The New Coach P Meets the Press

Acting U of L hoops coach David Padgett held a quickie press conference this afternoon.

Acting U of L AD Vince Tyra stopped by also, providing a short update and a couple answers.

Then, for the first time in years, we media types were actually invited in for 15 minutes of practice. The Rick only let in his pals and national media types.

What, if anything, did we learn? 

Kenny Johnson and Jordan Fair, who were/are assistants with Padgett on Pitino’s staff have not been fired, or apparently suspended. They are not active however. One must assume that “in limbo” would be a correct descriptor.

It would appear that they’ll be gone in short order. But, who knows, the whole deal is curioser than Alice’s trip through Wonderland.

Thus, Padgett is in essence coaching by himself, for the time being. Not a good thing.

He needs assistants. “You need four coaches in Division I.” He needs assistants, as in immediately.

And, old school Cardinal fans, that doesn’t mean bringing in octogenarian Denny Crum for anything other than some one and done support and encouragement.

Tyra said “cleaning up distractions for David and the team” is Job #1.

Other than that, neither said much that you wouldn’t expect. It is an overwhelming situation. Padgett seemed a bit more beleaguered than Tyra, who projects business cool.

Tyra is also a really proud son. He can rattle off his dad’s stats. You’ve probably already seen the photo op of Vince standing next to his dad Charlie, who is on the wall of champs photo in the Yum! Practice Facility media room.

Both took great pains to make it known how much they admire Tom Jurich.

One thing I found interesting is that Tyra is accompanying the football team to Raleigh for the NC State game. Unless it presents an opportunity to meet with ACC commish Swofford, and it very well might be, it would seem that the acting AD has plenty to do here. Like get moving to resolve the hoops assistant situation, as in immediately.

 * * * * *

What did we learn from a quarter of observing practice?

Most important, personally, is that I want to have as much energy as Ray Ganong when I grow up. The guy is a supercharged dynamo. He leads the team through warm ups and stretching before they touch a ball.

We weren’t handed a roster, and I was among the uninformed who didn’t recognize all the newcomers. The guy who impressed me the most of those I didn’t know turned out to be the transfer big from UConn, Steven Enoch.

The guy can move. The guy can leap. The guy can score. They guy can just plain ball. What he can’t do is play this season, because of the NCAA transfer rule that mandates he sit out a campaign.

The practice started with three on three drills, which were spirited but sloppy.

 * * * * *

The press room was overrun with media guys. We got there early to get a seat.

When I, ever the provocateur attempted to engage the others about the matter of John Higgins Referee vs. The Big Blue Nation, I was met with silence.

“No comment,” said a couple of fellows.

To which I said, “I remember the old days when we shot the shit before these things started. Now nobody talks.”

At which juncture it was pointed out that there were live mics and recording cameras and nobody wanted to be on record.

— Seedy K

5 thoughts on “The New Coach P Meets the Press

  1. Invite Rod McCray to pay a visit to his alma mater to meet and assist our young coach connect to our tradition linking the recent to the distant past of Hickman/Tyra with the Crum years. Try to see if Lancaster Gordon can bring his knowledge and experience as a college and NBA veteran

  2. I expect a good number of ex players will reach out to Coach Padgett. I can’t think of any who would want to be an assistant or be qualified. Others on the board may have some names they fell would do it.
    Please no Eaves!!

    1. I am not sure Tyra or Postel are calling the plays or in charge of the clock. Just saying, it feels like the Feds running the show.

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