Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

I needn’t explain why now more than ever, we must cherish the importance of the diversion we know as college pigskin.

As the calendar flips to October, when games mean more as league races ratchet up, it’s important that squads hit mid-season form.

So too prognosticatory savants. Thus, it is with a great deal of pleasure that the Kid provides these stats from last weekend: 41-21, 31-21, 34-23, 24-20 and 55-10. These are the final scores of wins by Fresno State, Navy, Akron, Kentucky and the University of Louisville Cardinals.

Need I mention who correctly picked the outcome of All Those Games?

That’s right, class, it isn’t necessary.

The second perfect weekend of the campaign has my season success soaring to 19-11.

So, with wind in my sails, and a firm hand on the rudder, I sail off into . . . sail off into . . . uh, oh well, I’ve lost my metaphor . . . but here are this coming weekend’s winners:

LSU @ Florida. It certainly isn’t difficult to figure out who is Ed Orgeron’s favorite fellow SEC coach? That would of course be the more beleaguered Butch Jones, whose tenure on Rocky Top is tenuous after being skunked in Neyland by UGa. Orgeron’s Bayou Bengals lost to a non-conference Homecoming foe for the first time since Huey Long was Beneficent Dictator in the Louisiana State House. To the Men of Troy no less, the ones from the Sun Belt, not their more famous SoCal name-alikes from the Left Coast. Coach Ed is also grateful for a Charlie Weiss-ish $12 mill buyout. It may buy him some time. But it may not. What would be good would be a W in GatorLand. Without generating many highlights, Florida is in its usual spot atop the SEC East, thanks in large part to a gift in the form of an epic defensive breakdown from UK. The Gators have been anything but dominating. Neither is their once haughty conference. LSU meanwhile seems to be fading not improving. Orgeron might consider donning his Kevlar Halloween disguise early when returning home after a loss this Saturday.

Minnesota @ Purdue. The PJ Fleck Era in Minnesooooooooooooota has gotten off to a promising if far from definitive start. Even in recent less than seasons, the Golden Gophers have taken care of biz against the also rans early. In Jerry Kill’s last campaign, they finished 9-4 with a W over Wash State as a 10 point dog. So, the jury’s not only still out — to borrow a cliché — they haven’t even gotten instructions yet. The Jeff Brohm Era at Purdue has gotten off to a promising if far from definitive start. (Is there an echo in here?) But, with farther/ further to come, the Boilermakers have shown more progress. Despite Brohm’s rep as an offensive savant, it’s on the other side of the ball that Purdue has ratcheted up its game. While this battle is of little consequence in the national or league scheme of things, it’s important for these two rookie B10 mentors and their fan bases. The difference will be the home gridiron advantage in East Lafayette.

Miami @ Florida State. Given how its season is going, my guess is the folks in Athens, Georgia are not rueing the day they said buh bye bye to Mark Richt. While the Hurricane fan base in southern Florida, as diffuse and hard to grasp as it is, is pleased as punch that a former Schnell QB is back running things in Coral Gables. The Orange & Green haven’t/ hasn’t let the two weeks off because of Maria derail ambition. Clicking smoothly, ‘Canes are undefeated heading into this battle in Tallahassee which was postponed on Week III. Meanwhile the Seminoles haven’t recovered from the campaign opening butt whipping by the Crimson Tide, the loss of starting QB Deondre Francois and an L to rising NC State. Visions of a Final Four are but delusions now. Still, it’s a rivalry battle. Remember Wide Left? Or, was it Wide Right? And, it’s not like Lee Corso’s alma mammy is without talent. Jimbo gets a much needed W.

Missouri @ Kentucky. Love ’em or hate ’em — and it’s one or the other in my neck of the woods — you gotta admit, the University of Kentucky Wildcats are ever hard to figure out. This week they look good. Read: South Carolina. This week they look discombobulated. Read: Florida. Then it takes all the perseverance the Cats can muster to survive Directional Michigan. Still, they’re 4-1, if the shakiest of 4-1 in the land. What the Cats have going for them this weekend is that Mizzou just plain sucks. The Tigers are getting shredded weekly. Which doesn’t mean they won’t make it interesting at Kroger Field, where no foe ever seems to be totally out of it. UK survives.

Louisville @ NC State. For any number of reasons, THIS is U of L’s biggest game of the season. Thursday Night Prime Time Spotlight. A beaten down fan base looking for something, anything to help them ease the pain of an Athletics Dept and Basketball Program on the brink. A chance for Lamar Jackson to prove last season wasn’t a fluke, that he indeed deserved the Heisman all the pundits seem to be awarding Deshaun Watson in retrospect. The chance to prove themselves worthy, after the Cards were shaky against Clemson and Carolina. Scrimmages against Murray State and Kent State matter not. Meanwhile, after a surprising L to South Carolina in its opener, the Wolfpack, with four straight Ws, is kinda showing all that pre-season hype wasn’t just smack talk. So, yeah, this is Huuuuuuge also for the home team, looking to avenge last season’s 13-54 beatdown in Papa J’s. If you notice, for better or worse, I never pick against the Cardinals. Who, I believe, shall fly home from Raleigh a victor.

— Seedy K

11 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

  1. Unfortunately for you and the rest of the Cardinal faithful, they already played and lost the biggest game of the season against Clemson. In addition, one more tough, big name opponent looms in the collective known as Seminoles.

      1. If you mean in terms of timing, after Clemson and before Florida State, I agree. If some other context, opinions are like anuses.

  2. I note with great interest that your selections in games in which you admittedly have absolutely no knowledge far out perform those contests in which you profess to have some insight.

    Accordingly, how you could gleefully pound your chest espousing your proficiency (5-0) in college football prognostication puzzles me. The selection of my Cards was a given; and your Cayuts were outgained and outplayed by a lower-level MAC team who would have easily won but for an extremely poor day on special teams—-including a blocked punt in which the pitiful punter looked to purposely kick the ball into the hand of a Wildcat who was blocked and was completely out of the play.

    Without saying more, I conclude with, “Your honor, I rest my case.”

    As for this weeks picks, you have a lot more faith in Jimbo’s charges than I do. Miami’s defense will make the Noles skinny Frosh QB grow up in a hurry, or taste the bitter tears of defeat at the hands of the Canes.

    I agree with the Gators at home against the hapless Ed O; and think that the Jeff’s will handle the Gophers at home as well.

    That leaves your Cayets and my Cards. Somehow, Ky will probably win again against one of the worst P5 teams on the planet. But don’t be surprised if they don’t….

    …and it is hard to pick against the Cards after last years beat down of a NCState team that was markedly slower than our local heros. But, with the general beatdown of all things Cardinal, nothing much would surprise me now.

  3. NC State is a more important game than Clemson. Given how good the Tigers are, losing to them, even badly as U of L did, doesn’t adversely affect the resumé in the same way as a loss to NC State would. Plus the Wolfpack just beat Florida State in Tallahassee. Plus this will provide a true test of how good the Cards are.

  4. Seedy, sometimes you get what you deserve…as for NCState, I tend to agree, shockingly. Clempson and the Tide have kinda set themselves off into a league of their own. If and it is a big if, we beat NCState, we have a very good chance to go 11-1 since the Noles are slumping and have a very unproven QB—that we tried hard to recruit.

    If we lose, we could fall into a tail-spin and lose to FSt Wake, and maybe somehow again your Cayuts since they seem to have some kinda spell going on…..except against UF….

  5. Revisionist analysis. If Cards had beaten Clemson, you and everyone else would have said it was the biggest game of the year. Granted, the next big game on the schedule always feels like the “biggest” at the time. Hence the saying “no time like the present.” At halftime, it does look like this NC State game may have a big impact on the season – thus far at least. ?

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