Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

endimagesThe less said about last weekend the better.

My team, in the biggest football game in the school’s history, never left the hotel, and were throttled in eastern Texas. West Virginia similarly received its comeuppance against a long time power that had been there done that many times through the decades. And LSU couldn’t punch the ball into the endzone from point blank range to win at home in a game that was meant to be contested on the road.

But the Cats finally settled in against Let’ Go Peay. And Colorado continued its wheredidthiscomefromseason out west.

2-3. Not acceptable, but reality. 40-20 on the campaign.

Rivalry Week is upon us.

Here’s who gets bragging rights:

TCU @ Texas. Yes, I’m still pissed at Charlie Strong for jumping ship at Louisville. He’s learned what many of his predecessors learned, especially those who coached during the Jurich Era. The Papa J’s field turf is just as green — or greener — as anywhere else. Even Austin. On the other hand, Charlie’s nothing if not dogged and resolute. He appears to be sayonara at Texas. The $10 mill buyout is pocket change for those Big Oil Horns fans. So I’d like nothing better than to see him win against the Horned Frogs, then make the muckety mucks decide whether he gets to coach Texas in a bowl game or not? So, will Texas win on Saturday in takethatFatCats fashion. Frankly I haven’t a clue. But just for karma’s sake I’m pickin’ ’em.

Michigan @ Ohio State. While Coach Khaki is eminently dislikeable, it does make the world o’ college pigskin more fascinating when the Wolverines with the greatest helmets in the sport are among the elite. This rivalry has been rekindled — as if the flame ever went out — and enhanced, since both excellent coaches are homies. Coach Urban I, I believe, has the best winning percentage of active coaches. (I could be wrong, but I’m not inclined to google it up.) The Wolverines, it says here, haven’t been as good as their record would indicate. With their starting QB iffy, it makes their task in the Horseshoe all that more difficult. Besides an Ohio Stat W will throw the Big Ten into chaos and give the Final Four committee, which says it cares a lot about league titles, lots to think about if the Nittany Lions sneak into the league’s title game. Chaos is a good thing. Buckeyes.

Florida @ Florida State. Oh, how the mighty ain’t so mighty anymore. The second best team in the vaunted SEC is a 7 point dog against the third best team in the ACC. All together now, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!. The Seminoles season — Coach Jimbo’s last in Tallahassee? — has been a bit of a disappointment. The memory of that debacle against the Cards lingers. The Professor asked me the other day if they’ve got a winning record? But it’s not like they spit out the bit. They’re a Top 20 contingent. And so are the Gators, with but two losses. Got to go with my team’s league here, even though I’ve little confidence in Florida State, and Florida was mighty stalwart last weekend in Baton Rouge. A fingers crossed vote for the Seminoles at home.

Toledo @ Western Michigan. Again I’m not going to look it up — got turkeys to baste and dressing to make, you know — but it seems to me that something wacky always happens as the MAC season winds down. Teams that have dominated come up short, etc, etc. The thus far undefeated Broncos, with two Big Ten Ws, are looking for that coveted little guy spot in a New Year’s Bowl. Which they should get if they prevail Friday, and again in the conference title game. But the two loss Rockets are fueled for the upset. Get it? Rockets? Fueled? I’m thinking this one’s gonna be a T-Giving Friday donnybrook, a real brouhaha. But, chalk prevails. The dream stays alive in Kalamazoo.

Kentucky @ Louisville. Bobby P, who seems to legitimately loathe his arch rival down the road, seemed to prevaricate the other day when asked if he was ever approached about the UK job during his exile? That said, he’s never wavered during his stints at U of L from gigging the Cats at every moment. It’s a big game for him and the program. Some teams fall apart after non-performances such as the Cards displayed at Houston. Can the taciturn Petrino summon his inner Knute Rockne and rally his troops? The Cats have improved, and are bowl eligible. But sure got off to a miserable start against hapless Peay last week. Is Kentucky good enough to break its losing streak against Little Brother? Well, this is a school that knows how to fashion a losing skein to a rival — I’m thinking Vols here — and, improved though they may be, it’s hard to conceive them beating a Louisville team out to show the world it’s still pretty damn good, and its QB is The Heisman Dude.

— Seedy K