Louisville CardFile: Old Dominion

ccjoaniecardToo often my readers complain that I harp on U of L’s FT % way too much.

Well, kids, there’s a reason.

Which became obvious tonight as Louisville escaped Old Dominion 68-62 in OT on Paradise Island.

The Cards were hitting 61% from the line coming into the game. And that came against three rummies in the friendly confines of the not so full Yum! Center.

At the end of regulation, with the score knotted at 49, the Cards had made but 8 of their 17 charity attempts. 47% will not win many — any??? — games against major college competition. And it certainly wasn’t enough tonight. Especially given how god awful disgusting U of L played for most of regulation, until they kind of woke up to salvage a draw.

Ah, but in OT, the Cards, who were 2/4 from the field in extra time, canned 14 of the first 16 free throws they attempted. That’s a seriously lofty 87.5%.

That’s a game winning 87.5%.

Jaylen Johnson missed a couple with 9 ticks to play, but the Cardinals had secured its fourth and most lackluster W of the season by then.

For comparison, ODU was 7/13 from the line in OT — game losing — though the Monarchs hit one more FG than U of L in the final five minutes.

 * * * * *

As suspected all along, Donovan Mitchell proved he’s the Cards go to guy.

With 5:34 to play, and the score even at 40, the sophomore was 2/14 from the field.

Then he made his last three FGs. All were significant and timely. A trey out of a time out to pull the Cards with a point at 44-43. Then a jumper the next trip for a one point lead. Soon thereafter he drove and dished to Ray Spalding for a 47-44 advantage.

He opened the Cards scoring in OT with another 3. And drained all 4 of his charity opportunities. He ended up with 7 rebounds and a couple assists.

But for his fortitude and will to win, the Cards would be playing tomorrow evening in the loser’s bracket. (Instead they get tough Wichita State on a very very short turnaround. The Shockers absolutely throttled LSU in their tourney opener.)

Quentin Snider tallied 18. Despite his 4/13 shooting, he was steady at the helm. Mangok Mathiang scored 12. But also turned it over 5 times. JJ grabbed 12 boards in only 28 minutes.

For some unfathomable reason, Deng Adel played 40 minutes. He was 2/13 from the field, taking a scary number of early, bad shots. His game, allegedly spectacular over the summer, is failing to settle in as expected.

 * * * * *

Yes, the Cards persevered, taking care of business when necessary. And at Turkey Dinner, whenever they get to eat it, they should give special thanks that Old Dominion sucks even worse at the line than they do.

But overall it was a woeful effort. They were outrebounded by the significantly shorter Monarchs. And hit only 29.7% of their shots (19/64).

Let’s be frank, Louisville’s many flaws were exposed tonight. There is much work to be done.

Tomorrow’s encounter with the Shockers could be really ugly.

— Seedy K

8 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Old Dominion

  1. roundball version of Houston gridiron fiasco. Adel may be a great athlete and ridiculously good in a game of “21” but his game skills in 5 on 5 ball appear to be lacking. Court awareness, passing, boxing out and shot selection haven’t been demonstrated. It doesn’t appear that we have a 4 or 5 who is comfortable actually taking it strong to the basket with any shooting confidence. Spalding is a very tall small forward and could probably be effective playing against other 3’s, but it looks like he gets pushed around very easily.
    Pitino’s quick insertion and quick hook of Hicks was interesting and deserved. Did anyone ever think Levitch would be inserted to calm and lead ?

  2. Yesterday, I was a bit incredulous I couldn’t get this game on television. AXS TV??! This morning—after reading your bleak analysis, Seedy—I’m just thankful I didn’t watch this one. On the other hand, I’ve seen enough of these early season games held in dim hotel conference rooms to know that there’s still some hope for my Cards. We’re going to miss Onuaku this season.

  3. Ken, Hicks will be a non factor. Quick hook was most deserved. His default characteristic to take over the game himself on offense appears too ingrained to overcome. Levitch has been a steadying factor since last year. Hard to figure, but reality. (FYI, his brother plays on the Fort Wayne team that upset IU.) Cards shall have problems in the middle all year. It’s their Achilles Heel, to coin a phrase.

  4. yep we’ll miss Onuaku…but the kids seem to be waiting for someone to lead….They are really good teammates but they don’t really want the main leadership role yet. Donovan got it late…now we need Adel just to grow up and Spalding has to be assertive..I think they’ll grow into it but not real quickly—that game opened their eyes for sure….today’s game should really help…..still way early…we’ll be good…top 5 good?? well might be a stretch there….but I really like to see them working at it and Pitino can get things out of a team I never thought could happen..so…

  5. Hey Seedy; what is your over and under missed layups from our backcourt and missed one foot shots from our frontcourt in the upcoming Baylor game? How does 11 sound?

  6. Last night at Thanksgiving Dinner, the Professor opined that Hicks will not be on the roster at the end of the season. I wouldn’t bet against it. The 5th Year Transfer Rule giveth. The 5th Year Transfer Rule taketh (a spot that could go to a neophyte).

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