Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

Well, Florida State proved one thing when it couldn’t prevent rival Miami from marching down the gridiron for a last second victory.

OK, two things.

One, that the Seminoles’ game next weekend with U of L will feature two teams with no D. And, two, that my weekend before’s perfect 5-0 prediction tally might have been an aberration. (Hold both your guffaws and brickbats s’il vous plait.)

Not only did the Seminoles spit out the bit after scoring a last minute go ahead TD of their own, but their cross-state rivals, the Gators, lost to invigorated LSU . . . at home. And, of course, U of L lost. Purdue and the Wildcats were the only schools that came through for me.

2-3 for the weekend. Not so good. But I’m still a solid 67% on the season at 21-14.

With a new philosophy, at least about Louisville Cardinal games, which shall soon be disclosed, I forge on, projecting these five victors this round o’ games, as the season heads into its second half. 

Michigan State @ Minnesota. I start off with this battle only to share how glorious it was watching Sparty vanquish a drenched Coach Khaki and his highly favored Wolverines in the Big House. Didn’t even need a last second blocked punt miracle to bus back to East Lansing with the W. So so sweet. Turns out the Green are one of the most surprising squads of the season. 4-1 with a couple of solid B10 wins over Iowa and Not so Go Blue. Speaking of aberrations, apparently that 3-9 clunker of a campaign Dantonio’s charges threw in last year was just that. PJ Fleck, whose old team won in 7 OTs last Saturday, is finding life in the big leagues will take some acclimation. The Golden Gophers throttled three lessers early, but are 0-2 in the league. The big questions here are how level headed the Spartans are after their big W last time? Will they come to play in Minneapolis? Is State all the way back and a legit conference title contenda? Will Biggie Munn be smiling when the final gun goes off? Yes.

Washington State @ California. Any success by the Cougars is always surprising. I mean, have you ever been to Pullman? Not exactly a draw for those ***** LBs and RBs from SoCal. Not to mention that Mike Leach, offensive savant that he is alleged to be, is, well, uh, ya know, somewhat, well, wacked. Yet, here they stand mid-season, 6-0 and, along with rival UDub, one of the only undefeated teams in Pac 12 play with impressive Ws over the Trojans, the Quack and the hapless Beavers. Hmmmmmmmmm. Seems like they are legit, both as a league title contender and for the Final Four should they run it out and best the Huskies for the Apple Cup. Meanwhile the Golden Bears, under rookie HC Justin Wilder were looking uplifted . . . until league play commenced. Cal stands ofer the PAC 12. Yet remain a test at home for Leach & Co. But the visitors shall prevail.

Auburn @ LSU. Schizophrenia reigns on the Bayou. The Tigers lose at home to Troy. The Tigers win on the road in Gainesville. I mean, you tell me. Here’s what I know about Ed Orgeron. The tenor of his voice favors Bear Bryant. His coachspeak rivals that of Steve Kragthorpe. Which is to say Coach O has the gruff mumble of a football coach while saying nothing of substance. The question is whether he’s closer in ability to Bryant — highly unlikely — or Kragthorpe? Probably. More pertinent at this time is whether the team that beat Florida will show up against surging Auburn? Or the one that lost at home to Troy and was throttled by mediocre Mississippi State? The Plainsmen’s only blemish is a tough close defeat at the other Death Valley. Gus Malzahn is no longer on the Dead Man Walking list as Auburn is surging. The home team makes it close, but succumbs.

TCU @ Kansas State. Under Gary Patterson, the Horned Frogs once went  6-6. The next season they were 10-2. After an 8-5 season, they went 11-2. One year they fell to 4-8, which was followed by a 12-1 campaign. Last year, TCU finished 4-8. They are 5-0 so far this season. Which is to say . . . oh, you get my point. Patterson can coach and his teams don’t stay down two seasons in a row. There’s another stat about his exemplary record in big, important games. But I haven’t been able to google it up. Bill Snyder’s a pretty good coach too, now in his 114th season in Manhattan. Alright, it’s only 26 years, but that’s a lot. The Wildcats are steady, but haven’t beaten any team of substance this year. And won’t on Saturday.

Boston College @ Louisville. Though you may scoff, I never thought U of L would beat the Wolfpack last weekend, even though, in this space, I predicted a Cardinal W. As I said at the time — feel free to look it up — I was picking my favorite team because I never predict they’ll lose. As I mentioned at the top, I’ve got a new philosophy. From here on, I’m not going to allow my loyalty to infringe upon my expertise. If I think the Cards are going to lose, I’ll pick their foe. As for the team, it would be nice if it showed some top level fundamentals. Like blocking and tackling and pass coverage, just to name three areas in need of significant improvement. Better coaching would help. Petrino Era II is morphing into a major disappointment, Heisman in the trophy case notwithstanding. Anyway, none of those flaws will prevent the Cards from beating Boston College.

— Seedy K


8 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

  1. Expertise? Expertise?? You dare to use that word defining your picks? With a 2-3 record week after week, no spread involved and carefully selected no-brainers? Dumbfounding!! I got a 350 pound bookie who would just love to make the acquaintance of you and, more importantly, your wallet. Believe me, he makes Joey the Vig look like a choir boy. Call for instructions.

    1. As soon as I hear one of our players talk I am right back on board. This week I am only going to look for good things. I sure hope I can fill up my comment space with praise. We will have our two best defensive players back on the field and it will make a difference.

  2. Congrats….you were 2-3. M.St luckily held off the Goffers and TCU, your new favorite team, was solid.

    Now that the Cardinal football team and season is in shambles, mocking your selections is about the only thing to look forward to each week. Keep ‘me coming and keep me laughing,….before I break down completely….

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