Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

endimagesIt is at epic, sea change, culture shift moments such as now that I am ever grateful for the diversions and passions bequeathed to us by college sports.

I’m also grateful to the Cardinals, Buckeyes and Texas Longhorns for their victories last weekend. My guess is those Lone Star oil barons aren’t quite so pleased by the W of their beloved ‘Horns, wishing Charlie would simply lose out and fade into his own parade. Which shows they don’t understand just how resolute Coach Strong is.

Cincy caved to the Mormons, and UK’s Wildcats did what they do, failing to close a most winnable game with Georgia.

3-2 for the weekend. 35-15 on the season.

And down the home stretch they come. With an almost old school pigskin Saturday chill in the air.

This week’s winners:

Rutgers @ Michigan State. My what an edition to the Big Ten Rutgers has been. This is the geographically inexplicable Scarlet Knights third league campaign. Two seasons ago, their lone conference Ws were over fellow newbie Maryland and Michigan. (Showing just how strong that Wolverine resurgence has been.) Last season’s victory total was halved, with a win only in Bloomington in a defensive affair, 55-52. Rookie coach Chris Ash remains ofer the Big Ten this campaign. Which surprisingly enough is Sparty’s disappointing league record also. 0-6, with a seven game losing streak overall. I have no reason whatsoever to choose this game to prognosticate. Other than I can’t fathom State losing at home to Rutgers.

West Virginia @ Texas. Speaking of that former Louisville mentor Charlie Strong, he has yet another chance this Saturday to vex those Longhorn fat cats who are chomping at the bit to bid him a not so fond adieu from Austin. Texas is 5-4, and with a “battle” against Kansas coming up, are pretty much assured of a bowl game. Which might not alone help Charlie. Ah, but were he to win out, adding Ws over TCU in the finale and the Mountaineers this Saturday, it would make a firing awkward at least. Which doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. I remain skeptical of West Virginia, which finally lost week before last at Okie State, and still has Baylor and Boomer Sooner to face. They’d best not be looking ahead. I’ve got a Strong feeling about the Hook ‘Em Horns this Saturday at home. Charlie don’t go down easily.

LSU @ Arkansas. Two seasons back, the Bayou Bengals succumbed to the Crimson Tide at home, and proceeded to get skunked 0-17 the following week at Arkansas. Last year, the Tigers were throttled in Tuscaloosa, and, still reeling, were battered 14-31 a week later by the Razorbacks at home. Last weekend, LSU was skunked 0-10 in Death Valley to You Know Who Coached By Their Former Coach. How fired up for their trek to Fayetteville will they be? Not very is my guess. Interim coach Ed Orgeron should be checking in with realtors on Sunday, as the Tigers lose their fourth of the campaign.

Kentucky @ Tennessee. Reeling from three consecutive league Ls in a row, Rocky Top got back in tune last week with a scrimmage against Tennessee Tech. The Vols lost to UK in ’11 for the first time since Daniel Boone himself clambered through the Cumberland Gap himself to attend one of the annual rivalry battles. Since then, the Vols have commenced a new streak, going north of 50 on UK the last two games. Kentucky, still sitting alone in 2d in the deplorable SEC East, is probably looking past the Orange to next week’s bowl assuring battle with Austin Peay. But it won’t matter even if they’re focused in Knoxville. I am not picking UK for a record 5th time in a row. Vols cruise.

Wake Forest @ Louisville. Last year, the Cards barely escaped Winston-Salem with a W. The lone tally in the second half was a U of L FG with a minute and a half to play for a less than impressive 20-19 nailbiting win. After a string of losing campaigns, the Demon Deacons stand 6-3, and sit right behind the Cards in the ACC Atlantic. Unfortunately for WF, U of L is on a mission. Which is to score as many points as possible in its final three games, in hopes of grabbing the attention of the Final Four selection committee. My hunch is the scoreboard with be ringing like a broken pinball machine.

— Seedy K

One thought on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

  1. I am not sure of what I am more shocked…last nights election results or your failure to pick UK to win a football game in five consecutive weeks….

    ….I guess that if you picked Ky over Tennessee 31 times in row over the last 31 years, you would have been right at least once…So, no reason to get off the hot horse now, huh, Seedy?

    I guess that’s what shocks me— your picks and Ky Football were on the verge of breaking virgin territory… and now you are off the wagon and on to proclaiming a Wildcat defeat?

    What’s next? A bankrupt, non-tax paying, billionaire reality show host for President?


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