Louisville CardFile: Virginia

If you are looking for a breakdown, an analysis of how the outcome might have been different, what the University of Louisville Cardinals could have done or didn’t do to allow this one to slip away, you will have to keep searching.

I haven’t looked at my game notes.

I haven’t visited the box score or play by play.

I didn’t listen to or read the transcription of any of the post game interviews.

I surely haven’t watched the replay.

This one simply hurts too much.

For me this loss is purgatorial.

This morning after it screeches inside, gnawing at my soul.

This is U.S. Reed Austin ’81 territory.

This is SMU Lawrence ’67 territory.

This UCLA San Diego ’75 territory.

My desk sits before a big double window facing east.

Outside, between here and the horizon are a grove of trees, their limbs bare weeks before spring.

At this very moment, amber and violet are replacing the darkness of the sky.

In the better light, hints of new growth on those bare limbs are apparent.

All of which observation is too sappy really, too damn allegorical.


It’s all I got this morning after.

This one simply hurts too much.

The sky is clear.

The new day has dawned.

I must move on.

— Seedy K

7 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Virginia

  1. There are no words. Just a song.
    ? Where have you gone, C D Kaplan, Card nation turns its lonely eyes to you
    woo woo woo
    What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson, Seedy K has left and gone away
    Hey hey hey, hey hey hey?

  2. Seedy, I’m speechless. Never in my 50+ years of watching the Cardinals have I felt gutted like that. Other losses hurt because they were elimination games (Terry Howard, U.S. Reed) but at least they were understandable…players miss free throws at the end of games all the time, and improbable half court shots get thrown in more often than you’d think. But a game like this, with two of the most bonehead plays you’ll ever see…geez.

  3. After tossing and turning replaying the last 50 some odd seconds until about 1:30am; I have determined that I am done! The energy I use watching Cards Basketball at this time is not worth the return. Turn out the lights at the Yum. Lock the doors. This morning I realized that there is still good music to listen to; baseball to watch and spring Football just around the corner.
    I am convinced that Seedy at his all time best cannot dress up this pig.

  4. but what else arouses so much passion over something so completely meaningless that brings no actual harm to anyone or anything ? No matter how disgusted, angry, frustrated or exhilarated or proud one can be over a ball game, the world keeps turning, no more or fewer people starve, the climate doesn’t change, and other than more use of antacid, or less sleep nothing of true importance to fans is impacted yet our hearts get to race, our blood flows, we breathe more deeply, we sweat and we get to use all our facial muscles for grins or grimaces all because of what is in reality a meaningless game. How safe a way to experience the passion of life!
    In addition, once we calm down from our heightened responses we can hash, rehash and pontificate about what we witnessed but did nothing ourselves to cause to happen…

  5. I realize, in the grand scheme of things, this is only college basketball. Admittedly, there are more important matters. Real life and death matters. A nation shrouded in grief over mass violence toward children; families homeless and hungry; abuses toward humankind; people caring for sick loved ones. These are the real tragedies of today.

    But I can’t help it – last night ripped out my heart, dammit! I wish I didn’t care! Indifference would be a most precious gift! I am only human, and I love the UL Cardinals.

    It was right there, within our grasp. A done deal. And then, it wasn’t….

    I tossed and turned all night, continued disbelief and denial controlling even my subconscious mind. Indeed, this game took a part of our collective soul. I’ve tried listening to music today to forget. I’ve worked on cases nearly a full day, trudging through and interacting with others to no avail. I cheer a hollow cheer for our Lady Cards in their victory today and feel a twinge of guilt because, in reality, all I’ve done today is mourn that game. I mourn what should have been and would have meant for this team, after the cruelties of this past week.

    And I sigh. And wait for the denial to subside.

  6. through the years we’ve had several games like that…had to be the oddest outcome of them all….hey I hear you that was just too tough

  7. David and his staff has done a great job and I appreciate all they have done, but obviously they are not ready for prime time ACC. The close losses this season make the case. Time to get a real AD in here and get on with identifying our new coach and hit the recruiting trail.

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