wins out by 69-13 every game, won’t make the Final Four this year. If the Huskers win, which they won’t but just positing a hypothetical here, they’ll leapfrog the Cards regardless what happens at Boston College. If the Buckeyes win, which they shall, they’ll jump UDub, even if the Huskies win at Cal. That’s the nature of the Beast, where tradition and brand mean way more than they should in college football. (Actually it’s the same in hoops, but no so onerous, since the Cards are one of the elite brands. God, I hate that word.)

Texas @ Texas Tech. On its face this is another meh game. The Horns (4-4) visit the Red Raiders (4-4). On the other hand, Charlie Strong still tops the Dead Man Walking list, and there shall be way more than a few die hard Horns fans hoping in their heart that TT prevails, so they can start negotiating a contract with either Tom Herman or Chad Morris, or both. Charlie’s probably gone regardless. But the guy is nothing if not resolute, and ain’t gonna make it easy for the Buy Out Boyz. Burnt Orange wins.

Georgia @ Kentucky. The stat geeks at Elias Sports advise that by picking the Wildcats correctly to win their last three games in a row, I’ve set a new personal record. You can’t stop the SEC’s new juggernaut, you can only hope to contain them. The Cats remain firmly entrenched in 2d place in the SEC East. And, as totally improbable as it seems, a break here and there, a couple of Gator slips, etc, etc, and the Cats could make the SEC title game. Which ain’t gonna happen, but remains statistically possible. A stunning development unto its own self. What will happen is this. Cats gain bowl eligibility a week sooner than expected, by vanquishing the Not So Smart Bulldogs.

Louisville @ Boston College. I have been in the house in Chestnut Hill when the Cards were supposed to battle the Eagles. Except that The Schnell’s charges never showed during that October of ’91, and were dismantled 33-3. We left at the half, and went to my favorite haberdashery, Louie’s of Boston, RIP, where I bought what is to this day my favorite shirt. Way stylin’. Always gets a comment. Especially from the Professor, who, present at purchase, has through the years raised the price to something north of four figures. The 4-4 Eagles showed some life last time out, winning at NC State. It will not happen Saturday. U of L shall win. U of L could use a Win Big.

— Seedy K

6 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week X

  1. So, you have now confirmed your status as a full-fledged Wildcat Football Fan Boy?

    Not only do you admit that you left at half-time of a UofL football game in Boston–to buy a shirt, of all things– but also that you set a record by being the ONLY person EVER in history to CORRECTLY predict that UbaK would win 3 SEC football games in a row. I assure you that not even in the days of BearB did anyone go on line and predict such foolishness in a Blog.

    And now, you have the audacity to pick a 4th straight Cayut win ?

    Even in days gone by when Fran’s Fans supported Ky’s first version of an SEC team comprised of paid am-a-tours (including wig wearers named “Sonny” steppin’ out in 8″ high-heels with goldfish in the see-through platforms and also campaigning murderers like Elmore Stephens and point shavers like Tony Gray as all SEC ballers, nobody–even then– had the gall to make such a spurious prognostication. The next thing you know, Rock Hudson will be resurrected and try to lure Boom Williams into his bedoir!

    I understand that the SECleast is the WORST division in P5 football this year, but don’t you think that even as pitiful as UGA is this season that the odds are strong that something will happen to insure that the Big Blew applecart is turned over–and soon? Say, something reallly wierd like an outbreak of crippling scurvy hitting the team Friday night, or a rumor about Coach Stupes bedding a pre-schooler will rock the air waives distracting the troops from the task at hand?

    I guess what I am saying is, ‘Colton, that’s a bold strategy. Let’s see how that plays out.’

    Somehow, I just gotta think the Dawgs will rise up to beat the Cats despite your mis-placed support of their abilities and accomplishments this season. If not, I will offer my astonished apology at your ability to forecast such far-fetched notions.

  2. What confuses me, JGJ, is that it took you more than five hours to lay me low with your anti-Kayut rant. Very disappointing. I thought you’d be in mid season form. Obviously not. By the by, the shirt from Louie’s was an afterthought. If you’d have been sitting in those cold stands, watching one team steamroll another that left its game who knows where, you might have left too. OK, I know that wouldn’t have happened. But anybody with legitimate sanity would have done the same.

  3. If the Cats can stop Chubbs and Sony MIchel (which I don’t believe they can) then I will finally give them their due, although they still won’t have a win over a team with a winning record..

  4. Mr. Joyner doth froth too much. The schedule is what it is and you play your conference year in and year out. The Cats may not be a powerhouse but the sharpies in Vegas would have given you great odds if you had bet that their record would be what it is at this point in the season. It has been along hard climb out of oblivion to get to the point where the Cats are today and it would be a sign of grace and maturity if that were recognized by observers others than Seedy K who clearly has dropped some of his venom in his dotage. It is impossible to defend the Cats history of the Curci era and they obviously operate under a handicap with an Athletic Director who is clueless regarding football. I mean, he hired a guy named Joker whose name was sadly appropriate. But it wouldn’t kill the above commentators to give a little credit where credit is so obviously due for the effort expended so far this season. The rant above is almost Trumpian in its tone and spirit. All this said, being a betting man, I would never take the Cats against the Cards regardless of the point spread. Petrino will roll out the heavy guns and cannon in that one.

  5. Thanks Wildcat. I was wondering where you’ve been. That said, UK plays Georgia this weekend not U of L. Here’s a sure bet. Seedy K shall not now, or ever, pick the Cats to beat the Cards.

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