Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIV

endimagesMy season of predictions online is ending almost but not quite as badly as that of my U of L Cardinals on the field.

The Cards gagged for the second game in a row, knocking themselves out of the Final Four conversation and, most likely, the Orange Bowl.

Bobby Petrino’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. So far he ain’t talkin’ much.

At least his team’s meltdown didn’t cost him his job. Charlie Strong went down at home to the Horned Frogs. Thus it became a fait accompli that he’d be $10 mill richer but have no team to coach. In Austin anyway.

The Buckeyes, the Seminoles and Western Michigan prevailed.

3-2 for the weekend. 43-22 on the campaign.

Thus we come to the last round of picks before the bowl games. (I know the knock on the door from Joey the Vig’s “associates” is not far away.)

This week’s winners:

Temple @ Navy (AAC Championship). What I love most about this title game is the conjecture that a Middie W could throw the whole bowl placement process in a tizzy. It is said that the CFP Committee might wait until after Army/Navy before they could place teams, since Annapolis could be the non big 5 rep in the New Year’s Six. If only for that turmoil, I say Go Midshipmen. Not that I have anything against the Owls, who return to the title battle a year after succumbing to Houston. The other fascinating fact here is that Navy, a run first, run last, run always option outfit has scored 75 and 66 in its last two games. Navy’s averaging 42 ppg, 11th in the land. The Owls have won six in a row. But Navy prevails.

Wisconsin vs. Penn State (Big 10 Championship). I don’t care what anybody says, this game is the one that proves the college football playoff should be at least 8 teams big. I’ve always advocated 16. Hell, those kids and coaches could care less about academics anyway. Allow them to ply their craft. So, yeah, the Nittany Lions beat the Buckeyes, who in turn downed . . . oh I needn’t go further. You know the scenario, if only from Coach Khaki’s rant which is still reverberating around the Pigskin Planet. So, which of these two universities of higher learning shall be the Champion of clearly the toughest league in the nation, and then not make the Final Four? Badgers.

Louisiana Tech @ Western Kentucky (C-USA Championship). Win or lose, Hilltopper fans are holding their breaths, praying that this or WKU’s bowl game aren’t the last for coach on the rise Jeff Brohm. The rumors are he may be in the running for the jobs at Cincy or Purdue, neither of which is that enticing frankly. Early this season, the Bulldogs nudged Western Ky in a defensive struggle, 55-52. That one was in Ruston. This one’s in Bowling Green. Even though Skip Holtz has been moderately more successful in the Bayou after two previous coaching stints at bigger schools, I don’t trust him. Towels wave. Toppers prevail. WKU fans fret.

Colorado vs. Washington (PAC 12 Championship). Colorado is the surprise team of the year. A kind of a feel good story. Actually a really really feel very very good story in Boulder, where all can celebrate Ws (and Ls for that matter) with their choice of the latest high quality herb. And I’d love to see the Buffaloes win, and the air filled with THC. Except that a Washington W puts more pressure on the CFP Selection Cartel, and that whole what do we do with the Big Ten conundrum. Besides UDub’s a pretty good team. Huskies.

Alabama vs. Florida (SEC Championship). There are surely more than a few of ye skeptics who would opine that I’m picking this game only because it’s an absolute Paul Hornung unbuckle (and let your pants fall) lock for Bama. And, to be honest, those naysayers wouldn’t be totally wrong. After all, there are historical metrics which indicate this Crimson Tide squad might be the best. As in ever. As in all the history of college pigskin. They don’t give up touchdowns,. While the Gators have trouble scoring them. Which means, to be frank, Florida has a better chance of being skunked than it does of winning the title game. So, yeah, Roll Tide.

— Seedy K


4 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIV

  1. Seedy, you say that neither the Purdue or Cincy job is “enticing.” Agree about Purdue,but look at the UC coaches previous to Tubs – Dantonio to Mich State, Kelly to Notre Dame and Butch Jones to Rocky Top. That job could be a good stepping stone for Jeffro.

  2. Birdie King, you are correct. Obviously. Buuuuuuut, if Brohm stays at WKU and has one or two more boffo seasons, he may be able to leapfrog the intermediate schools and head to the big time.

  3. I certainly want to see the homeboy move on and upward, but in my gut I think, like you, that he will come out better if he stays on The Hill just a little while longer.

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