Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

You think UK fans are sad — and they certainly are — how about the kid?

I picked the Cats, and, after a long day and with Kentucky ahead by 13 and looking like a streak breaker, I hit the hay. Only to awake to the stunning news that the Cats had once again found a way to lose on the gridiron when victory seemed assured.

Which, for me, and frankly that’s all that matters for my purposes here, was the appropriate capper for another less than prophetic day of predictioneering. Okie State’s Cowboys were thrashed at home. Mississippi State’s Cowbells were thrashed on the road.

Can I get a break here?

Fortunately, Louisville had a walk over. And I was somewhat prescient in believing that Jeff Brohm’s Boilermakers aren’t quite ready for prime time.

So, 2-3, for the third losing weekend out of the last four, has me gasping for air at a head just above water 14-11 for the entire campaign.


Yes, I could throw in the proverbial towel. I could use the excuse that I learned this day that my beloved U of L Cardinals appear headed for a lengthy stay in hardwood purgatory. I could fold the tent and watch the weekend’s pigskin action without my ever diminishing pigskin expertise on the line.

But nooooooooooooo. I’m in this for the long haul. Law of averages, etc, etc.

So, here goes with this week’s winners (?????):

Nevada @ Fresno State. Why on earth would Seedy K possibly choose this game to prognosticate, you inquire? Who among his regular readers could conceivably have any interest whatsoever in this mediocre affair? Legit queries. And trust me you’ll be scratching your head when you get to the next two battles on the agenda also. Here’s why: My usually transcendent abilities to pick the winners of gridiron encounters has apparently been flushed down the commode with a recent #2. So, my thinking is, pick some games between schools about which you have no knowledge whatsoever. As in zilch. So I shall. It is only after consulting Phil Steele that I even know what league they’re in. Mountain West, I’m advised. And only after googling up their records have I learned that the Bulldogs — that would be Fresno State — stand 1-2, though the Ls are to Top 10 Bama and UDub. The W, 66 nil, came over a Biblical reference, Incarnate Word. The Wolf Pack, or so I’ve read, are 0-4. Which means I may be the only person outside the presidents of the two universities’ alumni associations who could care about the game. If Jeff Tedford’s charges prove victorious this weekend, they will already have doubled last season’s win total. By the way, he coaches the home team. I say they do it. Go Fresno.

Navy @ Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane is/are a member of the American Athletic Conference. I believe I think I may have known that, but double checked just to make sure. At which juncture, I learned that this is a league battle, since the Middies also reside within that confederation for football. Will my burgeoning edification know no bounds? Apparently not. Since I can advise this is a Western Division encounter, even though Annapolis is, uh, you know, in Maryland, which, when I last looked at a globe, is along the eastern seaboard. Oh well. The Seafarers are already 2-0 in the league and unbeaten overall. Their triple option is proving as difficult to prepare for as always. Meanwhile the home team is without a W and is relinquishing 43 ppg. One would hope Navy would be a lot better at defense than that. Get it? Navy? Defense? Which is why I’ll not be kneeling for the national anthem for this one. Anchors Away.

Akron @ Bowling Green. The other Group of 5 league is the Mid American Conference. Whose members are always up for some early season surprises. Usually at the expense of unsuspecting lower echelon Big 10 squads. When they start battling each other, you never know what might happen. The MAC is among the most competitive of assemblages. The Falcons — Bowling Green — are ofer the season, and two of their Ls came to Northwestern and Michigan State. Setbacks to South Dakota and Middle Tennessee indicate they’re not quite ready for the big time, but equally unprepared for the undercard. The Zips, while hardly world beaters, are arguably better. At least marginally. They conquered Arkansas Pine Bluff, to go along with three losses. Doing nary a scintilla more research, I literally flipped a coin. Heads: Akron. Tails: BG. The twirling quarter slipped through my fingers, then rolled along the floor under a counter. To be true to my methodology, I got down on my hands and knees and reached under for it, without turning it over. Heads.

Eastern Michigan @ Kentucky. Cats. Though closer than one might think, given that a hangover probably still lingers from the L to the Felonious Gators. Pass the Motrin.

Murray State @ Louisville. This one should be a laugher. I should fill this paragraph with witty little observations, followed by my pick that the Cards are a lock. Buuuuuuuuuuut, I was in the house in 1980 when the Racers left the stadium with a 13-9 victory. And was present again, when Cardinal coach Bob Weber compounded the felony, leading his team to another setback at the hands of Murray State, this time 26-23. If the Cards lose this one, the fans will have a lot more to fret about than a future without a basketball season when the school gets the death penalty. Louisville, with Puma Pass at the helm in the 4th.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

  1. Well, after the news of the day, I designed to log on to your predictions to at least take my mind off of the blather of controversy that is surrounding College Hoops in general and my Louisville Cardinals in particular. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but in light of the ongoing UofL Sex-Gate recruiting scandal and CRP’s historic mating over a plate of Linguine, I would think that even the dullest hoe would know better than to muck up the fertilizer in the NCAA recruiting garden. But,apparently, no. (Walk & Talk softly, Cat fans, as I suspect that Nike and the legendary WWW are going to be the main course and maybe desert, too, since the Feds have the playbook and all….)

    Be that as it may, if the recruiting sauce is as dirty as the FBI-cooks proclaim, my beloveds deserve any and all retribution that the NCAA, NAACP, USSCT,or even Chuck Norris might dish out.

    So, while we still have a football program, I decided to cheer myself up with a review of Chuckles’ Follies, Week V….. And I get….Fresno vs. W. Compton H.S.? Tulsa vs. The Merchant Marines? Come on, man! If this was meant to cheer me up, (well, at least I got a slight smile out of it) but still?

    If you don’t go 5-0 against this slate, you should take a public flogging to start the desecration of my Red Bird B-Ball program…or at least what is left of it….

    …as sagely stated by a Cayut on a Cayut board earlier today, looks like we now know that the Big Blew sent CRP up the road to destroy our program…and it appears that he may have done a d*mn good job doing it…

    …Plus, it is always darkest before the dawn or something like that—but I must say that it is pretty dang dark right now…Can it get any worse? Yikes…Never say Never…

  2. Well, JGJ, better you take your frustration out by lambasting me than in another more asocial manner. I know the frustration. Today, when the horrid news was sinking in, I was in a parking lot at the grocery. Some River Road guy in a humongous Land Cruiser pulled into the Handicapped spot next to me. While I would have normally and hopefully without anger point out that what he was doing was wrong and illegal, I realized my state of mind was such, that my anger was so present, that an incident would have surely ensued. I was smart enough just to drive off.

    I am sad. As well as Disgusted, Mad, and Depressed.

    Clean House. Tomorrow.

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