Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week X

So, yeah, feeling the bad karma I brought upon myself by picking the Cards to lose weekend before last — U of L prevailed over Florida State by the hair on its chinny chin chin — I returned to normal last time out, picking Louisville to defeat the Demon Deacons.

Of course, the feckless Cardinals were crushed by Wake Forest, a school’s student athletes in revenge mode. Sigh.

TCU also lost. To my new favorite upstart Iowa State. So I didn’t feel too bad, despite how it hurt my W/L record.

Kentucky, rising Boston College and resilient Ohio State won as predicted.

Which gave me my second positive weekend in a row at 3-2. For the year: 29-21. Mediocre frankly but, feeling the best is yet to come, I trudge ahead as BCS Shakedown Season is upon us.

Louisville has this weekend off, allowing me time to seek treatment for my schizophrenia over whether it’s OK to pick against them when I feel they’ll lose.

This week’s winners: 

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State. Talk about bedlam. How about this battle the first weekend after the first CFP rankings of the campaign? Boomer Sooner, at 7-1 and buoyed by its W early this season in the Horseshoe over subsequently surging Ohio State stands just outside the Final Four, with its nose pressed against the candy store window. Arch rival Okie State, also 7 up 1 down, ranks 11 after its impressive takedown of the Mountaineers in Morgantown. While it’s sure to be raucous in Stillwater, I’m not sure I understand why this game is being contested now instead of in the season finale? What in the name of Bud Wilkinson’s up with that? Besides the usual unbridled dislike, there’s Mason Rudolph vs. Baker Mayfield, a new Sooner coach after the former won 4 of the last 5 in the series, and . . . most important . . . the loser gets knocked out of Final Four contention while the winner stays alive. I’m going with Coach Mullet.

Syracuse @ Florida State. The Orange’s W in the Carrier Dome over Clemson might yet prove to be the most significant in college pigskin this campaign. The defending champ Tigers, currently hanging on to the final playoff spot, have no margin for error after that L. ‘Cuse has not faired so well otherwise, losing to Middle Tennessee and others and standing 4-4. Which is still better than beleaguered Jimbo’s Seminoles. Florida State is 2-5, and has a visit to Clemson next week. The season seems to be wearing on freshman QB James Blackman. Not surprising since he weighs the same as my three year old granddaughter. Have the Seminoles hung up their headdresses and put away their war paint for the season? (I know, I know, politically incorrect. Sorry if you’re offended.) I believe so. Orange.

Virginia Tech @ Miami. The question that must be asked about the ‘Canes is whether they are lucky, or simply have the wherewithal to prevail. The U is undefeated, but many, nay most of the victories have come narrowly and late. Which is why they have to view the Final Four with binoculars, while standing behind equally unblemished Wisconsin. Justin Fuente’s Hokies have lost but once and have a nifty non-con W over the Mountaineers. Thus they have playoff aspirations of their own. Like that Cowboy/ Sooner matchup, winner here stays alive, loser leaves Playoff Town. I haven’t seen Tech play, and I’m not sure whether Miami is really good or plain lucky or both. Thus it’s coin flippin’ time. I’m going to the quarter that’s 1-0 this season. Heads:Hurricanes. Tales:Tech. Tails. Which is good, since I kinda favored Tech anyway.

Marshall @ Florida Atlantic. I am choosing this game to be honest as a public service. There are several head coaching vacancies that shall open soon, with more to come after that. And there’s this name lingering in the corner like a fart that won’t dissipate even after a window’s opened and the fan’s turned on. Lane Kiffin. He sits in the Schnell’s seat these days, directing the Fighting Owls, who have reeled off four in a row and sit atop C-USA East. The guy’s got more lives than Jerry Lee Lewis. The Thundering Herd, always tough, had a nifty little win streak going, before falling to Florida International last time out. A W by the visitors will tie them at the top of the division. An FAU victory means Lane Kiffin’s name pops onto every possible replacement list in the sport. Unfortunately that’s the scenario. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Ole Miss @ Kentucky. The Rebels program is in disarray, and they sit at the bottom of their division in the SEC, having lost 5 of their last six. This is a team that ain’t goin’ nowhere. I’m advised the coeds in the Grove have actually been oogled wearing the same cocktail dress to more than one tailgate. Oh what misery a losing season has wrought. The Cats meanwhile might be the least heralded, least feared 6-2 contingent in the land. But they are 6-2, and the pressure’s somewhat off now that they’re bowl eligible in consecutive seasons for the first time since 2010. Sooner or later it seems UK will play a game and look like a real winner doing so. This may be the week. Or it may not be. The victory shall be theirs either way.

— Seedy K

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  1. ‘Well, I dare say that I knew that you were 0-4, but didn’t know the score of the Marshall vs.FAU game…congrats….you got one to avoid going 0-5 straight up….GEEZE…

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